Ellie – The start of our affair

My wife and I are extremely creative. Together we can take anything and make something out of it. This creativity has helped us in our careers and given us a great hobby. When we need supplies to satisfy our hobby we go to a national retail chain store. Being retail, it tends to have younger employees, mostly women.

I have always had an attraction to younger women; my wife is 10 years younger than me. Thus going to this chain provides me with the eye candy I need for my fantasies. I never believe that any of these fantasies will come true but they sure do spice up the married life.

It’s a Saturday morning and my wife and I have arrived at our favorite store. Upon entering, I notice her. I don’t have a whole lot of time to scan but I do notice her tan skin and reddish-brown hair. While in the store I can’t help but wonder what more there is, is she fat or skinny? What color are her eyes? What is she wearing? And yes does she fuck? With all these questions swimming in my head I decide that we are going to check out at this girls register. After all I need new fantasy material.

As we are standing in line I notice that she is wearing a tight pair of jeans with a grey short-sleeved top with a v-neck in the front. She has nice long reddish-brown straight hair, stands about 5′ 4″ tall, and from the side it looks like she has a great set of tits. As we get closer I notice her brown eyes, full checks, and radiant smile. The line continues to move and I continue to notice that when she bends over her v-neck shirt falls forward revealing the roundness of two very large C-Cup or small D-Cup set of tits. I also notice that when she stands you can see the black strap for the bra she is wearing.

It’s finally our turn, when she turns to give us the total my wife looks at the nametag and says “Ellie! Is that short for Eleanor?” She responds with “yes” and my wife introduces us. I tell Ellie to put our stuff in a bag and I proceed to write out a check, both of these activities require Ellie to bend over. Ellie smiles at us and wishes us a great day. While walking out my wife says to me “I like her, I hope she stays on for a while.” I respond with “so do I” While responding, all I’m thinking about is how it must look to see Ellie’s tits bounce up and down while fucking her.

Over the next few weeks we get to know Ellie better and discover that while she is 18 years old she is still a senior in High School. I bet the male teachers love having her in class? One day I come into the store by myself because my wife was gone on a girl’s weekend and wouldn’t be back until the next night. Ellie saw me come in, came over and greeted me and asked where my wife was. When I told she was gone she asked if I was going to get “Wild” this weekend. I told her I didn’t have plans, “…why are you offering?”

Ellie said that she got off at 5:00 PM and would love to have dinner. I told her we had a date and that I’d pick her up at her house. She said “No! Pick me up here at 5:30, my parents would freak if they saw I was going out with you!”

I arrived at the store at 5:30 PM and Ellie came out to meet me. She was wearing a black skirt that came to her knees, a button down blouse and a small leather jacket. She looked older than her 18 years. She got in the car and we started out to the restaurant, we agreed to have dinner somewhere were no one would know us.

We drove for about an hour, during that time Ellie made a call to her boyfriend telling him she couldn’t see him tonight, she “had plans”. When asked about coming over to her house she flatly rejected him. When she finished her conversation I asked if this was going to be a problem? She said “No!! It’s not like I’m going to marry him!! And anyway if he came over to my house we’d watch TV with my family until they went to bed then we’d make out and he’d end up fucking me.” When I heard that she fucked I almost drove off the road. I could feel my dick starting to stir and I did everything I could to stop it. But Ellie’s next comment didn’t help.

Ellie then continued with “And seriously isn’t that why we’re together? You’re hoping that before the night is over you’ve fucked me. Trust me you’re very subtle, having me put stuff in bags so you can see down my shirt, catching quick glimpses at my breasts when you think I’m not looking, doing a slow scan on my body, the way you look at me, etc. Very, very, slick but I noticed. Don’t get me wrong I like it when you do it, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. And to be honest, what I wear to work on Saturday is a lot different than what I wear during the week and that’s because I know you’re coming in and I want to turn you on. I know this is kind of forward but hey at least you know were both on the same page about tonight. That’s not to say you’re going to fuck me tonight but it’s possible.”

I was almost sweating hearing this and seriously considered pulling off the road and just taking her now. But I didn’t and I didn’t deny what she was saying. However I responded with, “Well if that’s the case why don’t we go to my house, order pizza, and fuck?” Ellie responded with “I don’t get to dress like this much and I want to show off.” I couldn’t fault her she looked stunning.

Dinner was wonderful, considering I was so distracted by our conversation in the car and the teasing Ellie was doing, i.e. leaning forward so I could see down her shirt and smiling while she was doing it. During dinner I also found out that:
ØShe lost her virginity at 14
ØNever slept with a teacher
ØOldest man she had ever been with was 19
ØLooked forward to College
ØLoved having sex but was bored with High School boys.

