Darly Goes To The Beauty Shop



by Miss Darly

Jill informed me that today she was escorting me to the hairdresser for improvements. My hair had grown to mid back and was in need of a cut and color. I felt excited about the outing, it was my first. We arrived at ten to meet a man who Jill said was a little odd but his work was excellent. I asked about being odd and she said he had a hair fetish but not to worry.

Jill talked with the hairdresser and I noticed he gave her money. Jill came over to me and said, “You do whatever they say, you be a good little whore if they want you to.”

The man escorted me to a private room and sat me down in a dressing chair. “Please strip to your bra and panties so your clothes won’t be stained!”

I did as he asked and sat in the chair. He began playing with my hair, rolling it, fondling it, and twisting it while talking under his breath. I heard him saying how sexy my hair felt and how lovely it would be to masturbate in my hair. I felt my hair being wrapped and saw his penis deep into the wrapping. He began stroking himself using my hair. He pulled my head while doing this and jerked my hair. Quickly he made sounds of satisfaction. He was cumming and cumming into my hair over and over. “Don’t worry sweetie, this is just a little cream rise for you. It is good for your hair.”

Another man entered the room. He was large, and fat. “What’s her name,” he asked. “This is Darly, Jill’s bitch.” “Does she suck cock?” “She does it all, I paid Jill already.” The fat man took out his cock and rubbed it against my cheek. “Wanna give it a suck for me, whore?” I could see it grow hard. It was a short fat little cock and smelled dirty like old cheese. He pressed it to my lips. “Here, suck it!” I opened my mouth to receive his cock. He shoved it all the way and I begin to suck him while the man behind me continued to rub his cock through my hair. I sucked and sucked until my mouth filled with the fat man’s cum. He sighed with satisfaction and pulled the dripping cock from my mouth while dripping goo onto my chest. He patted my head and said, “thanks whore.”

As soon as that man departed another one entered. He too was a fat looking man. “Is this the whore?” he asked. The man running his cock in my hair nodded yes. The new man approach and pulled my panties off while pulling me to the edge of the chair. “Open those legs bitch, you are about to be fucked.” This was new for me, never had a man inserted a cock into my ass. I opened my legs for him and he promptly inserted a hard fat dick into my tight little ass. It did not go in easy. He pushed hard until I felt it inside. He pumped with vigor but I did not feel the same as when Jill fucked me.He was not as big. I just sat there and took it. He gasped and I felt warmth inside. When he pulled away I looked and saw white cum dripping out of my ass. I had been fucked for real and Jill had been paid to let him do me. Was it over?

No, another man entered, cock in hand. “Open wide whore, I want a blow job.” His cock was long and felt it in my throat. I gagged but he did not let up. He just pushed his cock deeper and deeper. This time I felt him cum in my throat. I felt hot goo not in my mouth but filling my throat and running down into my stomach. He pulled out and wiped his cock on my face leaving cum all over my cheeks. After all I was nothing but a whore to him. The hairdresser was using my hair to masturbate again. He had a wad of hair and his cock in hand. Again my hair jerked and he shot warm white cum into my hair while massaging the goo all over my head. I could hear him saying, “your hair is so soft on my cock, I love fucking your hair, I want to rub my cock all over you hair oh god, oh god, I love your hair.”

The first fat man returned to fuck me once again. He pressed my legs wide and he roughly inserted his cock inside. I was wet so it went in to the hilt first try. He pumped like mad and soon I felt the warmth again. When he pulled out he wiped his sticky cock on my balls. My hole was very sore and very wet with cum oozing out in a white stream of sperm running down my ass crack like warm milk. My hair felt stiff and sticky for cum drenched climaxes. My mouth ached from sucking and my throat hurt from being throat fucked. I felt like running, I felt abused and dirty. The hairdresser looked at me and said, “no more, it’s over, now I will wash,color and set your hair so you’ll be pretty for Jill.

The hair wash felt wonderful and removed all the cum. Then he put a blonde dye color and I sat for thirty minutes for the dye to cure. He returned, washed out the dye and set my hair with rollers. I sat under a hair dryer for another thirty minutes when he returned to comb out my hair. I watched as the long curls dangled sweetly and how hair cover part of my face in a peek-a-boo fashion. My hair was long, bouncy, and blonde. He then brought me a warm cloth and told me to clean myself. If felt good to wipe the sticky residue from my bottom which was sore as hell. I also wiped the left over cum from my face and put on fresh lipstick. He handed me my panties and dress which was a babydoll zip in back type dress hemmed very short just barely below my panty area.

I studied myself in a mirror. I was a cute looking girl. I had to say if I were a guy, I would want me too. I walked out of the room trying to put a wiggle or sway to my stride. Jill whistled when she saw me. “You are hot. How did it go in there?” I didn’t want to tell her but I did. I told her how rough it was and how I was throat fucked. She stroked my head and said, “Well honey, you are a whore now and a whore makes money. They paid me well for what you did. Look at yourself. Don’t you see a whore in the mirror? Aren’t you the bitch men want to fuck? Do you like being fucked? Do you like sucking cocks?”

I didn’t answer but I did like it. I liked being submissive and giving pleasure to men. It felt empowering in a way to know that sucking a man to climax made him feel completed. What I didn’t like was how sore my ass felt. I guess I would get used to that and maybe learn to open it wider. When Jill fucked me I really liked it. When the men fucked me, I didn’t so much until I felt there warm cum. Then I knew like sucking a cock to climax that the man felt complete, good, and I was desirable even though they saw a cock and balls between my legs.

We were just ready to leave when the hairdresser came up to Jill. I heard him say, “Fifty more if I can suck her cock before you leave.” Jill replied, “Sure, go ahead.” He took my arm and led me to the back room. He hiked up my dress, pulled down my panties, and fondled my cock until it became hard. Gently he took it into his mouth, balls and all, and sucked. His tongue tickled the tip of my cock and he licked my balls as if they were lollipops. I put my hands on my tits and felt my nipples harden. I moaned and swished my hair from side to side. He sucked harder and smacked my balls. I started to cum. I felt him suck hard at tip of my cock as if to drink every drop of my delicious cum, I know because I ate it from Jill’s hand. He finished, kissed my balls, turned me around and kissed my ass, and I mean he kissed my ass deeply, tongue inserted and licking wildly. Wow what a feeling to be eaten like that. I had never felt a climax quite like that before. He knew how to suck cock. I vowed to go the hairdresser every week from here on out just to have him suck my cock and eat my ass. For that he could masturbate in my hair all he wanted for as long as he wanted.

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