Evan's Life: Evans Move 2

Getting through Houston was a real headache. Traffic was heavy, and the drivers seemed to have no manners whatsoever. To top it all off, Brittney had just finished giving him a long, slow blowjob that she had started when they had entered Texas.

Evan found his exit. He turned off, then pulled into the first gas station near the exit.

“Brittney, hand me that set of directions in the glove box, please?” Evan asked.

“Sure thing, lover,” she said sexily.

Evan mentally shook his head. Four days ago he had picked up this woman at a gas station in Virginia. Her ex-boyfriend had battered her, and she had no way to get home to Houston. Since that first night, when Brittney fell in love with him, she had been sucking his cock much of the day, and fucking him at night until he fell asleep or, more accurately, passed out. They had not talked that much about themselves, only those parts that concerned their lovemaking. Now that the driving portion of his move was all but over, he found himself anxious to learn more of her life and likes, and to have her in a bed that was his. To him, their lovemaking throughout the trip felt a little like one hell of a long One Night Stand, what with all the motels they had stopped at.

Brittney found the directions and handed them to Evan. He scanned them, verifying he had gotten off at the right exit. He memorized the rest of the it, got his bearings, and gave them back to Brittney, asking her to put them away. With a final check of his memory, he pulled out of the station and headed west.

It took about 20 minutes to drive to the subdivision that his house was in. The trip through the streets of it was a little twisty, and Evan had to backtrack twice before he pulled in to the driveway of his new home. The house was a two-story affair with a three-car garage. The house siding was cedar wood shingles, with real working shutters at all the windows.

The front door was grand. A fleur-de-lis pattern was carved in the two doors, and olde-style brass knockers graced the center of each. The handle was a lever type, Titanium plated. All in all, Evan was impressed. Brittney, slowly massaging his chest while standing behind him, also admired the workmanship.

There was a package attached to the door handle, addressed to Evan. He took it off, and opened it. In it, there were two sets of keys, and a note from his company, welcoming him to Houston, and that he had two weeks to set his things in order before reporting to the field office. Brittney looked over his shoulder and noted the company name. She grunted softly, sounding like she was satisfied with something. Evan stored that for future inquiry.

“Well, let’s see how it looks inside,” Evan said as he turned the key in the lock.

The door opened into a cloakroom, with an archway directly across from the front door. When Evan passed through that he was in the living room, and his jaw dropped. It was a sunken living room, with a curved white couch unit, lots of deep pile throw rugs, and all accoutrements were in an executive black-and-gold motif. There was a huge entertainment and multimedia center set in the far wall. Still stunned, Evan moved through the entire downstairs, checking out each room. By the time he finished, he was speechless.

“This is a great house!” Brittney said, sounding cheerful.

Evan found his voice. “There has to be some mistake,” he said. “This is a house for an executive, or a manager, or something. I’m just a site supervisor! I better call.”

Evan took out the letter and found the office number. There were phones in each room (even the bathroom and pantry!), and Evan used the one in the kitchen.

“Hello, M&G Petroleum, Angela speaking,” came the voice on the phone.

“Uh, hi,” Evan said. “This is Evan Bertram, from Gracy Oil, in New Jersey. I just got into town, and I was wondering if you put me in the right house.”

“Bertram? Let me check.” There was a short pause. “Mr. Bertram? Our records show that the house at 42368 Holland Circle was purchased and assigned to you on the finance option of your contract. Is this the house you are at now?”

“Yes it is.”

“Then there is no mistake. That is your house. In fact, there is a note from the executive board chairman stating that we were to get you this house, and that you are to report in two weeks for your new assignment.

“New assignment? What new assignment? I’m to supervise the crews of two new drill sites here.”

“Not any more, Mr. Bertram. You have been promoted.”

Evan gulped. “Promoted?”

“That is correct, Mr. Bertram. I was instructed to tell you this when you called. Also, there is a small clothing allowance on its way to you, and should arrive in a day or two. You are to purchase two suits and a tuxedo, and to update your working wardrobe.”

Evan sat down hard. “Um, anything else?”

“No sir. That is all for now. You will receive your full briefing in two weeks. Thank you for calling, and welcome to Houston.” She hung up.

Evan hung the phone up. He still could not believe his sheer dumb luck!

Brittney, who had been sitting silently through all this, finally spoke. “Well, is this your house?”

“It appears so,” Evan said absently.

“Thought so,” she said. Let’s take a look at the upstairs.”

Evan got up and followed a skipping Brittney up the stairs.

