The guy was looking her over, and Emily got a warm tingly sensation that skittered along her nerve network and went straight to her pussy. He was tall and hard-bodied, a workman judging by the way he was dressed. Not her kind of guy, but oddly he turned her on.

Emily was on a break from the library where she worked, and she was seated alone sipping a cup of coffee in the small café across the street. The guy at the counter had a good view of her without turning his head too far, and he was indeed checking her out. Clean-cut, he was only a few years older than she. I wonder if he’s married, Emily thought, then chided herself for giving a damn. She was between boyfriends at the moment, and that seemed to suit her okay. Men were pricks, most of them, and she had been screwed over one time too many.

When she got up to leave, she shot a quick glance toward the guy at the counter, and he gave her a warm smile. She liked his mouth. And his eyes. Wow, no guy had affected her so strongly in a while. She was getting needy, she realized. Steady fucking was addictive, and she hadn’t broken the addiction yet.

Several times she thought about the fellow in the café as she completed her work day, then was taken aback when she left the library at six o’clock and saw him sitting at the bus stop in front of the building.

He rose and accosted her. “Hello!” There was that smile again, like turning on a beacon almost, or lighting a fireplace maybe.

“Do we know each other?” Emily asked in an arch tone, as if to set him back. She was not an easy pickup.

“Sure,” he said. “Name’s Brad and you’re Emily.”

Now she was hooked into talking with him as they stood on the sidewalk, she in her comfortable flat shoes, no stockings and rather shapeless skirt and blouse, he in jeans and t-shirt. “Just where did we meet?” she asked, not smiling and skeptical.

“Oh, we didn’t actually meet.” Brad flashed another smile. “We just sort of saw each other in the diner, and then I noticed you went to the library and, yeah, I followed you.”

“So you’re a stalker!” Now she smiled faintly because she didn’t really think he was a stalker in an evil sense.

“Not usually,” he replied. “But I had to know who you were, and I found out from one of your co-workers. She also told me when you got off work, so here I am. We gotta get acquainted.”

“Really!” Emily shot back, but her nerves were thrumming again. She didn’t want to walk away.

“Yeah. You’re not wearing a ring, I see. Got a boyfriend?”

“Not now.”

“Then how about going to dinner with me? You hungry?”

“You’re something else, you know that?”

He laughed. It was a good laugh. “I’m just a guy. Maybe I’m a little pushy, but when I want something I go after it.”

This was too much, too fast for Emily, and she shook her head, causing her brown hair to brush against her shoulders. Catching the late afternoon sun, it was sexy and pretty. “I’ve gotta go.”

“No, no, no,” Brad said, and put his hand on her arm. An electric current flowed between them.

Emily’s pussy moistened. She blinked. She ought to be afraid, a silent voice said, but strangely she wasn’t. She really, really liked this fellow! “I, uh, have a cat…I need to feed…?” The sentence ended like a question, and her eyes were wide as she looked up at the guy.

“Let’s go feed it, then we can go to dinner. Where do you live?”

“Around the corner. Two blocks.” Good God, she thought, what am I doing?

When they arrived in her small apartment, Brad let her tend to the cat first and then he caught her by an arm as she was putting the cat food away. He turned her, and there was that pretty face of hers looking up at him, brown eyes wide, only this time she was just inches away. Her body was next to his, her pink lips parted. Brad pulled her tightly against him and brought his firm lips down to her soft and sweet ones. They kissed.

Emily’s senses reeled. Her panties were damp against her cunt. She felt Brad’s cock rising. Oh my God! Their first kiss ended and he pressed his mouth to her sweet-scented neck. She thrilled as he moved around, kissing here and kissing there. His hands stirred at her back. They slid down to surround the generous and pliant curves of her bottom.

God, he was really hard now, pressing against her, and it felt to Emily was if he was about to burst his jeans. How could this have happened so quickly and without a word of seduction? They just came together POW! His lips were on hers again and this time both sets of lips were moving…working…sucking. His were jumping to her cheek, then capturing her lower lip and sucking some more. Her pussy dripped. Major moisture!

