Erin Gets It Good

Come here, Erin. Come to your C-Man.

You know what the C stands for, don’t you? It’s that naughty four-letter word that women aren’t supposed to like, which names the most desirable portion of the female body in the most basic old-fashioned way. I figure if it was good enough for the Anglo-Saxons of ancient times, it is good enough for you and me, right?

The word, of course, is cunt. I call myself Cunt Man because I love that delightful female feature and I know how to treat it, if I do say so myself. I see you nodding your head, baby. So come here, sweet thing, and let me wrap my arms around you. Let me run my hands up and down your back, from your shoulders to your beautiful bottom, and then let me grab hold of those fine ass-cheeks of yours that are so round and pliant and so nice to squeeze. I love to rub and roll them through the thin skirt you are wearing and the even-thinner pants you have underneath. Baby, that feels so great!

I guess you could call me Ass Man, if you wanted to. But just wait. Fondling and squeezing and patting your sweet ass, baby, is just by way of getting to what I REALLY want. Still, right now you can tell that I appreciate your fanny because my appreciation is poking you from inside my loose trousers and boxer shorts. That’s it, baby–grind your belly against me. Mmm! That feels so fucking good!

Fucking is just what I want to do right now. I want to fuck YOU, Erin! But first I want to do other things because I am C-Man and must give your delightful little cunt all the special attention that it deserves. Don’t giggle. This is serious business.

Now I am kneeling here on the rug and lifting your skirt by running my hands up underneath it on the outside of your legs. Your skirt is bunched on my arms, and my strong hands are wrapping themselves around your plump buttocks in those skimpy panties you are wearing. Man, I like the feel of that! Hold your skirt up around your waist, honey, so that it won’t be in my way while I play with your cheeky bottom. That’s right.

Do you like it, baby, when I hold your ass in my hands, with only your flimsy little briefs between my fingers and your skin? Do you like me to squeeze your ass-cheeks and wiggle them up and down, rubbing them together? How about when I snuggle my hands in the creases underneath those fine buttocks and lift a little, then kind of bounce your buttocks on my palms? Does that give you a sexy, tickly feeling? I hope so.

Now I am stretching the top elastic of your panties down at the back and denuding your butt-cheeks so that I can insert my fingertips into the groove of your ass. How does that feel? Is your little rear opening all tense and tingly? Let me touch it with the tip of my middle finger. Hey, don’t jump like that. I didn’t actually goose you. But you thought I was going to, didn’t you? Your dainty little asshole is kind of crinkly and rough.. Is my middle finger tickling it good, baby?

Spank! Surprised you, didn’t I? How did you like that slap right across your bouncy buttocks? It not only made them bounce, but they quivered all over, too. How about another one? Spank! And two more, one on the full curve of each butt-cheek. Spank! Spank!

I think you like it, baby, because you are grabbing my head and forcing me against your front, my mouth pressing your panties where the smooth, sleek fabric clings to your lower belly, and I am kissing you through the silky cloth. You are grinding your tummy against my face. Christ, my cock is throbbing! I want you, Erin! I want to drive my nine inches all the way into you and fuck you until you can’t see straight!

But not yet. Oh, no. Not quite yet, baby. They don’t call me Cunt Man for nothing! Cock one leg on my shoulder, baby, and open yourself to me. Lean back against the wall a little. Yeah, that’s it. My face is in your crotch now, right on the narrow strip of panty that passes between your legs, and I am licking you on your panty crotch. I can taste your excitement, Erin, and sniff it, too. So good!

Let me pull your panty crotch aside and lick you right on your delectable pussy. My wet tongue strokes up and down your smooth and wiggly little cunt-lips, gradually sinking into that tasty pudding of flesh. Now as you moan and lean back farther, and spread yourself lasciviously for my pleasure, I pump my fat tongue in and out of your hot little fuck-hole, baby. Do you like that? I think you do because you are moaning and squirming and grinding your moist pussy against my mouth. Yummm!

Shit, I’ve got to get you down on the fucking bed, baby, and I’ve got to get my goddamned clothes off so we can play as nature intended. Go ahead and get rid of your blouse and skirt while I toss my t-shirt and pants on the floor. There go my boxers, too, setting my rigid poon-tanger free, and it bobs up and down, trailing a thin strand of glistening pre-cum from its tip. See how eager I am for you?

Let me kick my shoes off, baby, but I will leave my fucking socks on. And please leave on your panties, hm? I like to look at you in nothing but that skimpy little garment, Erin, and then I will slip it off of you myself.

What an erotic picture you are, baby-doll, lying there on your back with your big boobies wobbling to and fro, your nipples sticking up hard…and those cute panties clinging to your pleasure zone. I kneel between your legs now and lick you some more on your panty crotch. I roll you over and lick the seat of your panties, too. I nibble the bare lower portions of your buttocks that have escaped from the elastics of your pants. And yes, dammit, I bite you there! Ha-ha! How do you like that?

Now let me take a whack at you, right on your pert panty-seat, Erin. Spank! Christ, I like how your ass-cheeks wobble in those silk panties, baby! Yeah!

Hey, what are you turning over for? And why are you sitting up? You are grabbing my rod that is sticking out toward you, tilted upward. What are you going to do with it, Erin? Ooh SHIT, baby! Yeah! Oh, Christ! Shit, I love it! Oh, SUCK that cock, baby! Suck my fucking cock! God, your mouth is so fucking hot, and your tongue is a velvet delight.

You are taking more and more of me with every lunge, your encircling lips a tight, rubbery band that is slick with your saliva, stroking my stalk to perfection. I feel myself surge deep into your mouth and into your throat, baby, but you do not gag. You open up for me. Damn, Erin, you are some fantastic sword-swallower!