The second floor was just as opulent as the downstairs. There were at least 10 doors down the long hallway, with an eleventh at the far end. The lighting was recessed in the ceiling, and the center carpet, brocaded with fine gold tasselling, spanned the entire hall.

Evan was overwhelmed. “What the hell do I need with all this room?” Evan said. Not even the home he grew up in was this big!

“I imagine that you will be expected to entertain,” Brittney said. “The extra bedrooms are for overnight guests, probably.”

Evan looked at Brittney. She had an innocent look on her face. That was not like her.

“Brittney, what’s going on?”

“Come on. Let’s see the master bedroom.”

Brittney started running down the hall, laughing. Evan’s suspicions rose as he followed at a slower pace. He knew his tastes, and this was something only in his wildest dreams. Brittney was acting like she expected this. Well, maybe it was because she was an oil heiress, and expected this kind of poshness, he thought. Then again…

When Evan entered the master bedroom at the end of the hall, he found Brittney on her back on the canopy bed, stretching like a contented cat. He shut the door behind him and folded his arms across his chest. A sneaking suspicion occurred to him, and he needed to check it out.

‘Brittney, shouldn’t you call your father, and let him know where you are?” Evan said carefully.

Brittney sat up, playing at the top button of the shirt she wore. “He already knows.”

Ok, one suspicion verified. Evan went on. “When did you call him?”

“Four days ago,” she said. “That first night we were together, while you were sleeping.”

“Uh huh. What did you tell him?”

“I told him what the prick of an ex-boyfriend had done to me, and that I had met you and were bringing me home.”

“What else?”

“Nothing really. I told him your name, and that your business moved to Houston, and that is how I was getting home. He asked me your name and who you worked for.”

“How did you know who I worked for? I hadn’t told you that yet.”

“I didn’t and I told him so. He told me to hang on. When he came back, he told me that you were a trustworthy sort, and that I was lucky to have met you, and that he wants to meet you once we got into town.”

Another suspicion verified. “Did you speak with him again?”

“Two days ago. You know I did. You were with me when I made the call.”<
br />
“I didn’t stay the whole conversation, you know that. Now what did you two talk about?”

“Evan, what’s this about?”

“I feel like I’m being gilded. I don’t like being taken for a ride
, or getting things by fiat. Now what did you two talk about?”

Brittney fidgeted uncomfortably. “Well, he told me you worked for him now, and I told him you told me something similar that day. He said I could not have been luckier than in finding you when I did. He told me that it was imperative that you two meet as soon as possible. He told me that he contacted the finance officer and told him to purchase all the necessities to make your home as nice as possible.”

“I thought so.” Evan was not in a good mood.

“Evan, what’s wrong?” Brittney asked.

“Everything!” Evan exploded. “First, this house is more than I really dreamed of, and you were acting so weird as if you EXPECTED this, and I find out that I was promoted, when nothing from my other office even hinted at that, and now I find out that your FATHER is involved with this…”

“Now you hold one damn minute there, Evan Bertram,” Brittney said, a little nettled. “My father did this because he has a respect for you. That’s all! The promotion you got ON YOUR OWN! He had nothing to do with that; He wouldn’t do that anyway. He believes people should make their own way. He’s not above giving to the poor, or a worthy cause, but you are neither. You’ve EARNED all this, you dolt! He just helped it along!”

Evan was taken aback. He had not expected this, or this tirade. He felt like a heel, but concluded that he had a right to ask. He let this sink in, helping to cool him down.

He looked at Brittney. She was on her feet, and the blue of her eyes were on fire. The bruise around her one eye was yellowing, and she had a set look on her face. Her hands were in fists, and she stood in an aggressive stance. At that moment, Evan realized that he loved this woman. He still needed to get this out. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“He asked me not to,” she said. “He figured that you would figure it out on your own, which you did. He also told me that you would react exactly the way you did, and that if you didn’t, then you weren’t the person he thought you were and I was to get away from you. I just got pissed because you were on the way to blaming my father for getting you that promotion because of me. I had to stop you. That would have been a dig that would have hurt too much, because in time you would have blamed me, and,” she then smiled, “how would that go over with our new relationship?”

“Not too well, I expect,” Evan chuckled, realizing that Brittney got him out of his anger.

“And you know what else?” Brittney asked silkily.

Evan looked up.

“Your angered proved your steadfastness to me. It showed me that you value your word. That makes me so happy, because now I know that everything you have said to me is the truth and from your heart.” Brittney quickly unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her pert tits. “You have earned me, Evan Bertram, and now I want you to collect your earnings.”