His hands at her back were pulling her skirt up, and he took hold of her bottom with only her silky briefs in the way. As he kissed her with his tongue, he squeezed and rolled her rounded asscheeks in her panties. She made a little sound in her throat and clutched this strange man who had totally taken charge of her without a word of permission on her part. And she was letting him get away with it. LETTING him? She would have died right there if he had stopped!

They sank to the sofa and continued kissing. Her tongue was now in play, and her hands moved on him as his were moving on her. He fondled her tits as best he could through her blouse and bra, then he began pulling her blouse up.

“Yes…yes…oh God, yes!” she panted as he unhooked her brassiere. Up it came, and her sizable boobies bounced out. He filled his hands with those fantastic jugs, thumbed her stiff nipples, then lifted both large titties and squeezed them as he rolled them about. His tongue traced Emily’s lips. She daringly captured and sucked on that naughty moist organ that lived in his mouth.

His mouth skidded to her tits. He went from nipple to nipple, tugging on both beautiful bazooms. By this time Emily was doing some tugging of her own–or trying to–but the man’s hard pecker was cramped in his jeans, and those pants were so fucking tight that she couldn’t get into them. She shuddered with delight as he kept licking and sucking and playing with her titties. Then she laughed and said, “Help me,” as she clutched him through his jeans.

Brad stood up and clawed at the top of his pants, opening them and shucking them down. He wore knitted briefs, and his boner made a tall steeple in them. He whipped the underwear down, and his stiff dick bobbed in front of Emily. She snatched and grabbed him.

“Ooh wowww…” she couldn’t help breathing and leaned to lick his big bald peckerhead. He steadied his cock to help her. After she had licked his knob all over, she took that lollipop into her mouth and sucked on it while looking up at him with her pretty brown eyes.

Brad couldn’t let her continue this for long because it was too goddamned stimulating, and he dropped to his knees in front of the sofa. He yanked Emily’s skirt up, sliding it out from under her bottom and bunching it at her waist. Now only her white briefs were between his eager face and her fun zone. He gripped her bare thighs underneath and spread them wide apart. A very narrow strip of panty passed between her legs, with little brown hairs curling into view along the edges of it, and he pressed his face to that, kissing her hot throbbing pussy through her silk pants.

“Ooh, Christ!” Emily yelled and gripped Brad’s head as he gnawed her moist softness through her panties. She crossed her legs at his back.

Though her panty-clad crotch was smack against his face, somehow he managed to hook her panties out of the way, and suddenly his eager mouth kissed her cunt directly. His tongue plowed her soft pasture which was moist with dew. He dipped into her welcoming flesh, then lapped across her clit which was tense and all atingle.

“Ooh God yesss…EAT meeee!” Emily begged, still holding and moving his hea
d, letting him know she wanted him to lick her all over. This caused her sex-scented juices to smear all over his lips and nose.

backed up, pulling her off the edge of the couch, and she sat down hard onto the carpet. Her skirt was above the top of her panties, and her bra was above her tits which joggled sensuously as he petted and nuzzled them. He went downtown again but this time pulled her panties off first and gave them a flip. He spread her wide and smooched her hairy little snatch with abandon.

Oh my God, Emily thought, this guy really loves to eat pussy! She was delighted as Brad nipped at her protruding small cunt-lips, manipulating them with his mouth and licking between them. He captured and sucked on her clitty, then skidded his tongue deep into her hoo-ha and stroked in and out, in and out, as her hot little pussy-mouth clutched at him.

He rolled her over and licked her large, lusciously rounded backside. He spanked her asscheeks and watched them dance, then pressed his face to them again, compressing the pliant flesh. He kissed all over and in between her buttocks. Emily’s ass vibrated against his face, and she almost came. Brad now kissed down the backs of her thighs, licked the hollow behind each knee and browsed all the way to her feet which he freed from her flat shoes and licked thoroughly, making the tickled girl giggle with delight.

