It’s a noisy bar with people milling about, and you were with someone. I was watching you as I sat alone sipping my Scotch, and I could see that you and your date were having problems. Now apparently he has left, and you are stranded. You glance around. Our eyes meet.

God, you are beautiful! Red hair, pretty features, and oh those tits! Your backside is lovely, too. I admired the way it moved in your trim little dress when you were dancing.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not some creep that just hangs around and ogles women, but you really activated my interest. Now my heart goes out to you because you appear to have been left high and dry by the cocky bastard you were with. His attitude reeked of arrogance as he appeared to be lecturing you just before he left. Now you are sitting by yourself at the bar and just looking around, wondering perhaps what you are going to do next.

Our eyes meet again, and this time our gaze locks. But I don’t get an invitation from your eyes. In other words, you are not trying to pick me up. However, you do seem a little interested. As for me, I am HOT for you.

The stool next to yours becomes vacant, and I quickly move over to sit there. I am a direct sort of guy. No bullshit. Because I am direct, sometimes I get rebuffed quite directly, but I prefer to run that risk rather than to deal in stupid pickup lines. They don’t work anyway. Either a girl likes you or she doesn’t. Snap decision. It doesn’t matter much what you say.

So I say, “I couldn’t help noticing that you were with someone and now he seems to have left you here. If there is anything I can do…”

“Oh God, yes!” The words tumble out of you. “I have no car and not enough money for cab fare. Jesus, I don’t know how I got in this spot.”

“I’ll drive you wherever you want to go,” I say.

Suspicion enters your blue eyes as you look me over. I’m quite a bit older than you, but a respectable looking fellow if I say so myself. Even sexy, or so I have been told. I’m tall, kind of rangy, a take-charge sort of guy.

“I’ve never let myself get picked up in a bar,” you say.

“Well, there’s always a first time,” I reply with a grin.

“Really, I only want a ride home.”

“Then that’s what it will be. Come on.”

I drop some bills on the bar and we leave together. I can tell you are a little afraid of me, but you are in a jam and I guess I am taking advantage of that. All I hope to get out of the evening is your phone number, however.

We get into my car, and you give me some directions. It’s going to be about a ten minute drive. We chat. You are Erin, I am Chris. We are both single. You are a sometimes model and a full-time office girl. I am whatever I can do at the moment, currently an investigator for a law firm.

You relax quite a bit. You smile and say, “I was feeling kind of reckless this evening and enjoying myself until everything went south with Jonathan. That’s the guy you saw me with.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“He told me about this scheme he had, and he needed money. He knew I had some set aside. He asked for it. Shit, what was I supposed to do, hand it over? That’s my fucking education fund. Sorry about the language. Anyway, the evening was short, and I told him he ought to be ashamed of himself for trying to get money from a woman, and he thought I was questioning his manhood, I guess. Well, maybe I was. Anyway, he dropped me flat, and a happy evening turned into a total waste.”

“It doesn’t have to.”

You look at me quickly and I see a new sparkle in your eyes. You ARE in a reckless mood, I can tell. Losing Jonathan has added to it. Call me a prick if you want to (I don’t think I am) but I couldn’t help moving in. Hell, I will admit that I’m no saint. But somehow I get the notion that you don’t want a saint anyway. Am I wrong?

I reach over and take your hand. Electric current flows between us, and we look in each other’s eyes quickly. I know right then and there that you are mine and I am yours. All we have to do is follow the script that fate has written for us.

“Want to come to my place?” I ask boldly. “We can salvage the evening. Guaranteed.”

“Let’s go,” you reply.

I take a quick turn and put the pedal down.

We writhe on my king-sized bed, you in just panties and me in my boxers. Your luscious tits are bobbing about, and I pounce on them. God, I love them! They are so great to play with. Your nipples are big and firm, and I suck on them, tugging them way out and letting them snap back, then seizing and sucking on them some more. My hand is between your legs, rubbing the sleek panty fabric that covers your warm, soft cunt. Moisture seeps though, dampening my fingers.