Evan dropped his arms and walked to her. Brittney kept her arms apart, and started breathing heavier the closer he got. He walked into her, putting his arms around her. She threw her arms around him and pulled him in for a sloppy, wet, erotic kiss. Their tongues danced with each other as they ground their bodies together in the flush of a love that was tested and found strong.

Evan broke the kiss and picked Brittney up, walking over to the bed. He laid her down gently, kissing her neck, Brittney giggled, holding him and tousling his long hair.

Suddenly, Brittney broke the hold. “Keep your motor running, stud,” she said as she pushed some hair from her face. “Let me get ready. I have a special surprise for you.”

Brittney got up from the bed, shedding the shirt. Her back looked as good as her front, Evan thought. She closed the bedroom door behind her. Evan lay back, looking at the canopy above him. How did he deserve all this, he wondered to himself.

He let his thoughts drift him to the previous three days, and savored every touch, every kiss, every suck and fuck they shared during that time. He centered himself on the first time, feeling the heat he had at that time for the tall, sexy vixen that was now his girlfriend. He savored the taste of her pussy, the feel of it around his cock, and the way she fucked him.

A sound in the hall roused him from his reverie. It was also dark out, so he deduced that he had fallen asleep. He had a hardon, so he concluded that he was dreaming about Brittney. The sound became louder, and it sounded like two people walking down the hall. Two? Who else was here? Evan quickly sat up to hide his erection.

The door opened. Brittney walked in first, then another woman that made Evan’s jaw drop. They were both naked.

“Evan, This is Roxanne, my bestest friend in the world,” Brittney said.

Evan looked at the two. Roxanne was an inch or two shorter than Brittney. She had extremely long black hair and almond colored eyes. She had painfully beautiful features. Her tits were large and sweetly slung. She had full round lips and hips, and a beautifully trimmed vee of pubic hair. Her long legs tapered nicely to her ankles, and she had the look of someone who exercised regularly. She had no fat on her.

“Isn’t he like I described him?” Brittney asked Roxanne.

“Perfectly,” Roxanne said, in a voice that exuded wanton sensuality.

“Evan?” Brittney said.

Evan snapped out of his reverie. “GULP!- Yes?”

You can close your mouth now, lover,” Brittney said, laughing. ” I invited Roxanne here to help me welcome you to Houston. I hope you don’t mind.”

Evan’s senses were reeling now. “Mind? Wh-Why would I mind? Not at all, as long as you’re ok with this…”

Of course I am, silly. That’s why I invited her.”

Oh, he is so lusciously naïve,” Roxanne said.

“He’s not naïve, I can assure you,” Brittney said.

“No, I guess he’s not, based on what you already told me…”

“You told her…about us?!” Evan interjected, flabbergasted.

“Of course!” Brittney said, a sly sexy, mischievous smile on her face. “Every juicy detail!”

Evan gulped as his hardon took an involuntary lurch.

“Let’s get ‘im!” Brittney yelled.

The two girls ran and bowled a thoroughly surprised Evan back onto the bed. Roxanne was ripping off his shirt as Brittney worked on his pants. Buttons flew everywhere, and Evan heard a rip. Roxanne was really tearing his shirt off! He was again surprised at her strength!

Brittney got the belt off and unzipped his fly. She then grabbed Evan’s jeans by the legs and ripped them off him. Evan was thankful he wore underwear today, or his dick might have been literally pulled out by the roots!

Roxanne was busy extricating portions of Evan’s shirt from under him. She kept him pinned in place by locking one of his arms between her knees. Brittney had gone over to the nightstand and retrieved a pair of scissors and was humming as she cut Evan’s underwear off.

In short order, Evan was as naked as the two women, pieces of their work strewn all over the bedroom. Roxanne released his arm and then straddled his chest, facing him. Evan could smell her excitement emanating from her plump, blood-engorged pussy.

“I want to know if you are as good at eating pussy as Brit claims,” Roxanne said huskily, grinding her snatch into his chest.

Without a word, Evan reached under Roxanne and grabbed her ass, pulling her forward. Roxanne slid forward, lifting slightly. He snaked his tongue out, taking one long lick of her cunt, dragging his tongue across her clit all the while.

“Ooh, that’s good!” Roxanne said shakily.

Brittney was playing with herself as she watched Evan start to tongue-fuck her best friend, remembering how it felt on her. She moved her three fingers in and out of her pussy, getting them completely soaked. Then she went to the head of the bed and wiped her fingers under Evan’s nose
and into Roxanne’s pussy hair.

