Fast and Furious

I was in Michigan, cruising in my silver-blue BMW i8 and listening to The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory album blaring. Being an adventurous and enterprising man, I resolved to meet this girl; Aria Giovanni was her name and I loved the idea I was going her way. It had been a long time since we last met.

Her house was by the lake. I reached there and looked around. There were so many trees and other houses. The scenery out there was not anything like New York City; it was refreshing since I desired sometimes to escape from the congestion, the noise, and the bustle of the city. My iPhone 5 rang and it was Aria.

I grinned and answered, “Hello!”

“Hi,” she said.

“I’m minutes away from your house.” I told her.

“I’m glad you’re minutes away. I hope you can handle this very tight pussy.”

“Oh, you know I can baby girl!”

“My fingers are already-working there; mmm … they’re soaked all over. The vibe will kill me for sure.”

I laughed with her. “I love it when you say that freaky shit,” I said, raising my voice. “I cannot wait to have your mouth wrapped around my dick as your hands cupped my balls and you massaging my perineum.”

“You sure are making me horny, naughty boy,” Aria continued. “I want you to feel how wet I am! I want you to know how much my pussy aches for some attention.”

“I cannot wait to taste it.”

“Then hurry up and get your ass over here! I want to fuck you so fucking bad!”

“My ass is here already.”

After ten minutes of driving, I was finally on her block. There was my tanned Italian girl, standing in front of her house clad in a white tank top and denim shorts. Aria’s hair was brown with light brown highlights. She had an alluring smile and a perfect pair of tits. I could not wait to jump out my car and fondle them!

“I’m glad you’re here, baby cakes.” Aria smiled. “Nice BMW!”

“Thanks, sexy! You know how I do in New York! You look great!”

We hugged. Aria smelled fresh as if she just jumped out of the shower. Then we locked our moist lips passionately and twirled our wet tongues together with such erotic delight that we both moaned in appreciation. I grabbed her ass and she moaned in my ear. My hands roamed to her tits and squeezed them through the fabric.

“Come on, let us go inside.” Aria suggested. “We don’t need an audience. Everything is being recorded, you know.”

We sat in the well-lit living room and got comfortable on her deep-seated leather couch. I liked the large wall mounted mirror above the fireplace. She had an awe-inspiring view of the sparkling lake. There was a piano and a cool entertainment system with her collection of Blu-ray Disc movies. The interior decoration suggested her sophisticated taste of Aria for beauty and style. The flooring and the abstract Italian paintings shone in brilliance.

“You have a nice place, baby,” I said. “You did a great job decorating your house!”

“Thanks, you know my place have to be hooked up!” Aria replied, winking at me. “How was the drive down there?”

“Not too bad,” I answered. “The traffic wasn’t that brutal and I was blasting 2Pac the whole time. It was fun driving out here!”

“Nice! I have been waiting for you-too long. We need to skip all the preliminaries. You know why we’ve met again!”

In Aria’s eyes, I noticed a subtle look of lust, which aroused me. She positioned herself between my legs, unzipped my fly, reached inside, and pulled my dick out. She licked and sucked my balls with artistry. Her wet eager mouth felt great on my dick! She deep-throated me, and when her tongue tickled the underside of my dick, my toes curled.

“Damn, girl! Oh, shit!” I shouted. “Keep going, baby. Don’t stop! You’re the best.”

The sexual pleasure got intense. My black and white Nike Air Max Penny 1 sneakers lifted off the floor. I felt like being levitated from the couch. Aria giggled and held me down, letting me know she had the power. She was all over me! My dick glowed with her spit. Aria gazed at my dick like a hungry marauder. The sight of this turned me on!

We retired upstairs to her white colored bedroom. I lay her on the bed and pulled down her shorts. I let out a sigh of admiration before I dove into her bald and clean pussy. Aria took off her tank top and bra to expose her firm mammae and puffy nipples. I licked and sucked her clit avidly. She let out a gasp when my fingers assaulted her sensitive G-spot.

“Oh, my God, yess,” she screamed.

Her pussy squeezed my fingers as it flooded my hand with her creamy juices. I licked my fingers clean, tasting the honey. Then I climbed atop her and slowly inserted my dick into her cunt. It was a little difficult to penetrate her.

“Damn, baby, your pussy is so tight!” I said. “We need to lube you up!”

Aria pulled out a tube of lubricant and greased up my dick and her pussy. I still expected to encounter a very tight entry, but it was easier then. After entering her, I developed a rhythm and picked up the pace. I rocked her body back and forth, palming her round tits, and kissing her. I pounded her pussy harder, loving how her squeals echoed the bedroom. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, which enthused me. I stared at my dick moving in and out of her wet pussy. Her love juices coated my dick. What a sight it was!

“Yes, fuck me with that big dick!”

I felt myself getting ready to cum and could not hold the erotic crescendo. Aria quivered and climaxed instantly. Then I pulled my dick out of her pussy, and erupted on her tits and stomach. It felt like I climaxed so profusely that I lost five pounds. Ha!

“Yes, take that, take that!” I moaned, catching my breath.

After massaging my golden cum on herself, Aria got on all fours and turned her head around. She still had that burning lust in her eyes, which made her look sexier.

“You know I want you to shove your big dick up my ass!”

“Oh, yes! I’m ready to poke that fat ass,” I quipped.

I got behind her and stuck my dick into her hole, which was already drenched from her own pussy juices. Therefore, I felt no pains screwing her anally. She pushed back against me, meeting me stroke for stroke, and my tight balls slapped against her pussy. I reamed her ass harder and went deeper, hitting her G-spot and clit simultaneously. Her cries and moans grew louder.

“Mar’e, I’m CUMMING! KEEP FUCKING! AAH…” she yelled in ecstasy and her whole body shook as another climax hit her violently.

I was ready to blast off again. Roaring like a crazed lion, I shot a load right up her ass.

After catching my breath, I stretched out panting. Aria rolled on her back smiling. She had her head on my chest as I rubbed her back. We fondled each other and lay gratified after the release of sexual tension.

“It was-great,” I spoke softly, “and you were marvelous, baby girl!”

“You fucked the shit out of me, hun,” she said joyously. “Yes, it was great! I wanted that so bad.”

We cuddled without doing anything wild just to get recharged for having a go. Over the next two hours, we fucked and sucked in every conceivable manner. I do not think any porn stars on the planet would have outperformed us.

I am looking forward to link up with Aria this New Year’s Eve inNew York City! Peace!


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