My name is Jessica White; I lost my virginity shortly after my eighteenth birthday.  I have always been interested in sex, I am a sex addict, ever since watching my sister having sex with her boyfriend when I was sixteen, after that, I have always wanted sex. I became a sex starved whore.This is my story, of my sexual adventures through life.


                It was the night before my eighteenth birthday, it was late. I was pretending to be asleep, but in fact, I had my clothes on under the sheets. I heard my bedroom door open slowly, after a few moments I heard it close, and then I heard my mom say in the hallway, “I think she is asleep now, we can all go next door now.”

After I heard the front door close, I quickly opened up the window in my room and shimmied down the outside drain like I have done many times before. I slowly crept over to the neighbor’s yard and waited for the get together got started.  They always kept a window shade open just about an inch; I checked the room every few minutes while I sat underneath it in the shadows so no one can see me.

After what seemed like an hour, I heard the door to the room open and people talking, the only thing I could make out was my mom saying, “Sorry we are late, but Jessica took forever to go to sleep.”

I waited a few minutes before looking in the window.  When I looked in the window everybody was standing in a half circle, naked. I saw most of our neighbors and my family. My dad, mom, sister and brother were standing next to each other. This is not the first time I saw them all naked, living in a house, brought up not being modest about our bodies, we all seen each other naked at one time or another.

As I looked, I noticed that the women all had bracelets on their right hand; some were green and other red.  Some of the bracelets had a black line on them, some didn’t have it, some of the men had black bracelets, and other men didn’t have one at all. Another naked guy walked in, as he walked by each of the people, he checked them all out, and as he walked he also rubbed some breasts and pussies of the women, and even stroked some of the men’s cocks. I never a man touch another man before, when he was finished; I noticed I was getting wet.

As he walked past my sister Ana, he took his hand and felt her pussy, Ana looked right at me as if she knew I was there and smiled, as he passed my mom Debbie, he felt her breast and I noticed that he was rubbing my sister’s wet juices on my mom’s breasts.

Then man said, “Who will be the first one into the center.”

Ana quickly stepped forward, she was still looking towards the window, I guess to make sure I was still watching through the window. Ana lay on the mattress and turned her head towards me, another gentleman left the line and started to lick her pussy, after Ana was extremely wet, he started to fuck her. After a few strokes of his cock going in and out of her, my mom left the line. I was shocked to see her start licking Ana’s breasts’ then lower her pussy to Ana’s mouth. Ana took our mom’s pussy quickly, Ana’s tongue going deep inside our mom’s pussy.

Then my brother Kent left the line and got underneath the guy fucking Ana and started sucking his cock, I don’t know what shocked me the most, what was going on or the fact this was all turning me on. Everybody took turns with everybody else, even my father Jim got into it all.

This went on for hours; finally I decided to go home before I really got caught. I was fast asleep when I was awaken by the door to my room, I felt someone sit down on my bed.

When my eyes cleared, I noticed it was four thirty in the morning; Ana was sitting on my bed looking at me, after a few minutes she said, “Happy birthday sis, how does it feel to be eighteen finally?”

I noticed Ana was wearing nothing but a bra and panties, and as I started to respond to her, Ana put her hand on my thigh and started to caress it gently, it felt so good, it was turning me on and making me wet, I took a deep breath and said, “It doesn’t feel any different.”

I noticed that Ana’s panties were getting wet, and I knew she saw mine getting wet too, after a few minutes of her caressing my thigh she said, “I know you were watching tonight through the window, maybe in a few days I will take you out somewhere for a night out with your sis. Would you like that?”

I couldn’t answer at first; I was enjoying the caressing too much, finally I replied, “Yes, I would like that very much Ana.”

She stopped caressing my thigh and said, “Great, we will have a great time. I will explain everything that happened last night later, just don’t let the rest of the family know you were there.”

Ana just looked in my eyes and knew I agreed to everything, then she spread my legs a little and bent down, her tongue ran across my panties, directly over my pussy, then she made her way up my chest and kissed me on the lips, her tongue went deep in my mouth and our tongues danced together for what seemed like hours.

After that, Ana left my room, I heard her tell someone, “She’s ready for us.”


I woke up after have erotic dreams about what happened last night, and the way my sister touched me in the middle of the night.  I did my usual routine, got up and went to the bathroom; I put my robe on over my bra and panties and went downstairs to see what is for breakfast.

When I entered the kitchen, nobody was there, so I decided to start making it myself.  I got out everything I needed and was standing in front of the stove when my mom came in. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “Good morning baby, I hope you slept good last night.” As she whispered in my ear, her hand moved under my robe and felt my panties, then ran her finger along my pussy lips.

I froze while she ran her hand over my pussy; I finally was able to reply, “Yes mommy, I did sleep well.” She then went and sat down at the table, even though I could not see her, I knew she was watching me.

