A strange Event by Screw3

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A Strange Event by Screw 3
I live alone and have a woman, a widow with 2 children in grammar school. The relationship is a little different since I pay her off the books so as not to endanger her welfare payments. Carrie is an attractive redhead, but I felt that making a pass would be harassment of the worst source since she needed the money I paid her to keep my condo clean.
Then one morning I had an appointment and left the apartment to keep it. I had left one of my stories next to the computer on my desk. My PC automatically shuts down after 20 minutes so I didn’t think anything of it. I came back and thought I was alone since I did not hear the vacuum running and Carrie was not in the kitchen. She has her own key so she can come and go as needed. I went into my office and there she was at the computer reading my stories her shorts around her ankles and her panties on top of them and her hand was massaging her clit and the inside of her cunt.
She looked up and started to blush. “I am sorry. I didn’t think that you liked women. You have never made an advance towards me.”
I walked over to her as her hand was now trying to put her panties on. I took her hand and she dropped the panties back down and looked up into my eyes with a questioning look. I had never noticed that her eyes were green before. I took her hand in mine and put it back down on her pussy and added my finger to the left side of her clit. She left my hand there and used her two hands to open my belt and unzip my fly then pull my pants down freeing my cock from the pants. My dick was half hard and was about 6″ long, but it would grow to its full 8″ shortly. She said, “It has been 3 years since my husband died. Your stories made me horny.”
She kissed my cock then licked the head and around the rim. “Do you like this?”
A rather dumb question as my precum had formed on the tip. She licked it off and then took me into her mouth. She sucked on the first 5″ of it. I grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her mouth. She gagged and backed up. “You are a lot bigger than he was. How do I take it all?”
I told her to just swallow it and went back to fucking her mouth again while the fingers of my hand were inside her cunt. How she moaned and sucked at the same time I don’t know. Maybe it helped her swallow, but she now had the whole cock in her mouth and was sucking it so softly. I lost control and shot my cum in her throat. I lifted her up. She could not have weighed more than 120 pounds and put her on my sofa. Now it was my turn to lick her.
She was soaking wet and gushed shortly after I had my nose rubbing her clit and my fingers in her asshole and cunt. She moaned and groaned from the pleasure I was giving her. “I want you to fuck me, but I don’t want to get pregnant. Do you have any condoms?”
The answer to that was a no, since they were in my car and there was no way I was going to break the mood. I took some KY out of the drawer and rubbed it on my fingers and my cock. Then I put a finger in her ass and massaged her clit with the other hand. When I put a second finger in her ass, “No, I have never had a man in my asshole.”
She was fighting against my fingers, but the pressure on her clitoris had her going wild. I ran the fingers in her ass around the inside of the rim of her ass. I slapped her ass cheek and she went “Oh, yes, yes.” She knelt up on her own as I positioned her ass higher so I could enter her while I stood at the edge of the sofa.
She struggled a little at first as the head of my dick entered into her asshole. As I got past her entrance she wiggled back taking a little more of my cock into her brown entrance. I squeezed her tits and her right hand started massaging her clit.
“Fuck me in my ass. I never knew it could feel like this. I want you to cum in my ass.”
I was certainly willing to oblige her. I pushed in and out and could feel her fingers doing the same inside her cunt. She started gushing and moving in spasmodic motion. When I shut my cum into her she moaned a yes, yes again. I softened and she took me in her hand as she turned around and kissed my cock. We both had to use the bathroom so we went in together. “Use the sink and I’ll wash it later.”
She sat on the throne and I pissed in the sink. I got a washcloth all soapy and walked over to her. My cum was coming out of her ass and there was dried cum around her mouth and piss showering into the bowl. She took the cloth and washed my dick then took it and ran it around her tits. I started to harden a little and even more as she took it into her mouth. She stood up and told me to sit as she lowered the lid. She got on top and my cock went into her cunt. She used her legs to raise and lower her cunt onto my dick. She came at least 2 more times. I lifted her up and sat her down and put my cock in her hand. “Jerk me off.”
She pulled on it with her soft hands and I shot my load onto her tits and face. She tried to lick it so I rubbed some of it onto my fingers and let her suck on them.
When we were saying good-bye Carrie said, “I better get some pills from the doctor for the next time.”

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