Distance has no Boundries!

Deciding to take a shower with you, when your so far away, almost seems so incredible. Knowing that physically we can’t touch, but our spirits do. Would I call you my phantom lover of the night? What do I call you when you touch me so in all the right places, sending me over the edge with your caresses and your touch.
I know what you told me on the phone, to meet you in the shower in 10 minutes after we finished talking to each other. I hesitated not knowing if you would show up in my shower. We had never done anything like this before and it all seemed a little way out there and crazy to the person looking from the
outside in. But I have felt you before, while I slept and was sound asleep and you woke me up with your presence in my room. I have felt you when we talked on the phone. Physically there was no contact but this went beyond physically and it became so supernatural it crossed the boundries of what normal is between us. I picked up some candles on my way into the bathroom and especially picked up the red candle you sent me. I love the smell of that scented candle, it reminds me of passion of fire when I light it and watch the flame flicker back and forth. I lit the two candles I brought in with me, along with the incense you bought me. I wanted your presence around me in the things you sent me as gifts. And the things you had bought me needed to be with me as a part of you there. I lit the candles and the incense and shut the lights off. I hadn’t felt you yet come join me. So I was creating the atmosphere of serenity as I waited. I looked into the mirror and looked deep within my dark brown eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of our future together. I felt a slight chill as a draft from somewhere fill up the space in my bathroom. I wasn’t afraid for I knew there was nothing to be fearful of.

I pulled off my peach colored sweater and threw it over to the hamper, and then unbuttoned my jeans and slowly rolled them down and kicked them off with a swift little kick that landed them there also. While waiting for you in the 10 minutes you said you would come. I admired my body in the full length mirror. My perky white breasts were aching to be released from its prison. I love the black lace bra I had on. You couldn’t see my nipples for they were hidden, but you could see the fullness of my breasts which pushed up out of my bra. I had on a matching black lace thong. My two hands slid down the outside of my breasts and I felt them from the outside of the material and I moaned at my touch. I could feel my nipples and how hard they were even through the material. I rolled my fingertips lightly over my erect nipples and played and pushed and rolled them in the palms of my hands. I licked my lips thinking of how I wanted to have your hands physically on them doing the same thing to me. I reached around and unclasped the bra hooks and felt my breasts spring from their prison. I ran my hands over my hard nipples and pinched and pulled on them, as I cupped them in my hands. Damn it felt so good, but I wanted you
here and now as you said you would. My fingertips slid under the sides of the thong and I felt like I was doing a strip tease as I rolled them down slowly and shaking my ass as I kicked them off on the floor. It was time I thought, the 10 minutes he told me to wait was now here. Turning the shower on I let the water run through my fingers and hands to make sure it was just as you liked it, nice and warm. The scent of the incense filled the room as I breathed in slowly. In then out… In then out. Climbing into the shower I cleared my mind and thoughts. The only thing I had on my mind was you and knowing you were doing the same thing physically but thousands of miles away. I stood under the showerhead and let the warm water run over my body as it caressed with its streams of water. I felt that sudden chill again as I stood there and clear my mind. Thinking only of you and breathing in and out slowly.