I continued making breakfast, the next person to come in to the kitchen was my dad, he did the same thing as my mom, he stood behind me and whispered while kissing my on the side of my cheek, “Good morning honey, thank you for making breakfast.” As he stood there whispering, I felt his huge hard cock rubbing against my ass, it was making me so hot, wet and horny, but I couldn’t say a word, I didn’t want him to think I was weird or something like that.

My brother was the next one into the kitchen, he was a bit more aggressive, as he stood behind me with his huge cock rubbing against me, he whispered, “Good morning sis,” then his hand reached around and massaged my breasts very slowly.

The last one to arrive in the kitchen was my sister; she looked like she was up all night and didn’t get much rest.  She came up from behind like the rest, and whispered, “Good morning, you better rest, we are going out tonight.” She just stood there for a few minutes; her hand slipped under my robe and felt my thigh like she did the night before.

I finally was able to finish making breakfast and found that my family had set the table and was waiting for me to serve them. I put the food on the table and we all ate while not saying anything, we just looked at each other with sly grins on our faces.

After breakfast, I started to clear the table, but my mom stopped me and said, “No dear, you and your sister need to have a quick talk.”

Me and my sister went to the other room, she stood in front of me and said, “We are going to have a busy night, you better go to your room and rest.” She moved my hair a little and got closer and kissed me, our lips parted and our tongues danced together, her hand went inside my robe and inside my panties, her fingers slipped in my pussy and massaged it like a pro. After a couple of minutes, she pulled back and said, “Damn you taste good, can’t wait to taste the rest of you, now up to your room and rest until tonight.”

I did as I was told, I went to my room until that night when she came and got me.


All that day I just laid in bed, thinking of what my sister had planned for me. I was wet all day thinking about what would happen. I could hear noise from downstairs, like furniture was being moved around.

At dinner time, Ana brought me my dinner, she was wearing a sheer black lace teddy and sheer lace black panties, I could see every detail of her breasts and pussy, she sat across from me while I ate, I notice her eyes looking over every curve of my body, I could tell she wanted me, but was waiting for the right moment. After I finished my dinner, she took the tray and left, I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass as she left the room.

A few hours later my sister returned. She ordered me to stand up, and I did as I was told. I was standing there in nothing but my bra and panties. She walked in a circle around me a few times and stopped in front of me, after running her eyes up and down my body she said, “Those will have to go, take off your bra and panties.”

I quickly took them off and stood there buck naked, I could tell Ana liked what she saw, her nipples were getting hard and her panties were getting wet. She took me and pushed me out the door of my room and guided me down the stairs into the room that was always locked, I was always told that it was my dad’s private study, but when I entered it I found out it was something else.

In the middle of the room was a mattress with sheets and towels on it. All around the room was various sex toys, DVD’s, video equipment, and special lighting and a few chairs. Ana told me to lie down on the mattress and get comfortable. I saw Ana sit down in one of the chairs off to my side.  A few minutes later my mom walked in with nothing but a robe on.

My mom walked in and stood over me. My mom looked me over and said, I heard you like to spy on people, Ana told us you were spying on all of us the other night.”

All I could do was nod my head up and down. My mom laid down next to me and said, “It’s about time you know about your family, since you are eighteen now. We all are swingers, we all enjoy sex with each other as well as others, we all are bisexual, and I heard you are too dear.”

I looked into my mother’s eyes and said, “I know I like girls mommy, but I don’t know about boys yet.” As I confessed this, my mom was massaging my thighs, it felt so good, and I wanted her so badly, I didn’t care if she was my mom.

My mom kissed me on my lips and said, “Well your daddy and brother will be here in a while to see if you do baby, don’t worry, we will be gentle with you since this is your first time.” After she finished talking, she kissed me again and our tongues danced together in her mouth, her finger only partially penetrated my pussy.

Her mouth then moved down to my breast, the nipples were so hard by this time and she was so good at sucking and biting them. Her kisses moved slowly down my body until they found my pussy; her tongue slowly massaged my clit while her fingers moved in and out of my pussy.

My sister all this time was playing with herself on the chair, when my mom moved down to my pussy, my sister got up and came over to me, she stood over me playing with herself, her clothes had disappeared earlier. After a few minutes she looked down at me and said, “Now it’s your turn to pleasure someone bitch.” She slowly lowered her body until her pussy was directly over my mouth; I took it in mouth and did exactly what my mom was doing to me.

My sister and I both came at the same time, her juices flowing all over my face; my juices were being lapped up by my mom. They laid on the bed with me for a while; we were playing with each other until my dad came in. He was naked just like the rest of us.

My sister got up and went back in the chair while my dad laid down with me and mom, his hands started running all over my body while he kissed me and our tongues danced. Finally he whispered in my ear, “Darling, I am going to take your virginity now, it will hurt a little for a while until you get used to a cock in your pussy. Would you like me to fuck you in the ass as well?”

