Dinner-party with a great dessert.

I had been married to the same man for 9 years. We had gotten married quickly, and sadly our marriage had ended as abruptly as it had started. It came as a shock, but I got over it very well. I’m a true believer of the motto “Everything happens for a reason”. But what I had not expected was how much I’d crave sex. After having gotten laid on a regular basis, it was torture to not have that luxury anymore.
Just after our divorce, I had gotten in touch with an old friend. We had worked together many years before, but lost contact. For what reasons I don’t know. But it felt great to see her again. Jenna and I had been very good friends, and the friends she hung out with were wild. It felt amazing to be out, socializing and only thinking of myself. Although many men caught my eye, there were none that seemed to attract me enough to sleep with. 7 months had passed since my divorce, and I hadn’t had sex for all that time.
Jenna was a big fan of dinner parties. So we planned one together. She’d invite her boyfriend and a friend of his that was visiting.
-“What’s his name?”
-“Chris, I think.”
-“What does he do?”
-“What does he look like?”
-“So, basically you know nothing about him?”
-“Then why did you invite him?”
-“Because, one he’s visiting my boyfriend. Two, apparntly he’s hot. And three, you need sex.”
-“What if he’s not my type?”
-“Then you don’t have to sleep with him.”
-“But try to be open-minded. That vibrator of yours will only help for so long.”
-“Fine… I’ll be open-minded.”
On the night of the dinner, I took long to prepare. I wanted to be in the mood, in case this Chris guy turned out good. I washed my hair, and took a long bath. I used peach-oils, and baby-moisturizer. I wanted to not only feel good, but smell and look amazing. I picked out my clothes for the evening, a black knee-high tight skirt, a turquoise spagetti strap top and black strappy sandals. It looked realxed, yet very chic and girly.
I went down to the kitchen and Jenna and me shared a bottle of white wine. I hadn’t eaten in a while, so the wine went right to my head, and it weakend my knees. I was in a very good mood. Giggly and to be honest, a little aroused.
In just over an hour, the doorbell rang. Jenna opened, and I hear voices. I could recognize her boyfriends voice, and could just make out another one. The latter one was deep, sexy and very mature. I couldn’t wait to see him. They started walking towards the kitchen.
-“Come on in. We’ll have a drink in the kitchen, and dinner should be ready in about an hour and a half.”
-“I brought this amazing Portuguese white wine. I hope you drink white wine.”
-“Of course! Thank you.”
-“So this is the kitchen, and that must be the friend.”
Wow… He was hot. He had messy, dark hair. Kinda Hugo Bossy. He was tall, and from what I could see, well built.
-“Hi. I’m Isabel. Hey John.”
-“Hi Isabel. Nice to meet you.”
-“Nice to meet you too.”
I could see Jenna and John, out of the corner of my eye. They were smiling. Gloating more like it actually. Yeah, yeah… they had been right. I was interessted.
Jenna poured the wine, and we made a toast. “To new friends”. Jenna went to the living room to put on some music, and John went with her. I jumped up on the kitchen work-top, and crossed my legs. Chris looked at my legs, and smiled. He raised his glass, and said: “To gorgeous legs”. From the living room I could hear Jenna and John dancing around, giggling. They were probably grinding to the song. Toni Braxton’s “I get so high”. I love that song. I looked at Chris. He looked me right into the eyes. It was to intense. It was like he saw right through me. That with the wine spead up my breathing. I had to close my eyes… Relax, I told myself. When I opened them again, he was still looking at me. He put his glass down, and walked over to me. He put his hands on my knees, put his face really close to mine and closed his eyes. I closed mine. I could feel his warm breath. I closed my eyes again, and moved closer to him. Our noses touched, and I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and licked his lips. He opened his mouth and found my tongue with his. I was getting wet. Chris moved him hand towards my thighs, and I slid forward on the work-top. I spread my legs to get closer to him. He moved his face away from mine, looked down at my spread legs and then into my eyes again. He let one hand rest on my thigh, and with the other one he found his way under my skirt. I could feel my heartbeat in my clit. And I stopped breathing when he touched me. He started massaging me. Very gently. I know he could feel the wetness, but I didn’t care. I needed him to fulfill my needs from the past 7 months. I kissed him. He tasted good. He stopped touching me, and grabbed hold of my ass. He lifted me closer to him, and I could feel how him. He was huge, and rock-hard. We started kissing passionatly and I touched him. He took a deep breath. I wanted him. Now. I could hear Jenna and John walking towards the kitchen.
Chris stopped kissing me, stepped backwards and I jumped down from the counter.
-“God, I love that song!”
-“I love dancing with you to that song Jenna.”
-“You guys should have come with us! Isabel, how much did you drink? You looked flushed.”
-“Ehhm, I had another glass. But I only had breakfast today, so…”
-“Oh, ok. That explains it. Your cheeks are bright red.”
Chris was smiling. It was dinner-time. Jenna sat in front of John, and Chris was placed in front of me. The dinner was great, and the talking was amazing, but I couldn’t stop thinking of him. He’d look me in the eye, and I’d have to contain myself from moaning. Durin gdinner it was established that John,Chris and I would stay the night. Jenna lived in a huge house, and Chris and I would each get out own rooms, so we thought nothing off it.
Round midnight, Jenna and John went upstairs for the night and Chris and me were left in the living-room drinking Bailey’s. We had talked a lot, but I hadn’t really listened. I wanted sex. I wanted Chris. I and would have him. I think he understood. He put down his glass, got off the couch, stood in front of me, grabbed my legs, uncrossed them and moved me towards the edge of the couch. He sat down on the floor, hiked up my skirt, took of my thong, licked his fingers, touched me and then went down. He was amazing. He got me so wet and so horny. I could hear him unzipping his pants. He took out his cock, and touched himself for a few moments. I was going crazy! He touched my clit with the head of his dick, and slid it into me. It felt like it was my first time. I was so tight. It hurt a little, but the pain only made it better. I felt alive. I felt filled.
He pulle dout and told me to stand up. I did. He told me to bend over. I did. He expertly found him way in again. He was really massive. Girth was the word. He spanked me as we fucked. I moaned. It was brilliant! He dragged his fingers throught my hair and pulled it. He was really riding me. I could hear on his breathing that he was close. With one hand he held my hair, and with the other he started fingering me. I started moaning heavily. With each thrust, the moans became deeper. I was close. And so was he. He fingered me, focusing on the clit. I was sweating. God I had missed this! I moaned:
-“I’m gonna cum…”
-“Me too…”
We came together. It was heaven. Pure, raw, animal sex. I sat down on the couch, shaking. I started laughing. He looked at me, and burst out laughing too. We kissed, and clinked our glasses together. “To wonderful sex”.

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