We kiss, and our tongues play like furtive little animals, darting and writhing. I pinch your titties and roll them. I pluck at your nipples. Your hand is in my shorts, your fingers measuring the size of my rod. You pull it out and it sticks up tall.

“Let me see…let me see…” you pant, pulling away from my mouth so that you can look at what you are holding. “You’re big,” you whisper, and your voice has become husky.

Your encircling hand slowly pumps up and down on my cock, making it even harder and causing it to throb pleasurably. Each time your grip pushes down to its base, the knob seems to swell even more. A drop of clear fluid appears at its opening. That’s natural lubricant to facilitate the merging of our organs when the time is right. But it isn’t right yet. We have lots to do first, if I have anything to say about it.

I am thrilled when you swipe the tip of your finger over my slit and carry it to your mouth. Our eyes commune as you suck my juice from your finger. Then I grip your hand and take that finger to my own mouth so that I also may suck it.

Our lips merge again and we lie on our sides, my hands gliding down your back to roll and fondle your lovely buttocks in those light and clingy underpants you’re wearing. I have to get into them…NOW!

I bring a hand around to your front, work it between your warm, satiny thighs and pry a panty elastic away from your snatch. I tickle your slit with a fingertip, enjoying the tiny little hairs that I feel on your puffy flesh. I am glad that you are not shaved. But I am glad also that you do not have a jungle down there.

Your slit is already quite moist, and I have no trouble working my stiff middle finger between the folds and into your secret passage. I glide my finger all the way into you, and I look you in the eyes as I begin to stroke my finger in and out, in and out of your slippery little cooch. You writhe and moan softly. You tilt your head back and wiggle it around, your eyes closed, your pink lips parted. Your lower body is writhing also, grinding around my impudent probing of your pussy.

I add a second finger to the enjoyable task, and your passage easily widens to accept it. I stroke both fingers in and out, in and out of your warm, wet and wiggly little cunt. “Damn…ooh, damn…” you murmur, your eyes still closed.

I add a third finger. Now I am stretching your elastic passage, and you pant harder. You are really feeling it now, and I decide that I could make you cum with my fingers alone. But I do not want to do that. I pull my fingers out of you and hunker down between your sweet thighs.

But before I begin kissing you down there, or even remove your panties, I must suck the fingers that I have been stroking in and out of your sweet pussy. I put two of them in my mouth and suck them as I look at your pretty face. You are watching me, perhaps wondering why I am reserving the third finger that I was using to diddle you. Then you find out when I take that finger to your lips, slip it into your mouth, and watch your eyes close as you thrill to the taste of your pussy on my hand.

I pull off your panties and give them a
toss. They land on a little statue which I have on a bedside stand, and your panties just dangle there. That’s cute. But I am interested in some
thing much, much cuter as I spread your legs wide apart and gaze at the beauty of your adorable little blond-fuzzed twat. (Yes, blond. You tell me that you just became a redhead for a lark, but you are naturally a golden girl.)

I growl as I lower my face into your crotch, and I commence to lick your honey bun all over, up and down, just on top, not even trying yet to part your pussylips and dip my tongue inside. I boost you higher and spread you wider to flick my tongue against your asshole. It is good!

You gasp and start saying “Ooh…ooh…ooh” as I lick that little area quite thoroughly. You writhe and give a bump, making me skid off-target. No matter. I will get back to it.

For now, I want to explore your pussy. My thumbs open you like a ripe peach, sweet Erin, and I take one long caressing slurp with my tongue, stroking your intimate membranes from the bottom edge of your happy hole up across it, on your pisser, then to your clit which is sticking out to eagerly accept my oral caress.

“Oooh, yeeeaaah…!” I growl, loving the taste and the hot female scent of you, and wishing I could spend the rest of my life where I am right now, licking and sucking at your sweet and wonderful cunt!

