Educating A Virgin Niece

Frank Armano came out of Bentlyville General Hospital. It seemed like he’d been in there forever. His wife had finally delivered the baby about an hour ago. Shit, it was another girl. Damn he was fed up with making pussy for another swinging dick to enjoy some day. Fuck! There was no profit for him in that. The hospital had to take Linda in as a charity case or else let her drop the kid on the emergency room floor. If that would have happened, he could have sued their fat asses off. Too bad it didn’t work out that way.

Getting into his battered Ford Escort, he slammed the door, gunned the engine and popped the clutch. On the way home he remembered Linda had gotten her older sister to bring her daughter, Mandy, over to watch little Jessica. Then he thought shit there probably wasn’t a damned thing at home to eat except some dry cereal and she’d been there all day. Well, he had a few bucks. He’d cruise by the Get Go pick up some chips, one of their shitty greasy pizzas and a quart of Pepsi. He supposed that should hold her.

When he got home, Mandy was sitting on the couch watching TV. She switched the set off and said, “Hey Uncle Frank, congratulations! Mom called and told me about the baby. What are you guys going to call her? ”

“I don’t know. Some girl name I guess,” he said. Then placing the Pepsi, pizza and chips on the old battered coffee table he said, “I brought you a snack.”

“Oh great!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been starving.”

“Sorry about that, but we’re a little short on money till I get paid. You know how that goes.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Mandy said as she tore open the bag of chips.

“Well what did you do here all day?” Frank asked.

“Looked after little Jessie and straightened up the house. She was good as gold. I put her in bed about an hour ago. I’m going to get some glasses for the Pepsi and plates for the pizza. You want some? ”

“Yeah, all I had today was some crappy machine coffee and a candy bar.”

Frank watched as Mandy left the room. Her ass was definitely on the big side, but damn it was shaped real nice. He appreciated the way her big round buns filled out the seat of her tight fitting shorts and she had a great set of knockers. She’d let her thick silky red hair grow out since the last time he’d seen her and it really suited her. Christ his cock was getting hard. Glancing down to where she’d been sitting he saw something protruding from between the couch cushions and he pulled it out. Holy shit, it was an i-pod and a good one too; a 120 gig job. Now that cost some real bucks.

When Mandy came back in, Frank held it up and asked, “How did you get this? Did your mom come into some money we don’t know about? ”

Looking a bit guilty she replied, “No she doesn’t know about it. Please don’t tell about me having it. ”

Smiling Frank said, “Relax. I won’t blab. I don’t give a shit, but how did you get it? This thing costs over two hundred bucks. I know you couldn’t have boosted it because they keep this stuff under lock and key. ”

Sitting on the couch, Mandy placed the plates and glasses on the table and said, “I didn’t swipe it. A friend gave it to me. ”

Handing the i-pod to her Frank said, “You must have a really good friend with plenty of money. Maybe you’d introduce me. ”

Mandy blushed and said, “Well . . . it’s just some guy I know.”

“You mean a boyfriend?”

“Not exactly a boyfriend. He’s an older guy. ”

“Oh yeah, how much older?”

“Well, like a lot older. He’s a retired guy who lives in my neighborhood. I clean his house once a week. ”

“So what did you do to rate the i-pod? You couldn’t have cleaned the place that good. ”

“You swear you won’t tell.”

“I’m not a fucking cop. I already told you I don’t give a shit. I’m just curious.”

“Well. . . . you know. . . . I let him do things; like play with my tits, my pussy and my ass. ”

“Have you let him fuck you?”

“Yes, well he tried to do it, but his thing can’t get hard enough. He won’t take that Viagra stuff. He’s afraid he might have a heart attack, but if I suck it real good he can get off. That’s how I got the i-pod. Do you think I’m bad for doing those things? ”

“Do I look like a fucking preacher? I don’t give a shit what you do. That’s your business.”

