couldn’t sleep

2:23 am. Emily couldn’t sleep. She slipped out of the kitchen door in her pajama bottoms and pink tank top. The air was unexpectedly brisk, making her nipples pop.. pressing through her pink top. She makes her way out the gate and down the alley. Barefoot and clutching her arms as she passes her neighbor James’ yard. Faint music plays mixed with varied voices and splashing sounds.
Curious, she places her head near a hole in the planks.. she brushes her short blonde hair out of her eyes. Jaw dropping at the sight of James standing naked near the pool while a hot muscular man kneels in front of him.. tongue flicking his balls than slipping up his long curved shaft before taking him in his mouth.
Ann, James’ wife sits in a lawn chair.. one leg hanging over the arm as she tugs at her left nipple. “He loves a nice deep throat, sweetie. Take him as far as you can, there’s a lot to swallow there..”. As the man jerks on his own rigid pole, he suck her neighbor off loudly.
Emily moves toward the gate, slowly moving the latch to slide the gate open for a better look.
Two strong hands slip around the sides of the man’s head, grinding his long curved member into that warm hungry mouth. His wife slips her hand into her floral print panties.. the impression of her fingers massaging her vagina as she rests her head against the back of the chair.
The blowjob is not meant for James alone. His wife loves to watch him with other men. Emily crouches inside the gate, watching.
The man pulls away from the long curved cock and bents over.. presenting himself to James. “Can he fuck me?” The man’s question clearly directed to Ann.
“Only if he fucks the shit out of you.”
James reaches for the lube on the table, applying before he slams into him.
“Unnnn! Oh go, it feels so much bigger in my ass!”
“Yeah, you’re gonna feel this tomorrow.” Ann speaks with a sly hint of glee as she fingers her middle-aged pussy. “Uhhh, pound him harder baby!”
The crotch of Emily’s pajamas growing more damp by minute. Her own fantasies coming to mind.. the dreams she’s had of slamming Ann into a stall at the coffee shop.. lifting her skirt before she eats her sweet cunt through her panties. Or getting invited over for dinner only to have a three-way with James and his hot 42 year old wife.. suckling at those large full tear shaped breasts as she rides James at the dining room table..
Both women finger themselves at opposite ends of the darkened yard, watching the two hot men fuck. Hard and fast, making the man yelp with each thrust.. his own stiff penis flopping against his stomach when he squirts his load. It sprays wildly without him ever touching it. The contraction of his sphincter around James’ dick squeezes the heavy load into the man’s ass. In a matter of a few pumps he unloads and pulls out, his seed leaking onto the concrete from the man’s gaping hole.
The gate creaks as Emily jets out of the neighbors’ yard. Running down the alley and back inside her own door. She pulls down her bottoms and masturbates furiously.. she climaxes quickly then again.. as she screams into the palm of her hand. Slumped inside her door with her legs open.. pajamas crumpled around her ankles, emily licks her juices off her hand.
She sits there for a few brief moments before stepping out of the pajama bottoms.. as she walks through the house dropping them into the laundry basket. She crawls into the empty bed, pussy still wet wearing only her pink tank top.
It turns out to be the best night’s sleep she’s had in weeks.

Morning comes around too soon, as Emily gets up.. hopping into the shower then into her robe and down to the kitchen.
Laptop open, she checks her email.. heart begins to race as she sees an email from Ann.
Emily hesitantly opens it to find a video file and the words “feel free to drop by any time, sweetie”
When she opens the file she sees proof of last night’s little adventure. A camera had captured the neighborhood sex show then it panned to the darkened back yard. Emily could clearly see herself crouched in the corner by the fence, hand between her thighs.. she didn’t know what to say but knew she was getting wet all over again..

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