He rolled her onto her back again, held one of her legs in the air and licked up the inside of it, spending a lot of them sucking and tasting the very tender flesh of her inner thigh. He moved to her pussy, fastened his mouth to the flowing fount of her sexuality, and made uninhibited love to every little part of her genitalia. Emily came with a warm, quivery rush.

Brad kept licking and chomping at her sweet cunt until her climax tapered off, at which point he attempted to mount her. But she held him off and said bluntly, “I want to suck your cock some more!.”

Brad was in heaven as he stood in front of the bedazzled babe and she dropped to her knees, taking his projecting pecker into her warm wet mouth for the second time. He was better able to exercise his resistance now and enjoy the intense stimulation without cumming prematurely.

Emily’s soft lips wrapped themselves snugly around his shaft and began to glide forward and back, forward and back, thrilling him intensely. He petted her pretty hair which was now disheveled and even prettier for that.

He watched the girl’s o-shaped lips travel along his dong, spreading a light film of saliva to make the sucking easier. Powerful thrills rose through him. For Emily’s part, she shut her eyes and savored his vibrant presence which stretched her lips wide and stuffed her mouth. She tasted the pre-coital juice that seeped from his slit to mingle with the subtle flavor of the cock itself.

After awhile her mouth relinquished the all-day sucker and she held it straight up so she could lick along the back of it all the way to Brad’s balls. She licked his sack and took a bobbly ball into her mouth to bathe in her saliva while she held his dong-dong to the side and gazed up at him.

“Ooh, Emily, you do that so fucking good,” Brad said softly but with deep feeling.

She let his ball bounce free and spent some time licking both gonads before she resumed her cocksucking. Suddenly Brad needed to fuck her without further delay, and he eased her off his candy stick.

She rid herself of her disarrayed clothing while he stripped off his t-shirt and shoes. He kicked free of his Levis and shorts, his boner bobbing merrily. Then he lifted her up onto the sofa.

Emily extended one leg along the top of the bolster and let the other extend down to the floor. This presented her pussy very nicely for his thrust. Brad knelt on one knee between her full and widely spread thighs. He gripped his lovemaker which was hard as a rock and very red from the sucking Emily had given it. His other foot was braced on the floor as he worked his dick into the girl’s inviting softness. It felt so fucking good when he slid his hard cock all the way up her cooch that it seemed as if the top of his head was lifting off and floating up to heaven!

“Girl, your cunt is wonderful!” he exclaimed as he began to fuck her.

In and out, in and out, his powerful pecker surged, and Emily too was in fuck-heaven. She cooed and moved her lower body, rising to welcome his ardent thrusts which stuffed her and stretched her and tickled every little nerve that her pussy possessed.

“Ooh Brad, I LOVE it!” she exclaimed. “Your cock is so fucking hard and fat! You’re driving so fucking deep! Ooh shit! Keep screwing me! Don’t ever stop!”

Loving the way she babbled, Brad reached underneath and lifted her voluptuous bottom in his hands, squeezing and twisting as he stroked in and out, in and out of her happy cunt. She was so wet with natural lubricant that he glided with ease even though her pussy gripped him tightly. He had never felt so thoroughly in command, and Emily had never felt so perfectly fucked.

“Ooh Brad! Ooh you FUCKER! That’s so goddamned fucking gooood!” Emily panted as she worked with him.

Her pussy rose to receive his thrusts which went all the way, and he maintained a steady rhythm that propelled his lady up the passion slope stroke by deep-reaching, cunt-stuffing stroke. A second climax beckoned, and it would be the first time in a long while for Emily to cum twice in one session if it happened. It was building, building as the man pumped his woman-pleaser into her..

“Ooh yeh!” she said. “Yeh! Oh God! SHIT! Ooh Jesus Christ, that feels so fucking goooood!”

Emily’s pretty hair had fallen in front of her face, and her tits were doing a merry dance as Brad banged her with one fulfilling stroke after another. Then, all of a sudden, before she got to the top, he pulled his piston out.

