Easy Street 2

The knock on the door of the Easy Street apartment was not unexpected. After all, Stephanie had ordered a pizza about thirty minutes before, so hearing the knock on the door meant it was dinner time.

But when Stephanie opened the door, it wasn’t to find a pizza delivery man standing on her doorstep. Instead what she found was a self-conscious young man wringing his hands. “Can I help you,” she asked.

The boy (and looking as awkward and shy as he did, Stephanie would have had difficulty calling him a man,) looked up at her. “Hi,” he said shyly. “I was, um, I mean, I’m um, I’m your next door neighbor. My name’s Norman, and I, um, I was wondering if I could talk with you.”

Stephanie looked the boy up and down. He certainly wasn’t much to look at but then hey, she was one of the first of the students to move in. Even her roommate hadn’t moved in yet and that meant there was no one there to talk to. She was waiting for her pizza to arrive so that she meant time to kill. “Sure,” she said leaving the door open even as she invited the boy in, “I guess, but I got a pizza coming so I haven’t got a whole lot of time.”

“This won’t take long,” the boy toldher. “I was just wondering if you’d … you’d you know, you’d met Roy.”

“Roy Wilkins,” the girl asked and the boy nodded. “Sure,” she told him. She could still remember what it felt like to feel the Resident Advisor’s cock in her cunt. “What about him?”

“You’re new here, right? I mean, I know you’re new here, so I was wondering if you knew about Roy?”

“Knew about him? No. What’s there to know?”

The boy licked his lips nervously as he looked at the open doorway to the apartment, almost as if he expected to see the Resident Advisor suddenly standing there. “Roy was almost kicked out of the complex last year.”

“Really? Why?”

“He, um, he got kind of friendly with some of the women in the complex, and uh, well, this is a state run university. They don’t like it when, um, when stuff like that happens.”

“Stuff like what?”

“It was said he molested a couple of the girls and that he got one of them pregnant. Her, um, her father was pissed. He threatened to sue the university, but then it turned out the girl had known what she was doing, and some of her friends said she had been trying to get her hands on him, and well, when she lost the kid, the whole matter kind of died away.”


“So,” the boy said conspiritorially, “the matter might have died away, but Roy’s libido didn’t. He, um, he pretty much kept going after all the girls. The girls around here, they all started calling him Mr. Hands. He can’t control himself.”

Stephanie smiled. “And you think he might be coming after me, huh?”

The boy nodded. “I thought they were going to kick him out, but then he applied to be Resident Advisor this year, and somehow, he made the cut.”

The girl was smiling to herself even as she looked at the boy. He might be kind of a nerd and he definitely was kind of shy, but he was also kind of cute. She wondered what it would take to get him out of his shell.

“So you think that the Resident Advisor might try to take advantage of me, huh?”

The boy nodded.

The girl sidled up to the boy. “So what do you think he might do? Something like this, maybe?” Even as she was speaking, Stephanie slid her hand up the inside of the boy’s thigh.

The boy gasped as the girl’s hand worked its way up his thigh and then it was the girl’s turn to gasp. “Why, Norman,” she asked coyly, “what have we here?”

The boy didn’t say anything as the girl wrapped his hand around his member. All he could do was look down at that hand between his legs.

The girl cooed softly as her hand continued to stroke the boy’s cock. “I think we have to see what Norman has in here,” the girl said and even as she said it, her hand was moving again, this time tugging at the boy’s zipper and pulling at the boy’s belt and all the while, Norman just sat there as the girl continued to stroke his cock.

The boy groaned as the girl’s hand reached inside his jeans and the wrapped itself around his hardened shaft. “Let’s see what you have here,” she told the boy even as she stroked his cock yet again.

In the next instant, the girl was squeezing the boy’s cock and then she was pulling the boy’s cock out into the light.

“Ooo,” the girl cooed, “what a big cock you have here, Norman, but with a cock like this, I bet you need someone to do something like this.”

In the next instant, Stephanie was bending over and dropping her face into the lap of the boy in front of her.

The boy tensed and then groaned as the girl from Easy Street took him in her mouth. His hands tightened into a fist and then they opened again and boy groaned again. “I can’t believe you’re doing that to me,” he said.

Stephanie finally pulled her mouth up off his cock and she looked up at the boy with big, wide eyes even as her hand continued to stroke his cock. “Are you telling me you want me to stop,” she asked.

“No-o-o-o,” the boy moaned. “Don’t stop.”

The girl grinned even as she returned her mouth to the boy’s cock. This was so wasy, she thought.

The boy just kept right on groaning as Stephanie continued to suck his cock. His eyes were closed and his head was back as he moaned again ana again and again.

Stephanie pulled her mouth back from the cock in front of her and she looked up at the boy. “This is fun,” she told him, “but I need some fun, too. Do you want to give me some fun, too?”

The boy didn’t say anything. He just sat there and moaned.

The girl grinned as she stood in front of the boy and quickly stripped off her top. In moments, her chest was bare and the boy was staring at her tits.

The girl kept her eyes locked on the face of the boy in front of her as she stripped off her shorts. That left Stephanie standing there in just her panties but then moments later, she wasn’t wearing those either.

