Church business

My mother was the church secretary. It was not uncommon for calls to come to the house seeking information about housing, babysitters, even restaurants. If my mom was not home, I would usually give a stock answer to whoever called. I was 20, working the nite shift at a local factory.
One day after i had just gotten up around noon and was just dressed in a short pair of shorts, tight on me.
The door bell rang and I went to the porch door. A young woman, prob in her late 30’s was at the door. she had long red hair, plain features, but good looking. “Hi, is your mom home?” she asked.
“No, she is at work, you need me to call her?” “No, it’s fine, I was just stopping in case she was home” tell her Lori stopped. Lori was eying me up and down, like men do women, face to legs. I don’t recall anyone looking at me that way, it was a little stimulating.
“Sure Lori, I will.”
Lori walked away, I watched as she got to her car, she had a pear shaped ass, wide hips, small waist. She waved as she slid into her car.
My mom told me later that nite that Lori had moved to town back to her parents house. She was divorced and got job at the hospital. She volunteered at the church helping my mom.
About 3 days later, I had just gotten up and out of the shower, had my boxers on, and I heard a knock on the door. Lori had come up on the porch and was at the front door. I paused a second, but opened the door. “Hi Lori” I sort of smiled, and stood between the door and her. “Moms at work, can I help you?” Lori stepped in the house,she was wearing a nice blouse and jogging shorts. “I know, I just called up there, she told me to call you for this question” Lori once again was eying me up, this time I only had on boxers, and my cock was stirring a bit. I know I was a shade of red.
“What did you want to know?” I asked as I shut the door. I saw Lori’s eyes fix on my boxers, and the slit in the front, my cock was just rising slightly now.
“I was wondering if there was a nice place to go swimming, besides the pool. A place not to crowded, some place private I could go to, you know what I mean?” “I think so, a nice beach, so you can get a tan, and no one will bother you” I responded. “YES, thats the place!” Lori’s eyes lit up and a big grin came across her face. “Well, I know of two places, one a few miles from here, the other a few more miles away, nice lakes.” I stood in front of Lori now, my hands crossed in front of me, trying to hid my growing cock. I suspected Lori knew I was getting a hard on, and was enjoying it.
“I could’nt ask your mom this, but is either one of these beaches a place I could wear this”
Lori stepped into the living room and pulled her blouse off, reveling a skimpy bathing top, most of her breast were showing, the cloth was just barley covering the areola. She slid out of her shorts and twirled around, revealing a thong she was wearing. Her ass cheeks were tight and the front of the thong was cut thin, reveling a clean shaved pussy. Lori held out her arms and shook her body. “Well, could I wear this and not be bothered?” Lori asked again. I stood staring at her now, my eyes were fixed on her boobs. Her nipples were pressed hard on the material, and her reveling cleavage showed the Nice’s tits I had ever seen. Now my cock had risen complete, and escaped from my boxers, but I was to stunned to even know. “Mark” Lori started to laugh, “your barn door is open” I looked up at her eyes, “huh” I said. “what?” Lori stepped forward and pointed down, “your barn door is open and the animal is escaping. “shit” I said, and twisted my boxers, trying to hide my cock. “too late Mark, you don’t have to hide it from me. Its to nice to hide. Here let me help you” Lori reached for my boxers and pulled them down over my hard dick. It popped back up, hitting my belly. Lori dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers over my feet, tossing them to the side. She looked up at my cock, running her hands slowly up my thighs. “you have a amazing cock Mark, you must be real proud of it” As I looked down at Lori, I could see she had removed her suit top, her breast were bare now. “you like blow jobs Mark?” Lori whispered. I nodded,not saying a word. “I love giving them, I love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, and the warm yummy cum. you want me to suck your cock Mark, and cum in my mouth?” I was breathing harder now,and again just nodded. Lori’s tongue Begin liking the tip of my cock, licking off a small bit of pre cum that oozed out. One hand was now cupping my balls, the other was stroking my cock. Lori took one finger and passed it up and down each side of my cock as her tongue continued to lick and swirls around the head of my cock. “how many girls have sucked you before Mark?” Lori asked, looking up at me. “three” was all I said.
Lori took my cock in her mouth now, taking all of it, deep in her throat. She hummed a deep hum, and continued to tickle my balls. She sucked my cock three or four times, real fast. “they swallow your cum?” she asked, again looking up at me. “no, two tried, but spit up all over me when I cam.” “I wont spit, I love cum” was all she said, and went back to sucking my dick. As I watched Lori suck, her tits swayed back and forth with each movement. I could not stand it anymore,I felt my cock swell and ready too cum. As I moaned, I was breathing hard now, “Oh God, I’m cumming” I whispered. Lori reached with her hands and grabbed my ass and pulled me deep in her mouth. I shot a huge wad of sperm in her mouth. Lori moaned with each spasm of my cock. She sucked for several seconds after the last bit of cum trickled out,ending it by slowly sucking back, then holding the tip of my dick on her lips, sucking down harder, her eyes looking straight up at me. “Damn your good” was all I could say.
