First Time, About Time

So there I was on a lonely day, horny and all. I have always enjoyed the fruits of women. And the beauty of women. But as for pleasuring myself the forbidden sin is what gets me off. I was reading stories, looking at pics and got off spanking my cock thinking of having my cock suck on, sucking on a cock and getting fucked by a cock until I shoot my load. I took a lick of my cum and loved it so I licked it all up and went about with the rest of my day.

While I was out running errands, I stopped in a bar for a quick pop. That’s when I met George. I was sitting alone at the corner of the bar and George came up to me and introduced himself. I thought nothing of it as he sat next to me and ordered a drink. We were watching a game on the TV and got started talking. That’s when I got up to go to the bathroom, he followed me into the bathroom. After we took a leak into a communial urinal, we went to wash our hands and he said to me, “You are really hot can I suck your cock?”

I was in shock never being in this situation only fantasizing about it. I thought for a second as my cock was getting hard and thought to myself what the hell here’s your chance. I said not here, but I will go to your place.

So I followed him to his place playing with my cock going through the doubts of whether I should go for it not, luckily his house wasn’t far away so there was no going back. We walked into his home, he asked me if I wanted a drink and I said yeah a bourbon. He turned on the TV and DVD player and there were two guys doing 69, He came back and said “Does that turn you on?”

I said, “why don’t you find out for yourself.”

He then dropped to his knees placed his hands on my rock hard cock, smiled at me and took off my shoes, socks and pants. There I was watching a gay porn in my boxers with a guy in between my legs. Was this about to happen? Then it did he took off my boxers started licking my head, stroking the base of my cock. It was better than I had ever imagined. It was so good that I cummed right away. He swallowed it all and licked me up all clean.

I then said to him, “That was great take your clothes off.” He took off his clothes and his 6 inch cock was just as hard and thick as mine and made me feel instantly better and not self conscious. I then dropped to my knees and took his cock in my right hand and his balls in my left. I had always dreamed of how I would like my cock sucked and I was now doing it to George. I started sucking the head licking it all over. I then licked up and down his shaft, while he was groaning and moaning. I took his balls in my mouth sucking on them while stroking his cock. I licked back up the shaft and opened up as wide as I could and took him all the way in. I could taste the pre-cum and that got me going and got him pumping my mouth with his hand behind my head and he started fucking my mouth. He was about to cum and asked if was ready for it and wanted it, I nodded my head as he slammed it down my throat and let out three good loads down my throat. I swallowed it all and cleaned up his cock good.

George said “that was the best blowjob I have ever had.”

“Really that was the first I have ever given. I have never been with a guy.”

“No shit. Well, you did forget one thing.”

I was rock hard again after sucking him off. He stood me up turn me around and spanked my ass. He said you forgot this and opened up my ass checks and started licking my asshole. It felt so good and I told him so. It didn’t stop he kept at it for a long time so long that I shoot a load on to the floor. He then moved me to the arm of the sofa and placed two of his fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them and he took that cue to stick them into my ass. Having another man fingers in my ass and farther than I could ever get mine made me scream in ecstasy. He pumped them in and out all the while keep on licking my hole. He then stuck three in there and made me jasp. He came up to my ear and whisped to me, “I want to fuck your virgin ass.”

I told him he could, but only if he had a jimi. He said he did and went to his room to get it. I took the condom licked his cock and slide the condom on. I told him to be gentle and he asked how I wanted it. I told him I wanted to see his cock going into me. So he put me on my back and took three of the sofa cushions and put them under my back. The sounds of the DVD in the background he smiled, I gave him a nod and he pressed his cock on the outside of my ass hole. He slide his head in and it was getting me all short breath and it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. It felt great when he took it out and shoved it back in little farther. He kept doing this then unannounced he slammed it all the way in. I could feel his balls on my ass and yelled, “Fuck my ass.” He then started pounding in harder and harder faster and faster, I cummed on my stomach he licked it up. Seeing him and looking down at his cock pounding my ass was unbelievable. It was better than any of my masturbating fantasies. It was real. He couldn’t hold it any further took his cock out of my ass ripped off the condom and shoot an even bigger load down my throat. I licked it all up again. We laid there naked watching the DVD and gasping for air. We got hard again and kept sucking, fucking and eating for the rest of the day.

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  1. Great story, could it be true

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