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The clock hit midnight when the door to Tim’s apartment finally opened after five hours of neglect. In walked two people, both dressed for a night on the town. However, they didn’t look extremely happy. They’d just been through hell, sitting uncomfortably around a table in an expensive restaurant watching one of their best friends almost make out with her new boyfriend, while they had to pretend to be a couple.

“Ish seriously owes me after this one, I swear,” Tim said, looking at his companion. “I had to lie to Scott in order to this. That is not fun, mostly because he sees right through me.”

Kate shook her head, flopping down on the couch. “I know what you mean. Okay, I didn’t have to lie to anybody to get here, but pretending to be in love with you? That was hell. Ish is going to get her ass kicked if she asks me to do this again.”

Tim pretended to be offended. “Hey, what’s wrong with me?” He laughed, and then sat down next to her. “I just hope this Riku guy is worth it.”

“Me too,” Kate replied. She shifted in her seat, causing her C-cup (borderline D-cup) breasts to bounce within her hunter green tube top. She was suddenly very aware of the suggestive nature of her clothing, which also consisted of a black mini skirt that hardly covered her ample ass.

Tim caught the subtle sexuality in her movements. Was she trying to turn him on? Sure, he could use the sex because he hadn’t seen his boyfriend in a few days, but with her? They just barely got along, so how could they like each other enough to even have the “friends with benefits” kind of sex?

“So…” Kate shifted again, acutely aware that her pussy was damp. That could’ve been because she was horny, or it could’ve been because of the fact that her off-and-on girlfriend Tanya had eaten her out before she went to dinner. “How are you and Scott?”

He mentally cursed. She just had to bring that one up, didn’t she? “We’re all right. What about you and Tanya? Any permanent staying or going?”

Thinking of the service she’d received earlier made her temperature rise a couple degrees. She shifted again, a movement that resembled grinding against the couch. It definitely felt good. “Nothing yet. She still wants to ‘see other people.’ No real commitments yet.”

Tim blinked. He wondered if his eyes were playing tricks on him, or if he’d actually seen Kate grind against the couch. “Damn. That sucks for you. You’re still in love with her, right?”

Kate tried to ignore the hunger emanating from her crotch. She was seriously horny. “Madly,” she answered. She stood up and walked to the kitchen, searching for some form of drink that might quench her thirst for sex.

He sighed, watching her ass sway as she walked. Leaving two bisexuals alone in the same room wasn’t a good idea. He followed her, trying to fight the desire than was starting to run through his bones. “Well, then, trust her. Maybe you should see other people too. If you still want to be with her after that, then you’re gold.”

She nodded as she downed some cold water. It didn’t help. Her snatch pulsated with a burning desire to have the nearest cock. “You’re right.” And I’ll start by fucking you, she thought.

He read her mind. He put the water bottle aside and pushed her against the nearby counter. He kissed her with as much passion as he could muster at the moment, shoving his tongue halfway down her throat.

Kate didn’t mind the pain that came from being pushed into the counter. In fact, it kind of turned her on. She moaned and kissed him back, swirling her tongue around his. She found the button of his khakis and began to undo it and the zipper.

Tim gasped as she quickly found his cock. He’d decided to go commando for some reason that he couldn’t remember, but he was glad he did. He helped her get off his pants, and then rid himself of the black button-up shirt. He could only wonder what she was going to do next, because he’d heard that she was good at both sucking and fucking. It was anyone’s guess what she would do first.

Kate grinned as she stared at his glorious naked form. He was indeed correct in his hearing. She knew how please a man better than anyone, save another guy, with both her mouth and her pussy. The only thing she did better was a woman. Even though she so wanted his huge cock inside her (and staring at it made it worse), she decided that for some reason his pleasure came first. She knelt down in front of him and pumped his manhood for a few moments until he was as hard and long as possible.

He grinned as she began manipulating his cock. So, he was going to experience her expert suck job. Excellent.

She looked up at him and grinned back, and then took all of him into her mouth, deep throat. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking and occasionally lightly grazing her teeth along the shaft. One hand cupped and played with his balls, while the other rested on the edge of the counter to keep her body steady.

