Christmas Treat

I’ve been working at this warehouse for 5 yrs and still all we get at Christmas is just a bonus check; just once I’d like a special treat.

As I head to the clock to leave for the evening my manager Mrs. Jennings calls me into her office. I’ve seen her for the past few years and every time I get a hard cock thinking about bending her over her desk and pounding her pretty hole.

As I sit in the chair and listen to her talk I drift off into my space; I guess I was drifting too far away cause I’m snapped back into reality hearing her call my name.

When she asks where I was at I blurt out the truth without thinking. Mrs, Jennings reply is, “So, you wanna pound my rear hole, huh? Maybe the Christmas bonus will be better this year after all,” she says.

When she instructs me to come around her desk I can see she’s only got on a white blouse and lace panties; the bulge in my pants is more then any time before. As she unzips my jeans my cock flops out and she begins groping my balls, feeling how full they are. I feel her warm mouth as she gorges my cock full in her mouth.

The rhythm is good; I got one foot on her desk, hands holding her head and fucking her face slow and steady. She pushes me back and tells me to fuck her sweaty butt hole. As I slide my cock deep in her hole, Mrs. Jennings secretary Leona comes in; seeing us she slips her skirt off and takes her panties off.

Leona sits on the desk giving Mrs. Jennings a face full of hot pussy. Oh man, Christmas treats do come served hot! As I explode in her hole, Mrs. Jennings says I’m to do the secretary also. Leona bends over and I see another sweaty butt hole waiting to be pounded.

As I leave for the night Mrs. Jennings says, “Merry Christmas! New Year’s bonus will be even better!”

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