This story is true. The names have been changed to protect the horny.

Harriet started working at the factory where I worked, but she worked the other day shift and I didn’t see her much. I managed to get a few days of extra work on that shift, and me and Harriet quickly became friends.

I was already friends with her daughters who worked there, Stacy (the youngest), and Clarice (the oldest). The second day I was on the shift, Harriet asked me over for dinner, which I accepted.

A couple of days later I walked into Harriet’s apartment; she was sitting on the couch waiting for me. As she watched me walk into her apartment, she patted her hand on the couch signaling me she wanted me to sit next to her.

I took off my jacket and threw it on a chair and sat next to Harriet. We passionately kissed and whispered in my ear, “Dinner is ready, I hope you like Mexican. I fixed a special enchilada dinner for you.”

As she got up she took me by the hand and led me into the dining room. The dining room was dark, lit only by the two candles on the table. The only piece of furniture in dark room was the table was decorated beautifully.

I opened my mouth to say something, but Harriet put her finger on my lips and said, “Now is not the time for talk, first we eat, then you have dessert.”

We ate our dinner quietly. Harriet kept looking at me and winking at me. I was getting so horny thinking of what my dessert will be. My cock was bulging against my pants; it was hard to restrain it.

When we finished dinner, Harriet got up and walked around the table and took my hand. I stood up and she led me to her bedroom. It was completely dark except for lit candles around the room.

Before I could do anything, she undressed me until I was completely naked; my cock was standing up like a flag pole ready to be surrounded by the moist hot wetness of her pussy.

Harriet went into the bathroom and came back a few minutes later completely naked herself. I smiled as I watched her approach the bed. She slowly got on the bed and crawled to me.

As she lowered her hot wet pussy on my long hard cock she leaned forward and said, “How do you like your dessert?”

I couldn’t say anything, I just leaned my head back and said, “Oh yes God, and don’t let her stop.” Harriet smiled and rode my cock faster.

After a few minutes she stopped and winked at me, signaling she was ready for a new position. I moved around and got behind as she got on her hands and knees.

I penetrated her from behind and pulled her hair as if I was riding a horse. My cock was going so fast it came out and when I rammed it back in, it penetrated her virgin ass by mistake.

Harriet was only about five feet four inches; her ass was very small and tight. She let out a scream that I was sure even the dead could hear. As I pulled it out she said, “Stick it back in my ass, you fucking asshole, and fuck my ass hard.”

I rammed it back into her ass so far; I thought it would come out of her mouth. We quickly got a good rhythm going when I looked up and saw her youngest daughter Stacy standing in front of us.

Harriet looked back up at me and then back at her youngest daughter and said to her, “Come on and join us darling, John here won’t mind.”

Stacy did not waste any time getting out of her clothes. She had the cutest panties. I continued to fuck Harriet in the ass as she climbed up on the king size bed.

I was in shock as Stacy knelt in front of her mom and her mom started to suck on Stacy’s nipples. Stacy leaned forward and let her mom suck her nipples hard.

I could tell Harriet has done this with her daughter before. As I kept putting my hard cock in each of Harriet’s love holes, Stacy lay down under her mom and started eating her mom’s pussy as my cock slid in and out of each hole.

Harriet had her face buried between Stacy’s legs eating her pussy like she hasn’t eaten in days. This turned me on even more, my cock got harder and longer.

Every time my cock slid out of Harriet’s pussy, Stacy would run her tongue along the shaft of it. I exploded as my cock was coming out of Harriet’s ass and Stacy lapped up every drop as it dripped on her face.

The ladies changed positions, they both started sucking my cock, and it didn’t take long before I was hard again. This time Harriet was on the bottom and Stacy was on top.

I was now fucking Harriet’s youngest daughter in her pussy and ass. When my cock slid into Stacy’s ass, she took it very easily. I could tell her husband has fucked her in the ass already.

I was so much enjoying this, I didn’t see Harriet’s oldest daughter Clarice come in and take her clothes off. When I did notice her, she was standing where Stacy stood earlier, but she was wearing a strap-on.

I continued to fuck Stacy as I watched Clarice walk around the bed rubbing lube on the dildo end of the strap-on. Clarice walked around and climbed onto the bed behind me.

I could feel the lube from the strap-on on my back as Clarice whispered in my ear, “Those are some very nice pink high cuts you were wearing. You think I didn’t notice them at work?”

Before I could say anything, I felt the strap-on penetrate my ass. It felt so good I came inside Stacy’s ass. My cum dripped out on Harriet’s face and she lapped it up.

The two ladies in front of me moved around and I started eating Stacy’s pussy as Harriet went behind Clarice and played with her nipples and pussy.

Stacy came as Clarice continued to pump my ass with the strap-on. Moments later, Clarice pulled out and I collapsed on the bed.

My cock was hard and Clarice lowered her pussy on my cock as Harriet lowered her pussy on my face. As I was eating Harriet’s pussy and fucking Clarice, Stacy got in between them.

Stacy rubbed her pussy juices on my chest and abdomen as she kissed and sucked Clarice’s nipples and Harriet kissed her youngest daughter’s back.

I finally shot my load deep up into Clarice’s pussy and we all collapsed into a pile of bodies soaked with each other’s cum, sweat and other juices mixed all together.

Harriet looked me in the eyes and said, “How did you like your dessert sweetie?”

I looked into the eyes of Harriet and her daughters, I looked back at Harriet and said, “I need to cum over for dinner more often.”

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