craving chocolate part 5

Sara’s husband, Thomas, sits in the corner watching as three black men Sara met online gang fuck her in their bed.
He has had to talks to the cops once already, assuring them the noise will be kept to a minimum.
He sits with a disgusted look on his face as he tries to hide the hard-on in his slacks.
Thomas thinks back to a few weeks ago when he first caught his wife cheating.
They were in the foyer, she was naked and bent over as her trainer pummeled her silly with a massive 10 inch black dick.
Her screams could be heard outside the front door.. she screamed “ohh god, it fucking hurts! It’s so fucking huge in my pussy! I won’t be able to fuck my husband’s little white dick again.” Her trainer tugs at her hair, ramming her pussy. “Squirt on my fucking black dick!” He demands.
“Uhhhhhhhh, uhhhmmmmm fuuuuuuuck fuck me! I’m gonna fucking cum!”
As the door opens, Thomas walks in to see Sara bent over, legs spread forcing a black horse cock out as she squirts in a steady stream onto the hardwood floor.. her legs trembling as she nearly collapses.

After weeks of therapy, he’s trying to participate in her fantasies. Although this isn’t the first.. he also caught her sucking off the therapist.. she begged him to sit and watch.. to call her a whore as she tried to deep throat the doctor’s average sized caramel colored dick.

She takes the gag in her mouth and a fat dick in her pussy and ass.. her fists clenched in the sheets listening as the men berate her.. calling her a useless white slut.. saying they’re gonna invite some of their boys over to hit that white ass..
Sara looks over to Thomas as he tries to avoid eye contact.. his dick staining his boxers with precum.. the tears in her eyes come partly from humiliation and partly from the massive black rods forcing her cunt and ass into submission.. her body quivers as she screams into the gag, straining to hold onto the climax when she feels a hard punch to the back of her head.
Her elbows buckle, her eyes glaze over as the flood of juice forces the 9 inches of thick meat from her cunt.. the man on bottom sucks her big firm titties as the other man continues to ram his cock up her ass.
Sara rests her head on the headboard, drooling.. it’s the first time that Thomas has ever seen her satisfied.
He feels himself cum in his pants as the man fucking her ass pulls out and squirts his thick load on her back and in her hair.
Thomas can no longer say that he hasn’t done everything he can to save his marriage.
He has decided to leave, to let her have what makes her happy.
Any black cock she can find.

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