They sat on the couch eating pizza in companionable silence for a while. Then Mandy said, “Mom said for me to stay overnight and sleep on the couch.” She paused and then continued, “Uncle Frank? Can I sleep with you? I know your cock could get hard enough…you know” then pausing again, blushing and continuing in almost a whisper she said, “to pop my cherry.”

“How old are you?” Frank asked.

“I’m eighteen.”

“And you’re still a virgin. I’m surprised. What’s the matter with the young pricks over at Bentlyville High? That school must be getting loaded up with a bunch of fags; seems like they’re coming out of the closet and the fucking woodwork these days. It’s like a fucking national epidemic. They ought to be worrying about that, instead of this bullshit global warming. ”

“There are a lot of girls my age that are still virgins,” Mandy said. “It’s not that unusual. I guess there are more than enough of us girls to go around. ”

“Fuck that shit!” Frank exclaimed. “There can never be too much pussy for real men. Hell, when I went there it would have been a disgrace to have a bunch of virgins running around the school. I don’t know what this country’s coming to. I could understand if this was that faggy-assed California, but this is the mid-west where real Americans are supposed to live.”

“So is it okay if we sleep together?” Mandy persisted.

“Sure thing kid, your old Uncle Frank won’t let you down. Let me see your tits. ”

Mandy put her pizza down and pulled her sweat shirt off. Frank thought holy fucking shit he would never have believed she’d have such great tits. They were huge but not one bit saggy and their big sweet pink nipples were sticking straight out. He felt his cock go on red alert instantly. “Fuck baby!” he exclaimed. “That’s the nicest set I’ve ever seen!” In the next instant, he was cupping those mounds of pleasure in both hands; sucking and nibbling their nipples for all he was worth.

Soon, Mandy began to moan and squirm her big butt around on the couch. She gasped out, “Oh god, Uncle Frank. That feels so good! You’re getting me so hot! ”

Frank thought she’d probably been hot since she was twelve and he’d been missing out on it, but he determined to make up for lost time now. Taking his attention from her tits, he reached down and unfastened her shorts saying, “Lift up.”

Mandy lifted her big butt up off the couch and he pulled her shorts and panties down over her big chubby thighs and then on down to her ankles. Leaning back on the couch she kicked them off over her feet. Then kneeling on the floor facing her Frank said, “Okay baby lift your legs and spread them real wide. Let me have a good look at your hot little virgin twat. I want to see what I’m going to be working on. ”

Mandy drew her legs up toward her chest and grasped them behind the knees. Then she parted her chubby thighs revealing a pussy covered with a generous bush of red hair. Moving in closer, Frank parted her pussy lips. Damn there was some nice sweet pink meat there, and her clit was already swelling up to full attention. Well, there’s no time like the present to begin Frank thought. He encircled her swollen clit with his lips, slurped it in and began teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

Almost instantly, his niece began going, “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” and ramming her pussy up against his face. By this time he’d expanded his exploration. He slid a finger into her cunt and as he moved it around in her hot wet love tunnel he thought she wasn’t lying about being a virgin, this was one tight box, but god, or whoever invented pussy, had thought of everything at the time. When it came to pussy, it was really true that one size fits all. This tight little box would eventually stretch to take his cock with no problem at all, and he was definitely looking forward to the stretching part. Now, with his finger all wet with pussy juice, he moved down just a bit lower to Mandy’s ass hole and she let out a little squeal of surprise when he forced it in past her tight puckered elastic rim. Then as he worked it around and in and out a few times, she began to relax and enjoy it, while he continued to slurp her clit. In a few moments, he felt her anus relax as his finger sank in deeper. Frank was an experienced pussy eater and he knew he was within seconds of bringing his hot teen niece off when he stopped. Bringing her off too soon wouldn’t suit his plan. He had more pleasures in mind and he wanted to keep her real interested.

Mandy cried out, “Oh god! Please don’t stop now Uncle Frank! I’m almost ready to come! ”

“Wait just a fucking minute!” he exclaimed. “This isn’t a one way street. You have to do something for me too.” He kicked his shoes off, stood up and got out of his jeans and undershorts. Then he sat down on the couch, spread his legs and said, “Kneel down on the floor here and show me how good you can suck cock.”