Lori stood up, wrapped her arms around me, kissing me. I could taste my cum on her lips. She pressed her boobs against my chest. Lori kissed me for a few more seconds, then turned and walked over to the sofa. She slipped off her thong and sat down, spreading her legs, showing off her shaved pussy. She patted her thigh with her hand, and curled her other finger at me, telling me to get over to her. I knelt down in front of her, and began kissing her thigh, moving up to her pussy, I could smell how wet she was. I slowly moved to her pussy, I could taste her juice on her inner thigh. As soon as my tongue flicked her lips, she let out a low soft moan. “thats it, thats it, got get it, taste it” she whispered to me, breathing heaver now. I gently sucked her pussy lips, sucking softly. She squirmed and continued to moan. My tongue found its way into her wet pussy.
Lori was moaning and breathing heaver now, her hips squirming with each lick and suck of her pussy. I lapped up her juice with each lick. I reached up with my hands and fondled her breast, my fingers playing with each nipple. For several minutes I sucked and licked her. Lori’s pussy lips opened up to my tongue, I could tell by the spasms and squeals, she was cumming. “Use your finger,now, put it in my honey-pot” Lori demanded. I slid my finger in her pussy, it slid in all the way as she was so wet. Lori lifted up her knees in reaction to my finger fucking her. “God, oh God, faster, faster!” Lori screamed. As fast as I could move my finger in and out, I fucked her cunt, using my tongue to lick her clit. Lori was panting and rolling from side to side now, each thrust of my finger was met by her pussy walls tighing around my finger. “give me your cock Mark, your cock, fuck me now” Lori squealed out. I stood up next to the bed, my cock was rock hard. Lori lifted her legs in the air, raising her pussy to me. My cock slid right into her wet pussy, eager to have me in her. I lifted her legs to my shoulders, and rammed my dick as deep in her as I could. Lori let of a few moans and squeals with each stroke of my cock.In a matter of seconds my balls were slapping her ass as I rocked back and forth fucking her as fast and hard as I could. Lori cupped her boobs with her hands and played with her nipples,giving me a show as we f
ucked. I swear I think my cock
swelled even more as I drove it in her. Based on her facial expressions and moans, I know she had more than one orgasm. Lori did not say much as we fucked, every now and then she would open her eyes and look right at me,urging me to go deeper in her. I’m not sure how long I lasted, but I could tell I was ready to cum. “Lori, I’m cumming, damn, I’m going to cum” I told her, thrusting harder in her. In a matter of a few seconds, I felt the first spurt of cum shoot in her, I was trying to catch my breath. I buried my dick deep in her, and held it in place as the second wave of sperm shot out of me. “give me your cock Mark,come here” Lori whispered. “hurry”. I slid my dick out of her sopping wet pussy,and crawled up the bed, placing my throbbing, bobbing cock in front of her face, and she quickly wrapped her lips around it, sucking the last of my cum in her mouth. Lori sucked my cock for several minutes, reaching under my balls, tickling them with her fingers. She was cleaning my cock of her pussy juice and my cum. I watched as she reached her pussy with her other hand and fingered herself for a minute. After a minuted or two of sucking, she reached under my balls and slid her wet finger in my ass. I let out a howl, and in a split second a new shot of cum exploded from me. Lori swallowed the last of my cum. I lost my balance and fell on top of her. We laid side by side and kissed each other for a long time. We chatted for several minutes. Lori told me I had a great cock, and she wanted to know if we could do this again. I just smiled and nodded, “absolutely!” I said, “anytime, any day you want” Soon we ended up in the shower, washing each other off completely. As she washed my cock and balls, I started to get a hard on again, Lori just hummed a bit and smiled as it grew in her hand. Lori stood up and turned her back to me, he grabbed the towel rack in the shower, and bend over slightly. She looked back at me, and smiled. “doggy fuck me now.” Lori spread her legs a bit, and I stepped forward. She reached under and grabbed my cock and guided it in her pussy. I slid in easy. Trying to keep my balance and fuck in shower was not easy but we were able to get a steady motion going, not to fast, just right. Lori let out the occasional moan. I could see her tits swaying back and forth with each ram. I held her hips as tight as I could, trying to keep both of us from falling. The excitement of doggy fucking her was enough to make me cum one more time. Only one spurt of cum shot in her, but it was enough to make me shake and lose my balance. I almost fell as I grabbed the shower wall, my cock popping out of her.
Well, needles to to say, Lori and I had sex twice a week at my house. Once we got a motel room for the weekend and never left the room. What great sex!

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