“Noooooh!” she wailed miserably.

“Lay over the sofa arm,” Brad directed. “Let your head hang down. Stick your ass in the air.”

Emily quickly did as he ordered, aiming her ass high, just the way he liked it. Brad paused only long enough to give her generous buttocks a sexy swat, wobbling them to and fro and making them quiver like Jell-o. Then he climbed onto the sofa behind her. Hovering above her rump, he pushed his boner down, worked it into the excitedly flared opening of her cunt, and thrust himself balls-deep into her hot, tight cooch.

“Ooh wowwwwwww!” Emily yelled as Brad began to stroke and grind, lustily screwing her.

“Shit! Damn! Ooh FUCK it!” the aroused librarian chanted.

Brad growled like an animal as he fucked her, slowly at first but very steadily. His flat front spanked her upturned bottom as his dick pumped all the way up her cunt. She wailed. She bumped against him. Her hair hung down. Her senses soared. She had never felt so fucking good getting fucked!

Brad had one knee on the back of the couch and his other foot on a cushion. He was directly on top of Emily and drilling down. His cock rubbed her g-spot just right while she twisted her hips to rub her clit against the sofa arm, enhancing her pleasure. He fucked her faster. He rode her rump like an Indian warrior streaking into battle, bareback on his Appaloosa.

“Oh wow…oh yes…oh fuck…oh shit!” Emily kept yelling at the floor as her head hung low and her ass bumped and wiggled beneath Brad’s horny thrusts. “Dooooo it! Ooh, fucking doooo it!”

She came. It was all Brad could do to keep from shooting in her cooch, but he managed to pull out and spill his load onto that beautiful bottom he had just screwed. He snatched a tissue from the box on a nearby table and cleaned her up, then he dragged her fully onto the couch and snuggled with her as they kissed and hugged.

“Don’t go,” she said anxiously. “I don’t want you to go. Let’s hang out tonight. We can eat right here. I’m a hell of a cook.”

“I’m sure you are,” Brad replied. “And so is my wife.”


“Yeah. You oughta meet her. What do you say?”

Emily pus
hed the man off of her and twisted so she could look him in the face. “Did I hear you right? Your WIFE, you said?”

He smiled and
nodded. “Mm-hmm.”

“You prick!” Emily exclaimed.


“No!” She began to fight, pushing at the awful man and hitting him with her fists. He had to restrain her, and he did so easily.

Holding her arms immobile against the couch and restraining her body with the weight of his own, he looked her right in the face. “Janice and I are swingers. There’s no jealousy involved and no cheating, either. You’re not married, so we aren’t doing anything wrong, any of us.”



“Shit!” Emily exclaimed, her eyes throwing daggers at him. “I didn’t want to get into a thing like this.”

“It’s not a thing,” Brad retorted. “We’re all just people having fun. Janice happens to dig girls and guys both. There’s nothing wrong with that. Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No! Damn it, NO!”

Brad chuckled. “Have you got a bottle of wine kicking around here some place? Let’s pour a drink, and we’ll make dinner, then see where we’re going from there.”

“It’s nowhere,” Emily declared, but her eyes were far less angry now and her tone less certain.

Brad let her up.

“You mother fucker,” she remarked matter-of-factly.

“I didn’t realize librarians had such a colorful vocabulary,” Brad joked and began getting dressed.

“We read all the books,” Emily said as she pulled her panties up.

“You’ve got to meet Janice. She’s liberal just like you are. You two will hit it off great.”

I don’t fucking believe this, Emily thought, but she did mull it over, and they did have some wine. They did eat dinner, and they did fuck some more. They fucked on and off all night, and neither went to work the next day.

Another woman, Emily thought. Another pussy like mine. And Brad has the most perfect cock! Hmmmmmmm.

(Author’s Note: If you enjoyed this, ladies, please post your comments. I need your sweet inspiration to continue the story. I wouldn’t want to believe you were bored.)

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