“Here you go, stud,” Brittney said sexily. “Smell two women at once.”

Evan smelled Brittney’s aroma, as well as Roxanne’s, as
he continued to tongue fuck Roxanne. He looked up and saw her tits gently swaying to her body movements as she ground her pussy onto his mouth. He then shot a hand out and planted it in Brittney’s pussy, using his thumb to mash her clit.

“Ooh, Geez, lover, you really know how to turn a girl on!” Brittney said breathlessly as she tilted her head back and grabbed his arm for support.

Roxanne’s face was a mask of lust as Evan’s tongue did wonders to her pussy. Her eyes glazed over as he nibbled her clit, bringing her ever closer to an orgasm.

“Oh, God, Ev, I gotta taste your cock!” Roxanne stammered as he shoved his tongue into her again.

“G-Go ahead, Roxy,” Brittney stuttered. “I’ll keep him fed with pussy.”

Roxanne lifted off Evan’s mouth. Evan took a deep breath. As Roxanne shifted around, He reached up with his free hand and sunk it in Roxanne’s pussy, getting his fingers soaked. Roxanne shivered.

Brittney disengaged Evan’s hand from her pussy and straddled his face. Evan pulled his hand out of Roxanne and wiped the moisture all over Brittney’s pussy.

“I want to taste both of you at the same time this time,” Evan said. Brittney shivered.

Roxanne fell forward, then shifted around to Evan’s beautiful cock. To Roxanne, it was big, and her pussy tingled in anticipation of what it will do to her shortly. She reached out and fondled his balls, making him buck. She used her other hand to stoke his shaft as she brought her mouth closer to the head. She then placed her lips on it, using her tongue to tickle the piss hole. Then, in one shot, she swallowed the entire length of his dick, making him lurch. At the same time, Brittney planted her cunt on his mouth.

“Eat this, lover!” She yelled as she threw her head back.

Evan attacked Brittney’s pussy with renewed vigor. She was giving him a special gift, and he was going to make sure both women were completely satisfied.

Brittney yelped with each nibble. Roxanne sucked his cock with a vengeance. Evan started to shove his cock into her mouth with increasing force. Roxanne reached down and fucked her pussy furiously with her hand.

Evan felt himself losing control of his lust. He had his girlfriend’s cunt in his mouth, and her best friend was sucking his cock with a ferocity.

Brittney was the first to come. With a scream she ground her pussy into Evan’s mouth with each shuddering wave. Evan greedily drank in her pussy juice, savoring the flavor. Her grinding made him cut his lip on his teeth, but he didn’t care. He kept lapping, licking, and biting Brittney’s cunt until she came again.

Spent, Brittney rolled off and lay on her back next to Evan. Evan then reached down and grabbed Roxanne’s head, forcing her mouth on his cock. Roxanne accommodated him.

Something snapped in Evan. He had never felt this level of lust before, and he was swept away by it. He grabbed Roxanne’s mouth off his dick, then pulled her forward on to him. He then flipped her over so that she was under him. Roxanne immediately split her legs open and around him.

Evan scooted to the side of the bed and stood, with Roxanne’s legs still around him. “Get fucked, bitch!” He growled, then he forcefully shoved his cock into her wet and waiting cunt.

Roxanne screamed, a little painfully, at the onslaught. She then licked her lips as she felt the full length and width of Evan’s dick in her. She licked her lips and looked at him with wanton lust in her eyes. “Rip my cunt up, you stud!” She rasped. “Fuck me good!”

Evan banged his hips into her as he fucked her. The entire bed shook from the force. Roxanne’s head was banging against Brittany, who moved over a little and rolled to watch the fucking.

Evan was merciless. Roxanne’s pussy was very wet, and he slipped in and out easily, coating his cock with her juice. He held her arms for support. A low moan emanated from her, punctuated by each ferocious thrust.

Evan was not done. He stopped, then flipped her over, once again entering her, this time from behind. His hips slapped her ass with an audible sound. Their thighs got wet from all the juice from her pussy, and Evan fucked her even faster.

All of a sudden, he stopped. “Brittney, Get over here!” he growled. “Lay on your stomach next to her.”

Brittney complied, and lay on her stomach next to Roxanne. Then she felt Evan stick the head of his dick into her cunt, then ram it home. She cried out in surprise, then moaned as he fucked her hard.

Evan was a wild man. He fucked Brittney for a while, then switched to Roxanne, and fucked her just as hard. The women were helpless against this onslaught, so they held hands and looked at each other.

“He’s fucking us good, isn’t he?” Brittney asked Roxanne dreamily.