I looked into his eyes as I stroked his massive cock, “I trust you daddy, do whatever you want to me.” I stopped stroking his cock and started sucking it, I had trouble taking it all at first, after all it must have been at least eight inches hard.

Finally he removed it from my mouth and motioned me to get on my hands and knees. He put a condom on his huge cock and slowly put in my tight pussy. It hurt so much I let out a scream, which brought my brother into the room. He stood there stroking his cock as he watched my dad plow me from behind. After a few minutes of steady in and out of my dad’s cock, it stopped hurting.

I noticed my sister was no longer sitting on the chair, my brother had her bent over the chair and fucking her ass from behind, I kept watching them until my dad noticed I wasn’t paying attention to him, he looked at them and leaned forward to say,” I am going to change it up a bit, this may hurt a bit, but it will get better.

I felt him pull his cock out of my pussy, I noticed the blood from my virginity on the towels, it wasn’t as much as I thought it would be, then I felt his huge cock enter my ass. He put it in my ass in one stroke, going all the way in.

It hurt, but only for a minute, as I turned my head away from my dad, I noticed my mom was laying in front of me; she raised her head and said, “Take care of me now baby.”

I lowered my head and buried my face in her shaved pussy. As I played with her clit with my tongue, I played with her pussy by putting four fingers inside it. My mom was groaning in pleasure from my playfulness, she said, “Baby, you are like a pro at this, just like your sister.”

My dad soon pulled his cock out of my ass and took the condom off, I felt his cock rub against my ass then felt a warm liquid hit my back, then I felt his cock rub it all over my back, it felt like a gallon of the sticky white fluid was all over my back.

I lifted my head just long enough to see my sister sucking my dad’s limp cock, I wondered where my brother was, but quickly found out as he stuck his cock in my ass. I felt my brother licking my back where my dad shot his load. My brother was fucking my ass quickly.

My mom erupted like a volcano, I quickly lapped her juices up, as I finished, she got up and joined my sister and dad. My brother moved me over to my back and started fucking my pussy as he sucked on my breasts.

After what seemed liked hours, my brother removed his cock from my pussy and removed his condom, he shot his load all over my face, as it was dripping down my face, I licked what was left from his cock.

We all laid on the bed and played with each other for a while, then my sister told me to go to my room and wait for her. I was so sore from all the fucking, but I also felt satisfied and full with love.


I fell on my bed and couldn’t believe what just happened, I got up and started to my bathroom when my sister walked in, she was naked and I could see she was covered in my family’s cum. She walked over to me and hugged me, she kissed me very passionately, our tongues danced together.

She looked at me as she held me and said, “We need to talk, let’s go to the bed and chat.” She took my hand and led me to my bed and laid down together.

We held each other while our fingers explored each other’s body. After a few minutes I moved a little bit of stray hair from her face and said, “I was going to take a shower before going to bed.”

My sister smiled and said, “We will my love, but after we talk. In a few weeks we are taking you to the neighbors for our next get together, just wanted to make sure your questions about what you saw are answered, and I want to answer any questions about today.”

I replied, “I do have a few questions sis, what were the bracelets you guys were wearing at the party about?”

Ana’s fingers were playing with my sore pussy a bit and said, “The red bracelets tell the guys they need to wear condoms, the green one tell them they are safe without. The black ones, including the red and green ones with black mean the person swings both ways. You will be given a red and black one my love. That is, if you want to fuck both men and women.”

I kissed Ana deeply and said, “Of course I want to be fucked by both silly. Can I have sex with you guys again?”

Ana placed her hand on the sides of my head and said, “You can fuck whoever you want whenever you want, I know they will be wanting to fuck you again. Is that all of your questions?”

I got and took Ana’s hand, this time it was my turn to lead her, I led her to the shower and turned it on. I looked in her eyes and said, “No more questions, it’s time for our showers.” I opened the door and pulled Ana in the shower with me.

We soaped each other and rinsed each other off, as the water was pouring down on Ana, I got on my knees and started eating her. Ana moaned in delight, she took her hands and pressed my head into her pussy. As her juices poured on my face she said, “I have never had a woman make love to me in the shower, I love you so much sis.”

We both dried each other off and spent the night sleeping together, although not much sleeping took place. Over the next couple of days, my sister, brother, mom and dad took turns fucking me, I enjoyed it so much, but my sister was my favorite.

That was the first time I ever had sex, after that, I became a little whore, I couldn’t get enough, but those are other stories……………..




Follow the entire Jessica White saga here:


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  1. jessy

    Thanx for the stories I fell inlove with ana and jessica. Just by reading this pls keep on writing I love ur stories

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  2. Jessy, I finished writing the entire story and it is now available on Amazon, search for “The Life and Death of a Dominatrix by Jessica White.

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