Clean and Dirty

I can see us in a bathroom….You are trying to take a shower and relax but I have different plans for you. I sit quietly and watch you shave. I find it arousing just to watch you. You are very slow and sure of every stroke of the blade. I someday hope you will lay me out and take your time shaving my pussy smooth. You tilt your head back and the water rushed over your fine body. You don’t know I am in the room, but I am sure that you will not mind. We have known each other a short time but we are very comfortable with each other. I watch as you lather the soap over each muscle. I have spent hours trailing over the muscles and making them burn with desire. As I am about to step up to the glass door, I notice that you are taking a little bit more time cleaning your cock. It is limp and you are using soap to tease it erect. Now I must step back into the shadow of dim room and see what happens next. I stand in awe as the man I desire begins to pleasure himself. You are just taking your time getting hard, I wonder if you can’t decide if you want to get off. I wonder what is going thru your mind and hoping that it is me. The steam is hot from the water and even thru the opaque glass I can see you getting harder. This causes a stir in my pubic region. It catches me by surprise that this could is arousing me. I am fascinated that you think you are alone and you are teasing that big cock of yours. The water is hitting your shoulder and back and you begin slow deliberate strokes. The soap is now replaced by your own fluid and the motion is smooth. I so badly want to join you but I don’t want to embarrass anybody or offend you by watching. Your hand is full of cock and your head is tipped back and I can tell your brain is in full control. You stop stroking occasionally to gently pinch and pull the tip. Your cock is now fully hard (my favorite position). I can fell my body gently sway in motion to each stroke of your hardness. I want you so bad…… As you continue to get more pressure applied I can see your pulling get more efficient. You stroke your cock at an angle that allows great view from the side. As I decide that I am just going to enjoy watching you excrete you pleasure, you begin to slightly moan. Verbal and audible cues of pleasure really get me super hot. Now I am rubbing myself thru my clothes. To my very pleasant surprise I hear you utter quietly almost a whisper “fuck me Stephanie.” Now I can no longer resist you. Just knowing you were thinking of me and you could have been thinking of anybody. This just confirms that you want me as bad as I want you. I startle you by opening the shower door while stripping off my clothes. You are shocked by my boldness but you are pleased. I go direct to your cock and I take it all down my throat. You are dizzy with desire and brace yourself against the shower wall. I suck the head while caressing your balls, tight with cum. You are pumping with me and we are in time with one another. I am holding the base of your cock with my other hand, you like the pressure combined with my sucking. You are watching me and it is almost too much. I can tell by the pace and the hardness of your cock that you want to cum. I will let you think that you are going to cum in my mouth, but not today. When you announce that you need to cum and to keep sucking me, it is time to move on. I stand up and you moan with disappointment but look into my eyes with excitement for what I must have in mind. I press my pelvic mound to your cock and just press my body against your hardness. My body is trembling with desire, I need you now. With that, I flip around and you take in the scent of my hair and you are once again in heaven. I rub my tight ass against your manhood and your kiss my neck and stroke my tits. I will let you play with me for a moment to keep you from cumming. Once I am sure that you will be able to fuck me to my satisfaction, I slowly start bending over to allow you in my pussy. I reach for the bench and feel you going from front to back with your fingers. I arch my back and cum from the gentle pressure with no penetration. You are pleased with your skills. Now you hold your cock in one hand and ask, “Is this what you want?” I nod and moan “yes.” You are not satisfied with my answer. “Tell me what you want me to do with my hard cock.” To my shock, the words came easy and loud, “Take that beautiful cock and put it in my puss and fuck me until I cum!” You were taken aback by my boldness, you had not heard me be so free. You made sure to reward me for it. You placed your large head against my already dripping cunt and slowly started spreading by slit with the head. You gently pushed and caused me to come when your thick ridge made it in me. You stayed still for a moment just to let the feeling hit us both. Then as deliberate you could be you began to push all the way in my body. At times it almost hurt you were so far in me. It got so good that I was cumming with every stroke. You kept it slow enough for my body to relax as you pulled all the way out and fucked me again from entry to back of my canal. My body was thrashing trying to force you to speed up, but you were enjoying this too much. I reached between my legs and started stroking your balls, this drives you crazy. Now even you had to cum. I could tell you were serious when you put your hands on my hips and steadied yourself. You began pulling my pelvis towards your hard cock begging to expel its juiced. I was pushing against that wall to collide with your body. I began to beg “Fuck me, fuck me hard, please, do it, do it now” You responded, “I know you want it but I am going to fuck you until the last possible minute.” All I could do was react to his pleasure pounding and listen to him get so worked up that I could hear his passion breathing over my deep groans. I was cumming so hard I almost didn’t here you ask, “Are you ready to feel me cum in you,” “yyyyyyeeeeesss,” I yelled in hysteria, “cum deep in my hole, make me cum once more with you.” You then forced each inch in and out of me with pressure I had never experience before, the depth of your cock was more that I could hold back. You rock forward one last time and yelled with passion. Your bottled up groans and moans caused me to explode once again, even though I didn’t think I could cum any more. My body was exhausted from the work out but I like it when you stay deep in my folds and we relax and I get every last drop out of you. It takes a few moments and both are bodies are shaking. You reach out and help me stand up. I am safe in your arms and it is then that we realize the water has become warm and that we are running out of time in the shower. You get out and welcome me with a warm fluffy towel. It is moments like this that make me glad to know you.

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