After Work

After work one day, a colleague invited me back to his place to fuck two girls, dancers, who were waiting for him there. He felt sorry for me because I didn’t sleep around. Well he caught me at moment of weakness, and I agreed.

Lucy was blonde, 5’10”, no more than 18, and huge double D breasts that just begged to be sucked. Katrina was slightly taller, and was wearing a skirt that said it wouldn’t be on for long. They both had that high class, $5,000 a night hooker look, the kind that said slut and too good for you at the same time.

John, my friend, sat on the lounge with Katrina who undid his pants and started sucking him off. After 10 minutes, he opened his eyes, saw me sitting uncomfortably unsure of what to do, and told Lucy that I was shy, but needed to be fucked. Like a light came on, she knelt down between my knees, and started felating me. “If you’re not used to this,” she purred, “I’m going to have to suck you hard again after you’ve come in every hole we have. For now, let’s get your first load off so that you’ll last longer in me!” She cupped my balls, slipping her longest finger into my anus to stimulate the base of my dick, and went ballistic on my cock. In less than 30 secs, my cock spasmed, ecstasy flowed from the head to every inch of my body, and she had swallowed my load as it pumped into her throat! I was in heaven.

“Have you ever had anal?” she asked as if I was inexperienced. “Ah, not really, no,” I replied breathlessly. She stood up in her stiletto heals, and lifted her leather mini to reveal a perfectly smooth beaver. She turned around, and flashed her lovely arse, before she sat down on my shaft, and started wiggling to get my dick into her anal passage. She lifted her red leather boob tube, and guided my hands to fondle and pinch her breasts and nipples, and then I realised I was buried in her anus! She started bouncing, rising steadily and slamming her self down. My eyes closed and I soaked up the pleasure, but opened my eyes when she had also started licking my balls at the same time? Katrina had joined us, and she was now kneeling between my knees.

John had set up his big screen tv and camera to display a live feed. The tv showed Katrina, tongue fully extended, licking and slurping on my balls as I fucked Lucy’s arse, and tracing up to Lucy’s bald snatch, where her tongue probed the juicy pussy. Katrina rose to a squat as John rejoined us, on his back, under Katrina, who also got an anal probe. (I was very surprised to notice he was at least 2″ shorter than me, if you know what I mean). I could feel my body tensing, and groaned, “Oh fuuuuUCK!” as I spurted semen again, this time deep into Lucy’s butt-fucked body. Lucy sat there, just grinding for a moment, then raised her hips, swung forward to give Katrina better access, who slurped my dripping cum from Lucy’s anus, and licked her still open hole! What a sight.

Katrina was a little horny, and wanted to ride the extra two inches she was missing out on, so we swapped. She dragged me over to the bed, where she lay me on my back, threw the last of her skimpy lingerie on the floor, and started deep throating my now floppy cock. She swung her pussy (shaved too, but for a neat triangle above the clit) around to meet my aching tongue, and in a few minutes I was good as new. She was enjoying the 69, so she tasted my cum again, this time spurting instead of dripping! While still hard, she quickly mounted me, and my cock entered female paradise – the vagina. Her soft, warm, moist tunnel of passion enveloped my hard dick, and she rode it like a porn star, breathing deeply and issuing brief screams with every thrust I threw up her. Her tits jiggled and jumped with enthusiasm. She rocked and bounced then shuddered as she came (before even I could!), her hair a tangled mess of animal excitement.

We took this position, her on top, to the floor, where John and I double teamed her. She leaned forward, giving her tits to my teeth, and we both splayed our legs open. John then knelt behind her, and roughly shoved his purple helmet into her arse, and started pumping her stretching sphincter. She bucked against both of us, forcing us in deeper. Lucy, now buck naked, backed up to her face, and gave me a bird’s eye view of this slut with a cock in each hole licking Lucy’s love tunnel. What an orgy! With this visual stimulation, my hands exploiting her boobs, and my cock being ridden at the same time, I exploded inside her, focussed and kept going, exploded again but still my erection wouldn’t subside!

The ladies got their jollies, and then we rearranged ourselves for one last hurrah. I still hadn’t enjoyed Lucy’s pussy, and dearly wanted to. So Katrina and Lucy got on their hands and knees facing each other so they could tongue each other’s tonsils. John resumed at Katrina’s rear end, and I helped myself to Lucy. I wanted to taste her, so I got into position and licked her. I even licked her anus. My tongue circled and pushed into her puckered ring. She loved it, pushing against my mouth, wanting as much as she could while the two sluts engaged in a lesbian pash. I was nearly spent again, so I placed my cock near her anus, and holding her by the hips, slammed it home for a few times to make her scream, which she did.

Then I took her doggy style. I rammed my full length into her cunt over and over again. Her whole body lurched with every violent thrust as I gave her the hard fucking she wanted so badly. She orgasmed beyond control till her knees nearly collapsed, but I didn’t slow down – I just kept fucking her and fucking her. She had stopped pashing the other slut with a dick in her, but that was alright because Kat was getting a good arse reaming. They both masturbated while being fucked and it became a marathon.

At the beginning I hadn’t been able to control my cum, but now I was the master, and this naked wench was at the mercy of my tireless manhood invading her very private passion. Finally I deemed she couldn’t take any more, and with her next orgasm, spewed my load of love into her sopping wet cunt.

From then on I had my pick of erotic dancers in the city. The bitches loved a man who really gave it to them, long and hard. All they wanted was a talented pounding without respect – they just wanted to be fucked and flicked. Word had spread, and girls who got nothing but sex at work all day and night came looking for me when they wanted a real sex adventure. Thanks John.

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