I nibble at your clitty. I probe your hungry little hole. I slather my fat, wet tongue up and down, up and down, your trough of wiggly, slippery flesh. You cum while I am doing this, your silken thighs scissoring against my ears and clutching me. I keep licking you, Erin, because I want you to have many orgasms tonight.

I roll you over and begin licking your beautiful bottom.

“Oh…oh…oh!” you start saying again, and you bob your bottom against my face.

I spread your rear cheeks and lick between them. I fasten my mouth to the crinkly little aperture I find there and kiss it wetly, tickling the sensitive slit with my tongue. You whoop and slam your ass against my face, wiggling it. I think you are out of control and cumming again most likely. That’s good.

I take a finger, soak it in my mouth, then place it against your anus.

“Oooh, yessss!” I hear you saying, as if from far away. “Doooo it!”

I work my stiff middle finger into your ass and circle it in the opening, You moan with pleasure as I gradually deepen my possession of your forbidden little place. I stroke that finger in and out, in and out…

“Ooh, you…dirty fucker!” you pant in exquisite pleasure as I stroke my stiff middle finger in and out of your ass, giving you all three knuckles, which means that I am burying my finger completely in your hot, tight little asshole, Erin.

Now I have to make a decision. I want to fuck you up the ass, and I know you want me to do it. But I also want to fuck your pussy. And it would be wonderful if you would take my cock into your mouth. So what to do first? That is the question.

I will leave it up to you, Erin. Your turn, you hot and naughty girl…………

Erin writes:

“Shove that fucking cock in my ass now!” I scream.

I hear your groan of approval and I feel you mount up behind me. I feel you spreading my ass cheeks apart, and you slowly slide the tip of your mighty cock into my ass.

“Ohhh, yeahhh!” I hear you moan.

“More, more, more,” I say.

With that, you shove all lovely nine inches into my ass. You hear me hiss under my breath, “Fuck yeah, that feels soooo fucking good.”

You slowly start to thrust in and out, in and out. I can’t help but match your pace.

“Mmmmm…ohhh, yeahhhhh!” I can’t stop moaning.

You grab my hips and start pounding the fuck out of my tight little asshole.

“Sweet Jesus, you feel so fucking great, Erin,” I hear you grunt out.

“You like my tasty ass, don’t you Chris?” you say in return.

Just as you are about to answer, you feel me tense up and I shout, “FUCK, Chris, I’m CUMMING!!!!!”

You pull out and flip me onto my back so fast, I don’t even think I blinked. Next thing I know, you are lapping up all my sweet nectar and doing those little animal noises that I love so much.

I grab your hair and thrust my cunt more forcefully against your face. “Fuck, you can suck a mean pussy, Chris!” I exclaim.

“I can do more then just suck it, baby,” you declare, and I guess it was all the encouragement you needed because you grab my knees and thrust them to my chest. You looked at me with a twinkle in your eyes and ask, “Are you ready for this?”

“Oh fuck yes!” I cry. “Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

BOOM, you shove all of your fat cock into my sweet pussy.

“OHHHH!” is all I can say. My breathing is staggered from your frantic fucking.

“I love how your tits move when I’m fucking you, baby,”you growl, and you grab both my nipples and start pinching them. I know this turns you on even more, so I take the left nipple and put it in my mouth, then do it with the right one.

“Fuck yeah, Erin!” you exclaim. “I’m going to cum.”

“Let me milk it out of you with my mouth,” I request.

You slide out of my soaking wet snatch, and as soon as I get up on my knees I gobble down your cock. Not wasting any time, I take the whole length of you down my throat.

“Ohhh, Goddddd!” You are moving my hair so you can get a better look when I flash my baby blues up at you. “God, you suck good cock, baby!”

I tighten my suction in approval. I feel your balls and know you are about to come. I take you all the way down again and hear you say, “Here it comes, baby!”

Just then, my throat and mouth are full of your warm cum. I swallow it down, not missing a single drop. Once your cock is nice and clean, I sit up and smile at you. You lean over and start to kiss me……….

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