Mandy slid off the couch and knelt between her uncle’s legs, but when she was faced with his impressive tool, she began to have serious second thoughts. God almighty, this damned thing was a lot bigger than she’d expected. Damn! Old Mr. Jackson’s thing must have shriveled up like the rest of his body. How could her Aunt Linda handle something this big all the time? Mandy was sure it would split her pussy wide open.

Now she heard her uncle yelling, “What’s the matter with you? Am I going to have to tell you what to do? I thought you’d sucked cock before. Get your hot little tongue out. Lick my balls and my cock real good. Then open wide, start going down and sucking. I’m not going to put up with a cock tease. We’re not playing games here. You better get busy right now. ”

Suddenly Mandy decided that dealing with a cock this big was more than she could possibly handle and losing her courage she cried out, “Oh, I’m so sorry Uncle Frank! Please. I don’t think I can handle this. Please don’t make me! It’s too big!!”

Jumping up from the couch Frank yelled, “Fuck this shit! I’ve had it with you little girl! I’m not putting up with your whining crap!”

He yanked her up from the floor, pulled her around to the side of the couch and threw her over the arm with her big butt propped up over it. Then she heard him yell. “You stay right there god damn it!”

Now trembling in abject fear, she looked back over her shoulder and saw him pulling the thick leather belt from his discarded jeans. Doubling the belt in one hand he approached, slapped his free hand down on her back pushing her upper body further over the arm of the couch. The next thing she heard was a swish and then the crack of the belt as it came down across her big bare ass. Instantly a fire like she’d never felt before ignited in her chubby buns and she squealed out in surprise and pain. Then before she fully caught her breath, it cracked down across the backs of her thighs. Her legs flailed wildly and she screamed, “Please stop! No more please! I’ll do anything you want!”

The belt came down across her big butt cheeks again and then Frank said, “Alright, get up and get your fat ass in the bedroom right now and when I get in there, you better be ready to suck cock!”

Getting up from the arm of the couch, she started toward the bedroom, but paused and bent down to pick up her shorts and panties. Moving up behind her, Frank gave her another stinging swat across the backs of her plump thighs. She squealed and straightened up instantly, bringing her hands around to rub the sting away.

“You won’t need those for a while,” he said. “Now get moving and make it quick.” He smiled watching her big buns bouncing up and down as she ran into the bedroom.

Frank picked Mandy’s things up from the floor and tossed them onto the couch. Then he picked up his clothes, switched off the living room light and went into the bedroom. The bedside lamp was on and she was kneeling on the floor by the side of the bed.

He sat down on the bed facing her and asked, “Are you ready to suck my cock now?” Mandy nodded and he spread his legs giving her access to his lust engorged member. She leaned forward, slid her tongue out and began to lap at the head of his cock. She swirled it over the head, down along the shaft to his ball sack, then all over him there, back up the shaft to the head and then repeated it again, all the while making little slurping sounds as she licked him. After a while he said, “That’s good baby. Now open wide and start sucking. In the next instant Frank watched the head of his cock disappear into her warm moist mouth and her lips were sliding down onto the shaft. As she began to suck he said, “See there’s nothing to it. You’re sucking like a dream. ”

Mandy could only mumble, “uh huh, uh huh” because her mouth was full of her uncle’s hard cock. As she continued to suck Frank said, “Alright, you should be used to it by now, start going down. You’re barely taking it in at all. I know you can do better than that. ”

Mandy pulled away, wiped her mouth, took a deep breath and took his cock in again. When her lips had gone down not quite half way she started to choke and pull back. “Jesus H Fucking Christ!” he exclaimed. Clasping his hands around the back of her head, he rammed nearly the full length of his cock into her mouth. He figured the head was tickling her tonsils as she gagged, choked and struggled to pull away. “Take it baby. Take it. I’ll have you deep-throating yet.” And he was as good as his word too. Before long Mandy was taking in almost all of his ten-inch tool and staying down on it, making only little gulping sounds rather than choking while she did it.

