cousin janets interesting visit

it was not something i was looking forward to doing. my mother had asked me to take my cousin visiting from california out for the evening. i was around 22 at the time and she was a year younger. not that i’m anti family or anything like that, it’s just that i worked nights and only got one night off per week, which i preferred to spend with my girlfriend.

anyway, the night arrived and i dutifully drove to my mother’s to pickup cousin janet, who i had never met, or seen in a photograph. when i walked into the kitchen i could feel my jaw slamming against the linoleum. janet was incredibly hot – so hot, that my immediate instinct was to knock my mother out and drag janet down to the basement where i would chain her up for a few weeks before being hauled off to prison. at that exact moment, i was trying to determine if it was worth the penalty, which probably included burning in hell for an eternity.

fortunately, i came to my senses and acted like i was not in any way taken by her. i shook her hand and sat at the other end of the table. that’s how my family has always rolled; we never were very demonstrative. we talked for about 15 minutes and then janet and i departed towards fells point – a bar district in baltimore.

once we were in the car she thanked me profusely for getting me out of the house. she was grateful that my mother was showing her around the sites of baltimore and washington but she badly needed to get out for a night of “real fun”, as she put it. we chit chatted about our jobs and other superficial subjects before she asked me if i had a girlfriend. “no,” i replied, lying through my horny hornbag teeth. “do you have a boyfriend?” i inquired. “yeah, well, sort of,” she responded, “i’m kinda done with him, if you know what i mean.”

i did know what she meant. when i would look over at her she would always smile and i started asking myself if she was thinking the same thing i was thinking. then she caught me looking at her breasts. i’m not going to lie and tell you they were monsters but the size didn’t matter to me because she was wearing a tight shirt and her nipples were sticking out like mini-tootsie rolls. i just couldn’t believe my eyes. they weren’t like that back at my mothers, that much was certain.

janet also had a nice chunk of an ass; not too big, but solid looking. i had caught a glimpse of it walking her to the car. her waist was small and she had a flat stomach. she was about five foot two and she was wearing jeans. her hair was dark brown, almost black, and it was straight and thick, lying softly on her shoulders. she had brown eyes and although she wasn’t a remarkable beauty, there was something about how everything was put together on her that just worked.

when we arrived in fells point i parked and got her into a bar quick. i needed alcohol because my cock was about to burst out of my pants like something straight out of an alien movie. not literally, but figuratively.

i thought a few drinks would calm me down but it only made things worse. i was shaking because i was so fucking horny for her. she even called me on it.
“why are you shaking?” she asked.
“i’m a little chilly” i lied, hoping she would think the air conditioning was getting to me. hell, it looked like it was getting to her because her nipples were fully erect.
“oh,” she said, “i thought maybe it was something else”.
“like what?” i asked, while simultaneously praying that she was hoping for what i was hoping for.
“no, i can’t.” she replied, as she smiled and turned away, clearly blushing. meanwhile, a victory parade was commencing in my cock. i stopped shaking completely. i could feel confidence flowing warmly through my veins.
“go ahead, say it,” i pressed, “what have you got to lose?”
“let’s do a shot,” she said, turning back to me.

so, we did a shot and then another and another, in rapid succession. now i was feeling a different sensation; i didn’t care if she rejected me and asked to be taken home, only to tell my mother i was an incest loving bastard. then it happened; we looked at each other and said nothing for a long 5 seconds or so.
“look,” i interrupted, “i may be a bit intoxicated and i know you’re my cousin but i think you are gorgeous”.
“ditto,” she responded. “so what are we gonna do about that?”
“anything you want,” i stated, “i don’t think i can resist you.”
“do you think your mother would be suspicious if i stayed at your place tonight?”
“no,” i assured her, “i’ll just tell her we stayed out late. but,” i followed, “i don’t think i can wait to get back to my place.”
“okay, where?” she asked. “the car?”

i nodded my head and quickly paid the check.

a few minutes later we were in the backseat of my 1968 buick lesabre, which, if you’re not familiar with, had a large backseat. that first kiss was still to this day the best damn kiss i ever felt. she wrapped her body around mine and drove herself into me. i slid my hand up her shirt, unbuttoned her bra and then let my fingers glide softly over her hard nipples. they were fantastic. i gently squeezed them as she feverishly tried to get my cock out. i had to stop for a moment to help her and to relieve the pressure of my cock against my tight jeans. when it popped out she dropped and started sucking it and moaning, like she wanted my cum bad.

i didn’t want to cum yet – i wanted to jam it in her pussy, but she was too good. her one hand was cranking my dick with authority and the other softly caressing my nut bag. bam! i exploded in her mouth in less than a minute and i yelped so loud that a couple walking by heard me and looked in to see what was happening. they quickly figured that out and departed, aghast.

janet rose up to kiss me and before i knew it, i was kissing her with a mouthful of my cum. that was the first time i’d ever tasted my cum and at first i was a bit put off but then i realized this was turning her on, so i rolled with the punches, so to speak.

then, i pushed her back on the seat and pulled off her jeans and panties. she had a beautiful pussy and i dove right in, head first. her pussy tasted like honey. i went back in forth between jamming my tongue deep into her tight hole to motor-boating her clit. she came almost as fast as me with her hips thrusting up and down on my face. then she pushed my head away while she recovered from that orgasm but when i went to sit up, she grabbed me and pulled me back between her legs. this process went on for a good half hour before i couldn’t stand it any longer and slammed my rejuvenated rock hard cock into her sopping wet pussy.

my god it was incredible, but i was also worried that the couple who spotted us had gone to fetch the authorities, so i was looking around as fucked her. it didn’t take long for me to blow my load, though, and then i told her we should get dressed.

we went into another bar, had a few more drinks and talked about how much we were going to fuck each other when we got home. once we got to my place we went to my room and then she really went off. she made me stick it in her ass and then she asked me if there was anything i could stick in her pussy while fucking her ass, so i went off on a frantic search for anything that would suffice. “vegetables?” i thought. when i got down to the kitchen i found tom, my roommate popping a beer, having just returned home. there i was standing naked with my rock hard dick.

“having a good time?” he asked.

then it dawned on me; maybe janet would like another cock. heck, i figured, couldn’t hurt to ask. so, i quickly explained to tom that i was fucking my cousin and that he might be able to join in. “are you game?” i inquired.

“is that a trick question?” he cracked, “but, you know you’re gonna burn in hell for this,” he followed.
“yeah, i know and i don’t give a damn. it’s worth it!”

we went upstairs, with me entering the room first while he waited in the hall. “i found something,” i started, “but i’m not sure you’ll like it.”

“what?” she asked.
“another dick,” i replied.

her eyes lit up like she’d seen a ghost. “i’ve never done that,” she said, with a “oh, i might like that” tone. i signaled tom to come in and janet immediately smiled, which was all the confirmation we needed. tom got naked while i got janet on top of me with my dick up her ass. then tom came in from the top and started fucking her. we fucked janet off and on all night and then tom called-in sick and we fucked her all day, until i needed to get to work and she really needed to get back to my mother’s.

when i dropped her off we said goodbye and we never spoke again; not by phone, not via mail, nothing. that was it, but i suppose when something is that great, it can only last for a very short time.

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