In an almost involuntary motion, he thrust his hips forward, getting her to move faster up and down his length. He entwined his fingers in her hair while still having his hand on the back of her neck, somehow throwing him deeper into her mouth. He gave heavy, lusty sighs in time with her movements, and all the while he was amazed at her skill.

Upon hearing his sighs grow closer together, she sucked harder and faster. The hand on his balls was now squeezing them in time with her movements on his cock, and the hand rested on the counter was now gripping it for dear life, as if she was going to fall over any second. With his hand on her head, however, she wasn’t going anywhere. Confident, she moved the hand on the counter to his shaft and pumped it as she had earlier, her lips meeting her hand in a fast-paced rhythm.

Tim’s sighs turned to loud moans and he thrust faster meet her new force of sucking. Suddenly, he went rigid as he was pushed over the edge, his climax sending waves of come out of his cock.

Kate drank every last drop. She didn’t know if it was just her or what, but it seemed that primarily gay men tasted better than the ones of the straight variety. She stood up and divested herself of the tube top, allowing her breasts to hang free. Now it was her turn.

He was amazed to find that the simple removal of her top made his cock hard again. He would’ve thought it impossible after that beautiful, massive orgasm he just experienced. He reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her close to him. He kissed her again, and then moved his lips to her left breast, and one hand worked the right one.

She gasped pleasurably and lifted one leg to rest on the counter. She was tired of pretenses. “Fuck me,” she whispered into his ear.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He searched between her widespread legs for her pussy to find that she was soaked. “No foreplay needed,” he said, licking some of her juices off his fingers.

“That’s exactly why I said ‘fuck me,'” she replied, putting an emphasis on the last two words. Her pussy was throbbing with the primal need to fuck him like there was no tomorrow.

He complied with no more complaints or comments. He pulled her leg down, and then got behind her and pushed her against the counter. With her completely open to him, he dived within her depths, gasping as he discovered how tight she was. As many cocks and dildos as he could’ve guessed had penetrated her, it was a wonder that she was so tight. Whatever her secret was, he loved it.

She moaned loudly when he pushed inside her, the ache of her need subsiding a little. She rested her elbows on the counter and just let him fuck her like crazy, not trying to exert any sort of dominance. She was completely his for the moment.

Tim rested one hand on her back and another on her hip as he thrust madly into her hot and
tight pussy. His moans joined hers as he felt himself slowly ascending towards his climax.

Kate lost all contr
ol and started to meet his thrusts, effectively driving him deeper inside. She cried out and screamed obscenities in English, Spanish, French, and just about any other language she knew obscenities in. There even was a German one slipped in amongst the almost inane yells.

Even with all his pleasure and lost sense of the world, he managed to discern her cries and grin as he recognized many of the words she called out. With everything that was going on he could only moan and say either “fuck” or “yes.” He wasn’t sure if he’d ever experienced anything like this with a woman before. A man, yes, but never with a woman.

“Oh my God, Tim, I’m gonna come!” she cried finally, in English, after many more thrusts and incomprehensible words and screams on both of their parts.

“Fuck, I’m right behind you!” And it was true. He was on the verge of his orgasm, but he wanted to make sure she came with him. He reached down and began rubbing hard against her clit with his forefinger.

Just the lightest touch on her clit sent her over the edge, and her body went completely still. Her orgasm was so powerful that she couldn’t even scream or utter a word; all she could do was let her climax take control over her.

He gave a loud cry as her body clamped down on him, bringing on his orgasm and sending hot seed shooting into her equally hot body.

As she slowly came down from the height of her orgasm, and her breathing returned to normal, she turned around to face him. A mischievous grin crossed her face. “You know, maybe helping Ish out wasn’t so bad.”

Tim shook his head. Did she know what that grin was doing to him? He was relieved, though, to find that he didn’t have enough energy to get another hard-on. “If that was the reward for having to sit through that atrocity some call dinner, then yeah I guess it’s all right.”

Kate grabbed the water bottle from the other counter and drank, happy that it was still cold. “Maybe we should help her more often, eh?”


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