As much as he was enjoying teaching his chubby teen niece to become an expert cock sucker, Frank had other things in mind. Patting her on the head he said, “You’re doing real good kid. Get in bed now. It’s time to pop your cherry. You’re probably tired of waiting and I’m not going to make you wait any longer.”

Mandy was more scared of her uncle’s cock than ever. She was sure he’d rip her pussy wide open with it and thinking fast she tried to talk him out of it. She said, “Maybe it’s not such a good idea Uncle Frank. I might get pregnant. I’m not on the pill. How about if I keep sucking your cock? I can do it real good now. I’ll take it all in and swallow all your cum too.”

“Didn’t you just hear me telling you to get your ass in this bed?” he replied with an ominous tone in his voice. “Teen chicks get pregnant all the time. It’s no big deal. You can blame that old fucker you clean house for. You can suck my cock some more later. I’m going to fuck you now. So get in the bed and spread your legs. Your tight little virgin pussy is mine.”

With her legs trembling like they were made of jello, Mandy got up from the floor and lay back on the bed. Taking the pillows from the head of the bed Frank said, “Lift your ass and put these under it. I want your pussy propped up in a good fucking position.” Mandy did as she was told. Then he said, “What did I tell you before? Get your big fat legs pulled back out of the way and spread them wide.” Following his instructions, she drew her legs up nearly to her chest, grasped them behind the knees and parted her thighs as she’d done before. Then she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth waiting for her uncle to ram his huge cock into her defenseless little pussy.

Positioning himself between Mandy’s well spread plump thighs; he bent down and slid his tongue into her into her love nest. Soon he was slurping and tickling her clit again and in spite of her fear, Mandy found herself getting hot again. Almost involuntarily she began rocking her lower body on the pillows and thrusting her pussy up into her uncle’s face. In a while he rose up and slid a finger into her dripping cunt. Holding it up for her to see he said, “Just look at that! I’ve never seen a pussy so ready for fucking in my life!”

As he guided the head of his cock to its target Mandy cried out, “Please go slow. I’m scared. Please don’t hurt me. Your thing is so big.”

Making no comment, Frank turned back and guided the head of his cock to its target. Soon Mandy felt her uncle’s tool ramming into her virgin cunt. She felt a sharp stab of pain. Then after it eased a bit, she opened her eyes and looked down between her well spread thighs. She breathed sigh of relief. To her surprise, his big cock was already inside her and it hadn’t hurt that much after all. Now the length of the shaft was sliding into her and her pussy was taking it with no problem at all. God almighty it felt really good! Now she was nearly mesmerized as she watched it sink in deeper. Then there was another little stab of pain and she couldn’t keep from giving out a little squeak of surprise.

Frank said, “Looks like we’ve hit a little roadblock.” Before Mandy full realized what was happening, he thrust forward and the deed was done. He’d popped her cherry. He said, “See there was nothing to it baby. Just like tearing a piece of tissue paper. Shortly thereafter, the full length of his cock was inside her and Mandy thought she’d never felt anything so good in her life. She’d never known how good it could be to have her pussy filled with a big hard cock. In a shorter time than she would have imagined, her uncle was driving his ten-inch cock in and out of her pussy like a piston and it felt wonderful. She began thrusting her pussy up to meet his inward strokes and she loved feeling his balls slapping up against her butt cheeks every time he drove it home. All to soon they both came and their mingled cries of pleasure filled the bedroom.

Afterward as they lay together side by side Mandy said, “I’m sorry I was such a baby. Thanks for not giving up on me. I’m so glad I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“Well Mandy, there’s one thing my old daddy always told me. He said Frank any job that’s worth doing is worth doing right and in one way, you’re still a virgin. I want you to get onto you tummy over these pillows with your nice big butt propped up in a good fucking position. Without question, Mandy did as she was told. Now reach back and spread you ass cheeks real wide. It’s time to do something about your virgin ass.”

Reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks she sighed and said, “Whatever you say Uncle Frank.”

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