emma and the dark alley

Her dad drives along as she sits silently with her hands in her lap, still slick from sweat and saliva.. at the last bookstore her dad took her to she jerked off a few guys at her father’s instruction.
Face glazed with half a dozen loads of cum. Emma wonders where they are when the car stops behind a bar. “Stay.” Her father tells her before he steps out, walking over to a couple of guys talking in the parking lot.
Minutes pass as she waits until he returns telling her to get out.
The two of them walk up to the group of guys and her father introduces her as “the little slut I told you about.. she’s curious about black dick.”
“Well, we could definitely show her the ropes, so to speak.” A couple of the guys fondle her tits through her shirt.. pulling it up to see her stiff pink nipples. As one of them leans down to lick one of her tits another slips her shorts down slapping her tight little ass. She jumps, startled by the large hand.. one of them places his hand on her head, leading her to the open tailgate where he unzips pulling out his thick 6 inch black rod.
Semi hard, pulls her head down.. bending her over at the waist..slipping his hardening meat into her mouth. Emma struggles to suck him down. The head of his cock like a mushroom spreading out as she tries to lick and suck him. The head fills her small mouth as her tells her, “I’m gonna stretch that throat open while your daddy watches, such a sweet little bitch”
One of the others slips his fingers over the wet lips of her cunt, his fingertips circling her asshole with the juices from her pussy.
She feels a thickness rammed between her thighs, a cock bigger than she ever thought possible a firm 11 inches, stretching her open.
Em tries to groan in vain with mushroom man halfway down her throat. Her jaw beginning to get sore.. the long black piston pumps her hard from behind. She feels dirty getting fucked in a bar parking lot. Ashamed by how much she fucking loves it. Her tits jiggling as her throat is pumped with a black man’s cum. He exhales before he pulls out, wiping the fat mushroom head on her face..

Em is pushed against the tailgate, biting her own arm to keep from screaming out loud. Nearly all of the eleven inches of black dick is inside her. Her legs shake as her climax overtakes her. Gushing on his enormous member, til he pulls out.. pulling her around to receive his load. Just a few thick hot strands fall onto her lips as he moans into the cool evening air.
Other men take their turns pumping her ripe young ass and freshly stretched pussy.
People walk in and out of the bar, some watching briefly the five hung black men fuck this precious little white girl. She talks dirty, begging for them to fill her up with their dark meat. Telling everyone that these black dicks are the biggest she’s ever had. Emma drinks their cum, sucking their cocks dry until her dad walks over.
He grabs her by the hair and drags her to the car.
Emma pulls up her shorts while her dad slips into the car. He drives them away from the bar, saying nothing.
“I would like some more black dick, daddy”
Emma’s nipples still hard from the gangfucking she received, she thanks her dad by sucking his cock as he drives them home. He tries to choke her with it at every red light. Forcing it as deep as he can into her mouth. Both angry and turned on by how much she loves to get fucked, he loves the feeling of her bile sliding down his meaty dick, the sound of his daughter coughing.. gagging as he force feeds her.
He reaches over and slaps her hand away from her crotch..”I didn’t say you could play with your pussy.”
Her throat slime running down his shaft, to his nuts.. he pumps his seed into her mouth at the next traffic light. Satisfied for the moment, he continues the drive home..
Emma licks her father’s cream from her red lips as he turns on the radio.

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