Enchanted Desire

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Some say that having an insatiable sex drive would be a dream come true? I say it is one of the most frustrating yet exhilarating things that I have to deal with day to day.

At 30 years old with an insatiable sex drive, intelligence and a healthy confidence level can be an explosive mix! I have found that once I can harness this never ending sex drive and re-channel it to positive energy in my day to day duties, well then there is no stopping me!

Here are some of the definite pros and cons that I have found to be consistent throughout my discovery of having an over active sex drive.

One of the first pros is that you always feel alive and vibrant and can go on little sleep. When I get insomnia its because my body is pumping so rapidly full or adrenaline that all my organs are going into overdrive. In the bedroom, it does not take much for me to achieve an orgasm or 2,6,10 multiple orgasms are a usual for me in one love making session. And of course someone like myself usually is uninhibited and that carries over into confidence in many areas of my life.

Now those are pretty good positive things. Lots of energy, can exist on little sleep, easy to please sexually, hmmm sounds all good to me? Well the cons are something to be desired, let me tell you!

You have mixed feelings between passion and the real hard raw sex. You want to be loved and caressed but the animalistic side of you wants it hard and fast. You want to be in bed all the time and have your brains f**ked out, but you also want to be loved. This contrast happens a lot, and most times love is the last to come.

Not many men or women can satisfy your sexual desires cause they are deep rooted into your mind. An orgasm is only but a last resort for pleasure. You have an amazing imagination and need to be fed fantasy to bring you to ecstasy that is both satisfying and gratifying. Many men being men, are quite visual creatures and often do not tap into this part of their imagination not realizing how important it is to the woman.

There are times where I feel strong ill physical effects from such a high sex drive. Sometimes I get very dizzy and nauseous. Sometimes it feels as if I am inebriated from a stimulant like a drug or alcohol and it can be quite intoxicating. (Which isn’t always a bad thing!) But yet very unsettling.

Quite often having a high sex drive like mine means a loneliness that is quite painful. Most men that want to participate in a relationship do not have a high sex drive and those of them that do have wondering eyes and hands to go with them.

So I guess the only conclusion that we can draw is that we all have needs. I am a very passionate person with the ability to laugh lots and enjoy everyday to the fullest. My life is quite fulfilling apart from the lack of intimacy and fulfillment sexually. Its like a bad virus that just does not go away completely. Sticks around long enough to drive you crazy, make you ache between the knees and gives you a hunger that not even the most exotic chocolates can fulfill, then settles down for a while. Just when you think you have control, it rears its ugly head again to take you for round 2345!

So just a few words from someone who is painfully experienced, if you have a sex drive like I do (those of you who do will not be asking yourself it you do, believe me) never give up trying to harness that sexual energy to put it to work for you everyday. Take a deep breath and don’t let you high integrity stop you from a little bliss along the way.

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