In retrospect it was a good dinner and things were looking good. However I was starting to think about how my wife would feel if she knew what I was up to.

About half way home I asked the question of the night “So Ellie where to? Should I take you home or do you want to go to my house?” Ellie looked at me, leaned over and whispered; “you decide” Well it wasn’t hard to know my decision. I couldn’t believe that in less than an hour I could have my mouth around those beautiful tits sucking them like a newborn baby. And with any luck in two hours she’d be on her back, legs spread, with me sliding my dick in and out of her.

We finally reached my house and I could hardly wait to get her inside. We were quiet as we walked but Ellie had a smile on her face, as though she had been looking forward to this for some time (later on I would discover this was the case). We entered the house and Ellie said, “So what do you want to do?” Without hesitation I grabbed her from behind, wrapped my arms around her, and started kissing her neck. Ellie arched her head back, put her hands my hair, and started to quietly moan. With one arm around her waist I moved my other one down to her skirt where I started pulling it up. I slowly slide my hand between her legs, which she gladly parted for me, and felt her soaked panties and dripping pussy. I gently pulled her panties to the side and easily slide one and then two fingers into her. Her response was immediate. Ellie grabbed the top of my hand and pushed it deeper into her. Her moaning was becoming louder and her breathing faster. As my fingers went in and out of her she would rise and fall with the motion.

Next she grabbed my other hand and guided it under her blouse. She gently placed my hand on top of her beautiful tits. The feel of her lace bra on my hands and the soft flesh of her tits were causing a strain on my pants, a strain that I needed to relieve. As though Ellie were reading my mind she took my hand out of her pussy and turned around. We kissed passionately as she undid my pants and I unbuttoned her blouse. Her blouse hit the floor at the same time my pants did. I next undid her bra while she pulled my boxers down.

While I groped with Ellie’s large tits she gently st
roked my ever-enlarging cock. At one point she said “I’ve never had one thi
s big” and I said “I’ve never had tits this big” After 20 minutes of making out, Ellie pulled away and said “Usually I like to give blowjobs but I really need to know what it feels like to have this inside me. Let’s go into the bedroom”

I took her by the hand and led her down the hallway. When we got to the bedroom Ellie took off her skirt and I removed my shirt. I started to kiss her while slowly leading her down onto the bed. As I was ready to enter Ellie when she said “From now on when you make love to your wife you’ll be thinking of me lying her” and she was right.

With my dick at the entrance to her wet pussy, ready to enter she asked, “Do you have a condom one?” As I thrust into her I said “NO!” Ellie arched her back and gave out a silent moan as I pushed in as far as I could.

Ellie gained her composure and said “I’d really like it if you’d put on some protection!”

I said, “I will in a minute!” as I pulled out and came back in.

Ellie then said “Please put something one” but I loved the feel of her pussy around my dick and continued to fuck her

Ellie continued to plead with me, “Ohhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddd please put something one”, “I don’t want to get pregnant”

Slowly her pleading subsided and was replaced by moans of pleasure. Ellie spread her legs as far apart as she could and I fucked her harder and faster. I leaned back and watched her large tits sway with our motion. It was a beautiful sight.

Then I heard the magic words “Ohhhhhhhh Goddddddddd don’t stop!! I’m going to cum” and with that Ellie wrapped her legs around my waist held me in her. Her pussy clamped down on my dick and with that she had an orgasm, as did I.

I knew I was playing “Russian Roulette” with this girl by not wearing protection but I really thought I could control it and pull out before something happened. Unfortunately I was wrong. I came inside Ellie in streams and with each shot Ellie would take a short breath. As though my bursts were hitting her lungs.

When I was done I laid there for a moment contemplating what had just happened. Ellie had a smile on her face, she leaned over and kissed me long and hard. She reached across and picked up her cell phone and made two phone calls.

First she called her friend Amanda to tell her that as far as her parents were concerned she was staying over night at her house. Next she called her parents to let them know she was staying overnight at Amanda’s house.

When she was done with her phone calls she got on top of me looked me in the eyes and said “I’m now yours until 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. What are we going to do to pass the time?” Before I could respond Ellie had my shaft in her mouth and it was growing again.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that night so much has changed since then. Ellie is now married with two kids, my wife and I are still together and she doesn’t have a clue as to my relationship with Ellie. WOW I’ve been luck. With that thought I turn and look at the woman lying in my hotel bed, she looks so peaceful, so content, and so happy. I really love business trips when she comes along. Suddenly she wakes up and says, “What are you thinking about?” and I tell her “I’m just thinking of the first time we fucked” Ellie smiles and proceeds to get on top of me.

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    maybe its just life,but i love checking out a lady like this when you check you really check out!even around the store they lean a little too much,for example jewerly dept. great story

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