My balls are swinging against your chin as my thick prick pulsates in your hot mouth and throat, loving the action of your tongue and the drawing power of your sweet lips around my shaft. Oh, Jesus, you are going to have to stop or I will shoot right now, splashing my cum down your throat, and then we will have to hold off for a little while, and I do not want to do that. So let me pull my dick out of your wet mouth, baby. Come on–I know you love it, but let it go for now. I have other things in store for you. I am C-Man, don’t forget.

Anyway, you will get more cock in your mouth later because I am going to finish that way tonight, Erin. That is, if you will let me. But first let me back up and pull those panties off you. There! Watch me sail them across the room. I guess you liked that because you are laughing. I like a girl who laughs while she makes love. But not all the time. I like her to be serious, too.
Like now, while I am about to eat her sweet pussy.

Darling Erin, I sure like the taste of your cunt! And that comes from C-Man, who knows what he’s talking about. Let me dig into your succulent feast of wet, warm flesh. I want to slurp and suck up your flowing nectar while I hold your legs wide apart with your knees up and my hands underneath them so that your lower legs kind of dangle. Let me lick your entire crotch up and down, tasting your asshole and the le
ngth of your slit which your excitement has flared open for me. I flick my tongue a
gainst your throbbing clit, nibble at the lips of your pussy and tug at them with my teeth, then let them snap back.

While you writhe excitedly against me, I screw my fat tongue into your hot hole, slurping up more of your honey. I flap my tongue against your clit and seize that nubbin in my mouth for a long hard suck. Suddenly you gasp, then moan and bump your cunt against my face, smearing your soft wetness all over my mouth and nose and chin as you let out a wild cry and vibrate in completion. Christ, I am drowning in your love juice, baby!

C-Man doesn’t just eat it, but he fucks it as well, so now I rise to my knees and move snugly into your wide-open crotch. That’s it, keep your legs up for me and spread ‘em wide apart. I grip my ramrod cock and rub the bulging head of it up and down your pussy lips, wiggling it to widen the way to your inner cunt. There, I’ve got it! The fat head of my pussy-pleaser has popped inside you, and now all I have to do is THRUST.

Inch by fucking inch, I slowly plunge my trusty tool deep into your hotly clasping hole until you have it all. As I prop myself on my arms, looking down at your pretty face, your eyes are wide and your mouth is open, and you are holding your breath. You are thoroughly plugged, my little darling. You are chock-ful of cock!

I begin to fuck you, Erin, withdrawing almost all the way, then driving my dick deeply into you again. Out. In. Stroke. Stroke. I am setting up a slow, steady rhythm but with force behind it and a sexy snap of my hips each time I sink deep inside you. As my shaft gets thoroughly lubricated, and your encircling muscles adjust themselves to my thickness, you begin to fuck vigorously upward, reaching for my invading lunges, our bodies slamming lustfully together.

You say, “Oooh, yessss! Shit! Ooh, wow, I LOVE it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me all night lonnnng!”

I fuck you down and up, in and out, the wide ridge of my cock rippling your delicate pussy-flesh. I sink my dick deep inside you with every thrust, my big balls tumbling into your crotch. I shake your titties with the force of my plunges, bouncing those big soft mounds. I watch you twist one of your own nipples, so I clamp my thumb and finger onto the other one and twist it. I let it go and drop my mouth around your tit, sucking sloppily, my saliva drooling over your bouncing boob, because I am fucking you all the time, in and out, in and out, not once pausing, I am really giving it to you, Erin, my belly slapping against yours as my cock spreads pleasure all along the nerve-ends of your pussy.

You require only a bit of extra attention on your sensitive clit, and I give it to you with the same thumb and forefinger that just twisted your titty. I roll your tingling clit and pluck it and pinch it, and you yell with delight as I keep fucking you, Erin. I am fucking your brains out, baby, rattling the bed as I bounce you on the mattress, even bumping the top of your head against the board.

You yell, and I can feel you tighten around me. Your cunt milks at my piston prick, seeming to suck it like a mouth. “Yesss…yesss…yesss!” you hiss, bumping and squirming against me. I screw you fast and hard, and you cum like a fucking freight train.

I manage to control myself until your climax has tapered off, and then I pull out of your wet hole with a sucking pop and scramble forward, offering my lovemaker to your willing lips. You fasten your sweet mouth around my bulging knob that is wet with the juice of your climax, and your eyes close as you suck me hard. My boner jerks. I growl like a wild animal in the jungle. My cock erupts, and a gush of warm, thick cum rolls over your tongue and down your throat, sweetheart. I feel you gulp convulsively around me.

I pull my dick out of your mouth for just a moment, baby, so I can see as well as feel what I am doing. With guys, seeing is very important, and I know you won’t mind if I discharge one stream of cum on the outside of your lips and down your chin. Then I insert my blissfully throbbing dick into your hot mouth once again and let you resume sucking it as I release more spurts of warm, thick love-honey over the back of your tongue and down your gulping throat.

Finally you ease back against the bed and I withdraw from your oral embrace, trailing a bit of cum. You catch the strand on your finger and take it to your lips. You lick my cock all over and lick the residue off your lips, as well. You finish by swiping at your chin with a finger which you then suck as your blue eyes look deeply into mine.

How wonderful that was, Erin!

I snuggle down next to you, take you in my arms, and we kiss deeply. I caress you all over. I lick your nipples. And I revisit the area between your legs to lick and suck and love you some more. You are my girl, Erin, my fuck-bunny. And I am your C-Man. Always.

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