Encounter in Secret

**Author’s Note**
This is the fourth installment in the “Encounter” series, and a bit of background is perhaps useful. Jacquelyn Shivers and Todd Alverson are sales managers for a high-tech firm; Julia Tammar is a freelance “white-hat” hacker and systems analyst. After a trap is set by Julia to determine if a recent leak from a high-level research institution is the work of Todd, the three met in El Paso to discuss options. For a better overview, I suggest you read the previous stories, all containing the word “Encounter” in their name.

Comments are welcome on any of these stories, as is criticism, if it is well-written and provides evidence of original thought. Flames will be deleted without a second look.
**End note**

The beams of the car that carried Julia Tammar northward along I-25 to Albuquerque cut through darkness only to show the bleakness of rural New Mexico. Between the two largest cities in the Land of Enchantment lay practically nothing, a handful of scattered settlements and little else. A few lights twinkled here and there in the gloom and the stars shone brightly upon the desert landscape. Only the sound of the tires humming along the road and the myriad noises of the creatures of the desert night broke the silence.
Behind the wheel, Julia drove mechanically, with the faintest of smiles playing around her lips. Her agile mind was again treasuring the image which had so recently flared before her: the fields of gold and her only real friend in the middle of them. That it was the image solely of her own mind, Julia did not doubt for a moment, but that made it none the less special. Even the starfield that lighted the hills around her could not erase the memory of gold.
Cresting the hill, Julia blinked as the lights of Albuquerque spread out before her. Farther on, visible only a distant glow against the horizon, the lights of Santa Fe also shone, but the crossroads city of Albuquerque was Julia’s destination. The first hour of the morning had just come and some of the less progressive of bars were now tolling the bell for last call and shepherding inebriated clients into friends’ cars and taxis. Julia’s vehicle was lost amidst the commotion as she drove to the heart of the old town.
She registered under an assumed name, providing only the barest minimum of identification (forged) and paying in cash for two nights at the Caledonian. Once easily among the grandest of the old hostels, the Caledonian had in recent years come down in the world, losing its prestige to the four- and five-star resort hotels which now graced downtown Albuquerque. But it was a pleasant inn nevertheless, with warm hospitality, clean rooms and a quiet air of efficiency and welcome. Julia, knowing the city well from childhood visits to the area, had always enjoyed the elder charm of the Caledonian and much preferred it to the louder and more pompous resorts available only a few blacks away.
The Caledonian has modernized somewhat, installing broadband service in many rooms and providing otherwise for the business traveler. The young clerk had sized up Julia with a sapient eye, noted laptop and general air of professionalism and had promptly assigned her to a beautiful room overlooking the lagoon-style pool. Julia had immediately set up her laptop, logged onto the Internet using one of her many faceless accounts and had promptly started in retrieving biographical information on the IT director of the facility she meant to return to when it opened.
But her attention wandered, as it was wont to do, and she began to push a little at the security restrictions in place on the broadband service line. They proved to be token at best, and soon the accomplished hacker had the full camera feed from the hotel visible upon her monitor, and much of the hotel’s operating data available for review. Although she was no thief, the very access of otherwise restricted information excited her as might a powerful aphrodisiac. It was for this clandestine assault that she lived. Computers were honest, at least, she reflected. Once you asked them nicely and in just the right way, they were willing to show you everything, unlike humans who showed you only what you thought you should see…
She was about to close her viewing window on the cameras, since little was happening, when a flicker of movement caught her eye. Two people entered the pickup range of camera four, mounted, Julia confirmed with a glance at the security layout, in the poolside equipment room. The camera was apparently well-concealed, as the two seemed to have no realization that it existed. With a quickly-keyed command, Julia stopped the recording mechanism for the camera in question.
The angle of the camera foreshortened both individuals, but both appeared well-formed and attractive. The zoom and focus of the camera allowed for easy identification of the girl as the young clerk who had checked Julia in. The man, older by some years than the girl, was unfamiliar. Julia activated a capture utility to save the video to her laptop for later review.
The girl, Julia had placed her at around eighteen or nineteen, had wrapped her arms around the man and was devouring his mouth greedily as he molded and shaped the firmness of the girl’s buttocks. At the sight, Julia felt her own self getting moist, and a small whimper of longing escaped her like a mew. Then the man slowly started to raise the long skirt of the girl, who broke the kiss and, chest heaving, leaned back against a counter where various items had been stacked to allow her lover to better access her. The skirt was unzipped and thrown aside, baring the naked flesh of the teen to the gaze of the man and the camera’s impersonal eye. Julia caught her breath at the audacity of the girl, for there were no panties in sight and the lights of the room glistened on her wet shaven slit.
The man’s head blocked out the view of the girl’s pussy at that moment, as she drew his head downward onto her eagerly waiting mound, and Julia felt a shiver of pure pleasure lance through her as though the tongue of the man was now dancing upon her swollen clitoris. The girl’s head was thrown back and her mouth was open in rapture, as the talented mouth brought her up and over the edge of orgasm. Then, as the flood of passion ebbed, the man pushed her up against the wall and took her with a single smooth stroke.
Julia’s hand plunged into her own open hole fingering herself desperately. She mauled her own clitoris, trying to create the feeling of the pounding that the teen on the monitor was experiencing. It was obvious to the voyeur that the girl would have been screaming her pleasure into the night had she been anywhere else. As it was, she had a roll of her shirt stuffed into her mouth to muffle the sounds of her moans as her body took the sweet assault until it could take no more, and the man’s back stiffened and shook with the force of his orgasm, as he pumped his seed into the teen’s battered yet eager body…

Julia waited for nearly twenty minutes until the clerk arrived in view of the front desk camera again, dressed, brushed and demure once more. Then, sliding into a track suit, she went down to the front desk, smiled at the teen and asked her how she found the night shift to be…

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    I enjoy your stories. They are written is a very goo third-person perspective, and beautifully detailed. Please write more.

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