The girl didn’t say anything as she leaned down over the boy and once again took a hold of his cock. “This is what I want,” she told him as she spread her legs and straddled his hips.

And then her pussy was perched over the boy’s cock. She squeezed the boy’s cock even as she rubbed the head of his cock against her wet and aching pussy. “Oh geez,” she moaned, “that feels good.”

Norman just stared at his newfound neighbor as she let her pussy slide down around his cock and then the boy groaned as the girl’s pussy tokk his cock.

“You like this, do you,” the girl cooed even as she pulled her pussy up only to thrust it down on the boy’s cock yet again. “You like the feel of your cock in my pussy.”

“Yeah,” the boy groaned. “Yeah.”

The girl didn’t say anything more. She just let her pussy doo the talking as she pulled it up and pushed it down. Again and again and over and over, her pussy took that cock. Again and again, her butt danced over that cock, moving up and down on his shaft. Up and down and harder and harder it went, pounding away at the boy’s cock.

The boy was about to cum. He knew it and the girl knew it, too.

It almost happened too but then before it could, there came a knock at the open doorway. “Is this, um, a private party, or can anyone join in.”

Almost instantly, Stephanie’s head snapped around to see who was standing at her door and then the girl groaned. She’d forgotten about the pizza guy. On the other hand, he was kind of cute. “You telling me you want a piece of pie,” she asked coyly.

The pizza boy grinned. “Yeah sure.”

“Well then, I think we need to see if you have what it takes,” the girl told him. “Why don’t you get that cock out and bring it over here so I can get a better look.”

Even as Stephanie was saying this, she was pulling her pussy up off of Norman’
s cock but before Norman could even think that he might have been dismissed, Stephanie was turning around and then she was straddling him again. Her hand reached between her legs and she found h
is firm member and then moments later, she was once again pushing her pussy down onto that cock.

The pizza boy was wasting little time in getting rid of his own clothes and in not that long a time, he was standing there just as naked as the other two.

Stephanie licked her lips as she looked on in appreciation at the size of the pizza boy’s cock. “Come here,” she told him and when he did, she wrapped a hand around his member and pulled him even closer. It wasn’t all that much longer before Stephanie was bending over and even as she continued to hump the cock she was riding, she opened her mouth and drew the cock in front of her inside.

The pizza boy moaned as the girl continued to take his cock and then he kept right on moaning. The girl wrapped a hand around his fleshy shaft and the boy moaned even louder, and all the while, the neighbor boy sat where he was, barely able to move, his cock jammed up inside the girl’s tight, little pussy, his hands stroked the girl’s butt as stayed on the verge of cumming, on the verge but not quite there.

The girl loved it. She could feel the cock in her cunt even as she continued to suck the cock in front of her. She loved having two cocks all at the same time.

Finally though, Stephanie pulled the cock from her mouth as she straightened up. Her hand continued to stroke the cock in front of her even as she looked up at the pizza boy. “I’ll bet you want to stick this in me,” she said, “and I don’t mean just sticking it in my mouth. I’ll bet you want to stick this in my pussy.”

“Oh yeah,” the boy moaned.

“You want this inside me,” the girl said again.

“Oh yeah, I want it. I want to stick it inside you.”

The girl grinned. “I want it, too,” she told the boy even as she pulled her pussy up off the cock she had been riding, but in the very next instant, it was clear that not only wanted the cock in front of her but she also continued to want the one she had been riding.

The girl’s hand reached behind her and once again, she caught hold of the the cock she had been riding. This time though, she arched her body backwards leading that cock to the hole that had as yet been left still unexplored.

The girl grunted even as she shoved her butt down on the boy’s rigid pole. She leaned her body back and ground her naked body against the body of the boy whose dick she was riding and she looked up at the pizza boy. Her hand rubbed her pussy and she moaned again. “Fuck,” she moaned. “I want you to put your cock right here.” She moaned again. “Do it. Do it now.”

The pizza boy was no fool. He could hardly be expected to refuse an invitation like that and refuse it, he did not. The man hunched himself over his body and then he was pushing his cock between her legs.

“Don’t make me wait,” the girl moaned. “I need it now.”

The girl moaned again as she felt the head of his cock press against the lips of her pussy. She moaned again and then she felt th boy enter her. Damn, that felt good.

Almost as if on cue, the boy underneath her reached up and around her and grabbed her tits. The girl moaned again. Damn, that was good. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

The pizza boy did just that and the girl got hotter and hotter. She was going to cum. She knew that. She was going to cum really hard.

And then she was. Her pussy clamped down on the cock inside her and even as it did, she felt the boys cum. First, the one in her ass let go, filling her butt with a load full of jizz and then just as the flow from that one finally began to ebb, she felt the pizza boy’s cock swell inside her cunt and then he was cumming, too.

It didn’t happen right away but finally Stephanie pried her body from between the two boys. The pizza boy left in a hurry. His boss was going to be ticked off that he had taken as long as he had, and Norman quickly left as well leaving Stephanie to ponder the situation. She’d only been in the apartment for less than a day and already she had three boys who had cum inside her. If this was what it was like to live in the dorms, then Stephanie figured living there would be easy.

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