Embarking on a New Journey

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My wife and her friend had planned a day of shopping and I had agreed to help her friend’s husband do some yard work around their place. It was about 8:30 or so by the time she was ready to go and we drove over. Liz had made some coffee and laid out some sweet rolls so we chatted for a bit and talked about what the plans were for the day: they would be gone until late afternoon and we were to be finished with our work and cleaned up when they got back so we could go to dinner. Once that was settled, a quick kiss goodbye and they were out the door.

Steve had pretty well laid out what had to be done so we cleaned up the kitchen dishes and head out to the backyard to trim, prune and generally clean up an area that had become over grown. It was an early spring day and the morning sun felt good on my back after the cold of the of the last few weeks. We worked steadily for about three hours and then decided to take a break and rest for a bit. While Steve went into the house to get us some beers, I sat down on one of their outdoor lounges to enjoy the sun. Steve came back with the beer and offered me one and then pulled up other lounge. As he sat down and eased back, he slipped off his shirt. That looked like a good idea so I did the same. We sat there for a while; chatting and drinking the beer and letting the sun soak in. We finished the first beer and as Steve went to get us a couple more, I decided to kick off my shoes and soaks and take off my Levis and just sunbath in my shorts for a while (normally, I would never have done this but I guess it was a combination of the sun and beer that eased my inhibitions). Steve came back with the beers and making some comment I didn’t pick up on, took off his shoes and soaks and stripped down to his shorts before sitting back down on his lounge.

I’ve never been able to drink beer without getting sleepy and with the sun warming my body, it wasn’t too long before I drifted off in a little nap. No sooner had I closed my eyes than I began to have thoughts about Steve and me! I have no idea where they came from because I had never thought of Steve that way (never thought of a man that way!). The images in my mind were erotic and graphic and try as I might, I couldn’t dispel them. Finally, I forced myself awake and glancing down, realized I had an erection. I felt my cheeks instantly blush as I sheepishly looked over to Steve. He was looking at me! And smiling! I could feel my embarrassment increase instantly.

“That must have been a good one,” he said as he moved his hand down over the bulge in his shorts

“What do you mean?” I stammered as I swung my legs over lounge edge and started to get up.

He reached out his hand and put it on my leg to stop me.

“You called out my name and it looks like it was a hot dream”

I looked down and to my further embarrassment saw that I was still erect! At that moment, I just froze, not knowing what to do; trying to come to grips with the thoughts I had just had and the feelings they had evoked. Steve then took charge: he sat up and swung his legs over toward mine and then, reaching out, began to rub his hands up and down the tops of my legs and then down my inter thighs, pushing my legs apart. My mind was a swirl of competing emotions: should I stay? should I go? why am I so turned on!??

The next thing I know, Steve was standing in front of me with his thumbs hooked in his waistband, slowly pushing his shorts down. I couldn’t take my eyes from this scene in front of me! My heart was pounding wildly in my chest and I realized I was actually salivating and involuntarily licking my lips. Slowly, teasingly, Steve pushed his jockeys down. I could see the outline of the head of his cock. Soon the base of his cock was exposed and then with one final push, his cock sprang erect from the confines of the fabric. We hurriedly pushed his shorts down and he stepped out of them. As he did, I quickly rose up and slipped mine off too.

I moved my legs apart and he moved closer. My gaze was fixated on his cock; his beautiful, erect, circumcised cock and the dewdrop of pre-cum that was forming on the tip! I reached out and touched the side of his hip, running my hand over the right cheek of his ass, as I reached out with my other hand and curled my fingers around the his erect shaft. As I touched him, a shiver of raw sexual excitement exploded in my head and any inhibitions I may have been harboring instantly faded in the moment. I felt myself leaning forward, my lips pursing and then I was kissing the tip of his cock! His pre-cum was cool and slick on my lips. I moved back a bit to look up at him and as I did, a thin tread of his pre-cum joined my lips to the tip of his cock. He said nothing but placed his hand on my head and drew me gently forward again. I opened my mouth a little as the head of his cock pressed against my lips. Opening them, I took the head of his cock into my mouth. My tongue swirled around it, feeling the texture, tracing the flair that defined the head around to where it meets on the under shaft, forming the tip. My mind was a kaleidoscope of thoughts, emotions, images and feeling that I could not sort through. I could only admit that I loved this: I loved the feel of his naked skin under my hand, the head of his cock in my mouth, fact that we were naked together in his secluded backyard on that warm spring day.

I closed my lips over the shaft just behind the head and began to suck as I slid my tongue repeatedly just under the head. Steve moaned softly and gently pulled my head toward him. His cock slid deeper into my mouth until I could feel the tip brush the back of my throat. I fought not to gag as I moved my head back to the head of his cock. I took a breath, gripped him with my lips again and then sucked him back into my mouth. I was amazed how easy and natural it felt to be sucking his cock. I now had both hands on his ass cheeks, feeling him and pulling him towards me as I slid down his cock. I could hear his breathing becoming shallower, hear his soft moans each times I completed a head stroke of his cock. I was strangely conscious of our surroundings: I could hear the birds chirping and sounds from the street out front as people walked by or sped by in their cars. I could hear his neighbor mowing his lawn. Little did they know that Steve and I, just on the other side of the fence and just beyond the bushes, were naked and engaged in a homosexual act. The thought and the image excited me more and inflamed my lust. I began to increase the tempo and the urgency of my cocksucking, anxious now to reap the rewards. I could feel Steve’s body stiffing and I could sense that he was close. Then with an animal-like moan, he moved his hips forward and held my head in his hands. I felt a warm liquid begin to fill my mouth and realized he was cumming; that he had just ejaculated into my mouth! Another spasm and more of his warm soapy-salty cum filled my mouth. With hardly a thought, I began to swallow and drink down his load, squirt after squirt, licking and sucking him dry.

And then it was over. He became flaccid and I released his cock. He stood there for a moment, his knees actually shaking a little before he collapsed back down onto the lounge. We sat there in awkward silence for a while taking in what had just happened and coming to the realization that we had embarked upon a new phase of our lives.

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    Wonderful initiation to bi- sexuality

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