Contest Winner (The Prize: Date With Sofia Vergara)

Eddie is a fifty-five year-old single guy who works in a warehouse driving a forklift and unloading trucks for seven other warehouses which all belonged to an electronics and jewelry chain. He had worked there for fifteen years and all his coworkers loved him as he was always up and funny. Eddie lived alone in a studio apartment and most nights would find him sitting on his couch watching TV.

His coworkers knew very little of his personal life except for fact he had a huge crush on actress Sofia Vergara, he knew he’d never meet her but dreamed of getting chance to hang out with her and maybe get lucky (never happen ) he thought but one small gesture by his friend Scott would change that. Unbeknownst to Eddie, Scott had entered Eddie’s name in a contest for the winner to meet their favorite celebrity and go on a date-airfare, hotel, and dinner all paid by magazine. The only catch was the winner had to share their experience with magazine.

Sofia Vergara sat in her dressing room checking her Twitter account and listening to her manager try to convince her to take part in a contest for a lucky fan to meet her and go on date. “Bullshit, not doing it,” Sofia barked at her manager. Her manager explained it would only be for four or five hours, she’d never be alone, and she’d get 100 thousand dollars and publicity. Sofia thought for few minutes and finally agreed saying, “Never alone,” which her manager acknowledged.

Five months passed until one day Scott came running into warehouse shouting, “Eddie, you won a contest you get to meet Sofia Vergara!” Eddie laughed, “What the hell you talking about?” Scott explained that he had entered Eddie to win a date with Sofia Vergara and Eddie had won. Two days later, Eddie got a call from magazine explaining what he won besides a date with Sofia Vergara-airfare, hotel, and five thousand dollars spending money and all he had to do was give magazine rights to his experience. Eddie agreed.

A week later Eddie was standing in airport waiting for his suitcase and his ride to pick him up and take him to hotel, as Eddie waited for his ride the speaker in airport came on and announced: “Mr. Eddie Stanley, please come to hotel pickup desk on first floor.” So Eddie walked to that location and he was met by the magazine rep and Sofia Vergara’s rep. On the ride to the hotel the magazine rep explained how the date would happen and Sofia’s rep told him what to expect from the date and to be himself. Eddie got to his room and asked Sofia’s rep, “So when does this date start?”

“Tomorrow night at seven pm. Be in the lobby. I’ll pick you up and I will take you to Sofia. Dress casual. Oh-and here’s your spending money.” After Sofia’s rep left, the magazine rep called and confirmed that they would accompany Eddie and Sofia and had rights to the story. Eddie agreed, ordered room service, took a shower, and relaxed.

The next morning Eddie had breakfast and went for a walk. Around five pm the magazine rep called and told Eddie he’d pick him up at seven pm. At seven pm Eddie waited in lobby. He saw the rep get out of a limo and signaled Eddie to come in the limo. Eddie got in and froze. Sitting in the back seat was Sofia Vergara. Sofia saw his expression and laughed, “Hello, Eddie,” she said. “Are you ready to party?”

“Uh yes,” Eddie stammered.

“Sit here,” she said and patted seat across from her. Eddie sat down across from her. She is beautiful, Eddie thought. Sofia had a red dress on with a v neck showing huge cleavage, and she had long firm legs that led to a meaty, but firm ass. Sofia and Eddie chatted and laughed on the way to a private club; when they arrived Sofia got out first and Eddie got up close look at her ass, “Man, I’d love to bury my face in her ass,” he thought.

Sofia took his hand and led him into club. After a nice dinner, Sofia said,
“Time to party,” and grabbed Eddie’s hand and led him to dance floor where they danced, laughed, and had a great time. Several times Sofia backed her ass into him and he even got several glances at her huge tits. Around three in morning Sofia said, “It’s time to go,” and they got in the limo and Sofia signaled Eddie to sit next to him. They small talked and Sofia rubbed his thigh more than once-the limo pulled up to Eddie’s hotel.

“Aren’t you gonna invite me up for a nightcap?” she asked a stunned Eddie.

“Sure,” Eddie said and took her hand and led her to elevator. Eddie unlocked the door and Sofia walked around.

“I have to use bathroom so why don’t you order some champagne from room service?” After about ten minutes Sofia came out of bathroom in just her panties. Eddie stared at her. There was a knock on the door and it was room service. Eddie rolled the cart in, gave guy a tip, and closed and locked the door.

After sharing a few drinks, Sofia asked “Do you want to fuck me?”

Eddie smiled and, “Hell, yeah.” Sofia took off her panties and she was shaved. Eddie got undressed as fast as he could, took Sofia in his arms, and kissed her. Her hand reached down and grabbed his five inch dick-he wasn’t long but he was thick in girth

“Ooh, I like,” she said and kneeled down and began to give Eddie the most awesome blowjob he ever had. She licked, sucked, tickled, fondled his dick and balls for a good ten minutes, then she stood up, walked to bed, and laid down with her legs open and huge breasts sagging naturally. “Take me,” she told Eddie.

He jumped on the bed and kissed her, his hands finally grabbed her huge breasts. He kneaded, squeezed, and mashed her huge tits. “Can I suck them?” he asked.

“Yes, don’t stop,” Sofia moaned as Eddie bent his head and sucked her nipples. Sofia moaned. Eddie put her whole tit in his mouth than switched to other tit. Sofia was moaning and breathing hard. Eddie climbed on her chest and titfucked his goddess-he lowered himself to eat her but she stopped him

“Sorry, I’m on my period so no fucking, but you can take my ass,” and with that she rolled over and Eddie looked at the most famous ass on the planet he lunged and buried his face in her ass. After about five minutes, Sofia said “Fuck my ass.”

“I have to get a condom,” Eddie said.

“Do you have a std?” Sofia asked.

“Hell, no. Never,” said Eddie, “I was just thinking of you.”

Sofia laughed and said, “So sweet. Now slam me.” Eddie grabbed her hips, aimed his dick at her at her asshole, and slammed his dick deep in her anus.

“Ahh, too fat!” Sofia screamed. Eddie didn’t hear anything; he just hammered her asshole hard. Sofia was cursing and moaning as Eddie hammered her for about ten minutes, wrapping his arms around her waist, and groping her tits, he exploded deep inside her anus. Sofia trembled and had her own orgasm.

After they were finished, Sofia took a shower, got dressed, kissed Eddie, and slipped him a card with her private number. She gave him a video of them fucking and said “Show it to your friends ‘cus they won’t believe you, but you should do it within five days ‘cus then it will erase itself.” Eddie thought “I gotta enter more contests,” and went to sleep.

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