“H-He s-s-sure i-is” she stuttered as Evans cock pounded her.

Evan continued this for a long time. Both women experienced orgasm after orgasm, each one preceded by a lustful scream. Both women were like rag dolls as Evan finally felt the tingling of his orgasm.

Evan flipped Roxanne over. “Here it comes, bitch!” he growled as he shoved his cock into her cunt again. “Take it all!”

“Oh, give it to me stud!” she screamed.

Evan yelled, then released the floodgates. Roxanne’s eyes flew open as the first jets coated her pussy. Evan kept fucking through his orgasm, causing her to go into yet another one. Some of his spunk started coming out of her, coating her thighs. Evan thrusted until he was spent, then backed off.

Brittney immediately got on her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth, sucking out the last of his cum. Roxanne just laid on the bed, a glazed look on her face. Evan’s eyes were closed, trying to release the lust in him, but it didn’t work. His erection did not go down, and he needed to fuck these girls some more!

“Kneel down, Brittney,” Evan said.

Brittney stopped sucking his cock and got on her hands and knees. Evan knelt behind her, and opened her ass cheeks.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass now,” he said

Brittney’s eyes flew open. This was something new for her, and she braced herself for the entry.

Evan placed his thoroughly wet cock at Brittney’s asshole, and gently pushed in. Brittney gasped and bit her lip. It hurt a little, but the pain went away quickly. Evan slowly fucked her ass until his entire length was in her, then started fucking her in earnest.

Brittney put her head to the floor, and gasped. The sensation was so erotic that she was on the verge of another orgasm! Relentlessly, Evan shoved his cock in and out of her ass.

Roxanne recovered from her mind-blowing fuck, and saw what was happening, and she got hot all over again. She wanted to feel him in her ass as well, so she got down and knelt, the same way, next to Brittney.

“Fuck me again, stud,” She said.

Evan looked at the proffered ass and gulped. It was as beautiful as the ass he was fucking. He pulled out of Brittney and went over to Roxanne, and fucked her ass the same way.

Once again, Evan alternated between the two women until they had come again, but this time he came in Brittney. His juice squeezed out over her ass as he shot his load deep within her. Brittney moaned in satisfaction.

Finally spent, Evan got up and staggered to the bed, and fell onto it, on his back. The two girls got up shakily and joined him.

“You really fucked us into oblivion!” Brittney said to him. “Now we are gonna do you the same!”

Evan looked up as the two women positioned themselves at his hips. At first, they started slow, each one taking a turn at licking his cock and balls. As the double blowjob continued, they took turns sucking him, one gobbling his cock while the other massaged his balls.

Evan went crazy from the feeling. He couldn’t hold out much longer, and finally he came.

“I’m comin
g, girls!” He managed to say before the first jet escaped.

Brittney, who was currently sucking his cock, took it out of her mouth, and both she and Roxanne started to pump h
is long shaft. As his jism shot out, the two women took turns receiving it in their mouth.

Once Evan finished, the women once again took turns sucking his cock, getting the last vestiges of sperm out of him. Evan almost passed out from the feeling. Finally, the women finished, and lay on either side of him. Evan put his arms around each, his hands gently massaging a tit on each one.

“You were just wonderful!” Roxanne said to him. “That was the best fuck I ever had. I’ve never cum that hard before, and believe me, a lot of guys havetried to do just that!”

“I told you he was good, Roxy,” Brittney said.

“That’s an understatement!” Roxanne laughed.

“Both of you are so hot!” Evan said. “Brit, thanks for this present. I never expected it.”

“You’re welcome, lover,” she said. “I figured you could use a good fuck like this. You told me how miserable your last date was, and you hadn’t really been laid for the past year or so, before you met me of course.”

Evan let out a weary chuckle.

The three of them lay there for a while. Soon, Evan fell asleep. Brittney and Roxanne gently extricated themselves from his grip. They padded out and went downstairs to the living room, where their clothes still lie.

“He is a sexy stud muffin!” Roxanne remarked. “I have got to tell our circle about him.”

“Go ahead,” Brittney said, smiling. “I’m going to make sure he loves his new home. I don’t mind sharing him, but remember he is MINE when it’s over, OK?”

“OK, but have you told him that you’re a swinger?”

Brittney bit her lip. “Not yet. I don’t know how he feels about that, but I’ll find out. I don’t want to lose him. He’s the best thing that’s happened to me.”

“As long as you tell him,” Roxanne said. “I just know all of us want a piece of him, if you know what I mean!”

Brittney laughed.

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