Oh my god I felt you as you came into my shower. Your presence whether it was your spirit or something beyond belief of what either of us knows, it was there with me. I knew you had come, like you said you would. I felt your strong arms wrap around me and kiss my wet mouth. It was sweet and tender as our lips touched and our tongues
mingled together. There was passion was in your kiss. I felt it, I tasted it. The water flowed over my body as I whispered to you baby wash my hair. Getting the soap I felt your hand on mine as a oneness as you began to wash my hair. I moaned slightly as you kissed my mouth as you lathered me. Taking the soap from the shampoo you worked the lather up on parts of my body. Damn I could feel your hands all over me as you carassed me over and over again. You continued to kiss me as your hands slid down my back and onto my ass where you squeezed my ass and pulled me closer to you. You rubbed my ass with soap on your hands and baby it felt good. My hands roamed your entire body. I touched your face, your lips, your eyes. Ran my hands through your wet hair. I looked you deeply in your soulful eyes as you looked back at me with loving tenderness and care. I felt the love you had for me in that instance. I could see it in your eyes. I could feel it
with your caresses. I kissed you as I continued to breath deeply in and out, in and out. Clearing my all cluttered thoughts and only of you. Those tingles ran deep through my body as I surrendered my will to yours in that moment. My body pressed hard on yours wanting all of you, not just your caresses. Your hands worked the lather down my chest to my stomach where leaning down you kissed me there softly. I sighed as I was putty in your hands at that moment. I felt my pussy lips swell with anticipation of your throbbing cock entering my watering flower. You found the sweet folds of my lily white flower and began to drive your fingers in and out of my flower deeply. I wanted to fall my legs were shaking so bad. But you held me tight within your grip as your fingers began to stroke me. My pussy was swelling and on fire as you touched me there on my sweet folds. A fire that wasn’t going to go away until you made love to me. My hands caressed your body as I slid them down your back and around to
your rock hard cock, which was now begging to be stroked. Taking you into my hands your hardness was warm, almost hot to the touch as I stroked you up and down. My fingertips danced around the underneath side of the rim of your head, the sensitive part. Making a circle with my index finger and thumb, I worked the sensitive spot until you were moaning outloud how much I made you feel so good.

I continued to breath deeply in and out, in and out as the water rinsed off the soap over my body. I had brought a dildo in the shower with me. I picked the dildo up and began to suck on it as if I was doing to you in your shower those thousands of miles away. Letting it slide all the way down deep in my throat and back out again. I licked every inch of it as I sensed you part my legs and as you got down on your knees you brought my sweet nectar close to your lips. You grabbed my ass and pulled me close. I felt the very tip end of your tongue as it danced along my watering flower. I continued to suck on the dildo as I thrust and grind my hips against your tongue. My God I thought as every nerve ending I had in my sweet folds were alive at your touch! Your tongue slid up and down my swollen slit, back and forth as I rocked harder on your tongue. Your tongue rested on my hardened clit as you flicked it back and forth and then sucked it into your mouth. You teased my clit in your mouth and you knew that drove me crazy. I tasted so sweet to you as your tongue did what you willed it to do. I licked my lips as I placed the dildo back into my mouth and began to suck and lick it hard. Visualizing it was you I tasted in my mouth. Licking
you up and down and around your head, I teased your rock hard cock with my tongue, flicking it back and forth over the head of it. Sliding my tongue into the slit on the top, I
sucked and flicked as I lick
ed. I heard you moan. I felt myself squirt in your mouth and your mouth wildly sucking up the pussy juice that just squirted into your mouth. I grinded hard against your tongue and knew I was going to cum. I felt my pussy spazz’em and let go of its sweet nectar and I felt electricity and energy flow through my body like I have never felt before.

Standing on your feet you backed me into the bathroom wall where you smothered me with your kisses all over my mouth and down my neck. I felt your rock hard cock press up against my skin and was begging to be let in to its hiding place deep within me. I felt your presence against my body and I held on to you as you slid your anxious cock into me. I felt you deep within me as you entered me, pushing its way into its cave. My hips grinded hard on your cock, your love muscle was contracting in and out of me as I humped you hard. Our hips grinded in unison as one. I felt you so deep inside me. Sliding in me slowly at first I continued to breath in and out, in and out slowly and concentrating only on you so many miles away. I know you felt me too. Your sweet kisses and your caresses as you made love to me in the shower spoke volumns to me as I heard you whisper that you love me in my ears. I whispered back saying that I loved you too.
I felt you get rigid as our breathing started to get faster and in unison. Oh my god was my reaction as I felt you pull your love muscle trigger and it shot load upon load of hot cum inside me. My pussy violently shook as did my legs as I felt myself go over the edge as I let loose and torrid streams of juice flowed as I came on your hardend cock. Our love juice flowed as the intensity of our climax together hit its peak! I rode your cock and basked in the warmth as it shot its load deep inside me. I felt the glow settle on both of us as we climaxed together. A peace and calm came over me as I let the water from the shower head flow down my body. I kissed you hard and wanted to hold on to you tight and never let you go. But it was time for you to leave and return back to your body, as mine was to me. Our hearts our spirits united in one….. till another day we can again be together.

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