Cousin Mary gets married.

Cousin Mary finally gets married.
I told you in an earlier story how my wife had treated me to her cousin to my surprise. Mary as I said was to be married and I wondered if her husband would ever like to be in the position I was put in with his now wife, after all screwing my wife Angela is not a bad thing by any means.
They were married for a while now and were over almost every weekend. We played cards and had a few brews. Relaxed in the Jacuzzi etc. One night the chitchat as usual turned to sexy stuff among the women, Peter the new husband and I usually sat there while they talked and joked to each other, this night they were up to something I was sure. It was Pete’s turn to go to the cooler to get more refreshments, when he stood up it was quite obvious to me and to the wife’s that he had a good sized hard on tenting out his wet bathing suit. Mary and Angela giggled between them selves and finally said to Pete, ” Did we do that to you?” Yep he replied, “Come here and let me see,” says his wife Mary. Of course he went to sit next to her in the Jacuzzi and she started playing with his cock thru his suit, it didn’t take long before his suit was around his ankles and she was stroking him. While they were smooching my wife looked to me and I nodded, after all I am ahead of the game at this point in time. Mary took her hand off his cock and sneakily my wife Angela took up right where she left off. My wife was jerking him off and his wife was making out with him, I don’t think he knew who had his cock to be honest with you. Mary had placed both hands on his face and it took a few seconds before he realized it was Angela jerking him off under water. He shot a quick look to me and I smiled and said ok with me bud if its ok with you.
He melted back into the seat with a ½-worried look on his face but was lost in the moment I guess. I didn’t even notice both women had removed their bathing suit tops and sat there with the most beautiful wet stiff nippled tits I could remember seeing in a long time. A ok night, full moon, about 80 degrees outside, 104 degrees in the tub, Pete sucking on his wife’s face and tongue and my wife stroking his cock, I know he was in heaven and the women looked very very happy too. I knew I’d get mine in a bit but was getting anxious, hard as a rock if you know what I mean.
Finally Mary said to Pete, ” Would you like to fuck my cousin?” I think he almost came right then and there, glad he didn’t though, don’t want that floating around in the Jacuzzi!
Sure he says if it’s ok with you and daulton. Stand up then she said. He did and she slipped his cock into her mouth and in about ½ a minute he exploded into her mouth, you’ll need to start fresh now!
Mean while Angela had played with me enough to have my ass off the seat with my cock sticking out of the water, she sucked it deeply until I came also and I knew it was going to be a good night.
After a few minutes and a new beer for all, Pete started playing with my wife tits and me gently rolling Mary’s cute nipples around in my fingers, I was getting hard again and so was Pete, the wives were playing with our cocks at the same time, these women know what they are doing! Mary was first to straddle me and work my cock into her pussy, Pete watching his wife arched his back a bit to raise his cock and invite Angela onto it I guess, she took the hint and straddled him and worked his now hard cock into herself, they both moved in rhythm riding our cocks while I think Pete and I looked at each other as if to check if things were ok, ok by me we said in unison!
They rode us for about 10 minutes and then got off of us and leaned over the edge of the tubs at the same time, Pete and I stood up and slipped our cocks back into the other guy’s wife and fucked them from behind for about 5 more minutes. Finally we sat back down cause it was time to cum! The women straddled us again and worked for their own orgasm, they came pretty close together, shaking and rattling enough to make the water choppy! They rested a second and then took care of the men; they went to town back forth, up down. I think we came at the exact same time, pumping shot after shot into the other guy’s wife.
The wife’s gave each others husband an affectionate kiss and returned to the seat next to their own husband, “every body ok?’ they asked, who the hell could say no?
I feel many reoccurring evenings in the future!

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