craving chocolate part 2

Sara hears the doorbell and rushes to answer the door. The oversize white tank top doesn’t quite cover her full round firm white ass and as she open the door Rashaun and his teammate can see everything. The light reveals her sumptuous figure and they immediately get hard as she invites them inside. Hugging each as they feel her large firm tits pressing against them, Rashaun reaches for her ass.. squeezing with both hands.
“Oooh, aren’t you ready to play? Looks like you’ve got dibs on my ass, big boy.”
She looks at Rashaun’s teammate, Eric, and says “I think dark chocolate here can handle the rest.”
She reaches out to rub the bulging hard-on ready to pop out of Eric’s shorts. Sara feels the hint of precum seeping from his cock, ” oh, what’s this?”
Quickly pulling at his loose fitting shorts, reaching in to unveil his black hard 8 inch cock, trickling precum.. she tugs at it, bending over at the waist to wrap her warm wet lips around the dark red tip. Circling her tongue around his head, moaning as Rashaun spreads her full beautiful ass cheeks, his tongue working her sphincter then down to her damp little slit, massaging her button with his thumb as she works Eric’s black shaft with her hand and mouth.
He explodes quickly in her mouth, pumping into her throat, moaning as he feels his seed mixing with her saliva.. she looks up with his cum running down her chin and remarks “I hope there is more where that came from, big daddy”
As she stands up, Rashaun tells her to make him a drink and slaps her white ass as he walks over to the couch, cock out.
Sara does as told and quickly pours two drinks then brings them over to the young men having seated themselves on the couch. She hands their drinks to them and straddles eric as she reaches over to tug on Rashaun’s long rod.
Eric pulls both of her breasts from her tank top, squeezing and sucking on them, biting one nipple before wrapping his full lips around the other. “Oh my fucking god! You’re gonna make me cum if you keep sucking my tits like that, daddy”
Rashaun places his drink down and stands on the couch letting his jeans fall to the floor.
His long black dick swinging in Sara’s face as he slides it in her mouth saying, “call him daddy with this dick in your mouth, bitch!”
He grabs the sides of her head and pumps his joint in her mouth, she struggles to keep from choking as the two young men work her over.
Rashaun filling her mouth and Eric sucking those full firm tits as her plays with her cunt.
She grinds into his fingers as he slams them up her gash, sloshing he curls his long fingers and she gasps, slamming his chest with her open hand as she rides his long black fingers, feeling the black dick down her throat, eyes bulging as she squirts all over Eric’s fingers..
Her eyes roll backward as her climax send a shiver throughout her body.
Rashaun pulls his cock from her mouth, coated with the slime from her throat he slaps her face with his long wet chocolate dong.
“Tell me what you’ll do for this black dick, bitch!”
She looks up at him saying, “please, give it to me. Pound me with it. Fill me up, I’ll do anything for your black dick, sweetie. I’m a black cock whore”
As Rashaun steps off the couch, Eric grabs her by the hair “stand up, bend over, spread your legs and suck this meat, you stupid white bitch” Sara spreads her legs and shows how flexible she is, yoga does pay off.
Eric works her throat with his semi hard dick asĀ  Rashaun slides up her ass, grabbing her cheeks..
“Goddamn, that’s tight, bitch! Work those dicks. I know you fucking love it.”
She moans and gurgles as she backs onto the long black dick up her guts and working the other with her mouth, slurping and drooling as Eric pumps her face, trying to fuck her mouth with every inches of his rather thick black dick.
Her juicy cunt demands attention, she reaches between her legs to finger herself as she takes two young dicks. Her legs quiver, spread open, juices oozing out of her slit running down her shapely inner thighs.
Rashaun pounds harder, before exploding in her tight asshole.. she squeals as a steady stream of juice rushes out onto the floor between her feet.
She struggles to remain standing, bent over with her legs spread, tits hanging out.
Eric pulls her off his member, only to look her in the eye and spit in her face.
“Open your mouth”, he demands.
Sara opens her wet sticky mouth, lipstick smeared drooling cum mixed with saliva when he spits in her opened mouth.
“Thank you”, she pleads
Eric grabs her by the chin, looking into her eyes he tells her, “we’re gonna bust a nut in every hole you got. Then we gonna tie you up so your husband finds you with our cum dripping from your fucking mouth and white pussy and that big white ass”
Sara sheepishly grins as a glob of cum falls from her chin, “anything you want.”

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