Mina: He did it to me once or twice…

Jasper: It’s funny, she didn’t really seem all that interested at first, but she’s interested in doing it to me. It’s like we’re sort of vying for control, I think she is a little less willing to give it up, I’m okay with giving it

Mina: yeah, but he likes control too. It’s sexy.

Jasper: yeah, but letting go is sexy too. It’s tough sometimes though. Not thinking about her, and just thinking about myself, or actually, not thinking at all, but instead getting out of my head all together.

Mina: I like covering his eyes, and tying his wrists. It’s nice just to look at him, splayed out like that.

Jasper: I don’t know what it is about having a blindfold on that makes it so fucking sexy. I guess it’s anticipation. Anticipation plays into it for sure. Like when you anticipate someone tickling you, you almost start laughing right away.

Mina: Yes, it’s anticipation, excitement.

Jasper: It’s also like the exact opposite of anticipation, because anticipation sort of implies some for-knowledge. But with a blindfold on, I can’t see where her mouth, or hand is going, where her breast will rub against me. You feel it first before you can think about it.

Mina: I don’t mind giving up control. But, I guess I do, because it has to be on my own terms

Jasper: That’s not true, sometimes I do whatever I want to you, and you go along with it

Mina: Yeah, but there are times when I don’t

Jasper: Well, sometimes she gives up control. The other morning, she was going fucking crazy – i love when her sweetness turns to this absolute sexual hunger- anyway, she was going crazy, she already came, I hadn’t even entered her, but she was so into it. So she looks at me, and as her nails sink into my back she tells me to boss her around


Jasper: It caught me off-guard. And honestly, I didn’t even know what to say. I didn’t want to be all cliche and been like ” Get on your knees and suck my cock”

Mina: He’s sweet, but I would have done it if he had asked.

Jasper: Well, I know what I would have said now, I would have told her to stand up, and look at me while she masterbated.

Mina: Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me to do that?

Jasper: Because I hadn’t thought about it, I just said that I was caught off-guard. I shouldn’t have even said this, now it’s sort of ruined. I guess I could say it next time

Mina: Assuming there is a next time

Jasper: See!

Mina: Jas, I’m kidding.

Jasper: Well, I wish you would say that to me. I want you to tell me what you want me to do. I do.

Mina: There’s a give and a take between us, and I think that leaves a lot of room for us to explore.

Jasper: You know what I loved, and I know you did too?

Mina: What?

Jasper: When you were laying on me, we had already fucked, and you started to kiss me, and i started jerking off. I was just thinking about the curve of your ass, that perfect curve that was so close to the head of my cock. And I got so fucking hard just thinking about how it was almost touching me. And I jerked off while you kissed me, and then I came on your ass.

Mina: I loved it, I told you that I wanted to do it again.

Jasper: I would love too. I’m sort of ashamed to say it. There is something sexy about cumming on your ass. I feel like fucking porn movies have ruined that kind of stuff for people. Most fucking porn isn’t sex positive, so the guys are blowing loads all over girls faces, and treating them like pigs. It’s fucking retarded.

Mina: It feels good to have your cum on me, it comes out of you, and it’s so warm.

Jasper: God, I love your ass.

Mina: You are ridiculous. You love my ass so much

Jasper: We’ve gotten a little off topic. Next time, you’re going to stand up and rub your pussy, and you’re not going to take your eyes off me. And you’re going to do it until you’re about to cum, but you’re not going to cum, instead, your going to walk towards me the closer you get to cumming, and just when you are about to explode, you are going to sit on my cock. How’s that for control?

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