Back Door Entry

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After losing my virginity with Marie, I could not get enough of her sweet cunt and we would fuck whenever and wherever the opportunity arose. Marie had no trouble assisting me to discover the many different aspects of sex, as she was as horny and adventurous as I was, although previous experiences with a former boyfriend had left her reluctant to try cocksucking as he had been somewhat over-enthusiastic and had been far too eager to fuck her mouth and not taken enough time to help her to ready herself when she first tried it. This had caused her to shy away from sucking cock ever since, and it was only through a great deal of patience, and slow persuasion, that I was able to finally get her to try again. After much practise, she eventually began to really enjoy using her mouth on me and finally even got to enjoy swallowing my spunk almost as much as I enjoyed licking her cunt and drinking her pussy juice.

As we still both lived at home with our parents, the opportunities for sex were limited, and we were always glad of a chance to babysit for friends or relatives, when we would settle the kids down and then fuck each other to ecstasy. This was not an ideal scenario, as you can probably imagine, so eventually we decided to get a place to live together, where we could fuck whenever we liked. This turned out to be a bedsitter in the converted attic of a house, which contained little more than a double bed, wardrobe, kitchenette, table and three chairs, and two armchairs. We didn’t mind at all, though – at least we could now screw ourselves stupid – and we did, believe me!

During our sex,I would often suggest new things to try, such as letting me shave her pussy (which she loved), dressing in stockings and suspenders for me (which she also loved) and fucking in public places (which she was absolutely mad about – we would regularly go out with her wearing as little as possible so that we could fuck against walls or in shop doorways).

One night, as we fucked, I was tickling her anus as I slammed my cock up her juiced-up cunt, when I asked her if she would let me fuck her up the arse. She replied that she didn’t want to as a previous boyfriend, the one who had put her off cocksucking, had also tried to butt-fuck her, and she had found it painful and unpleasant as he had rushed at it. I pointed out that he had also turned her off sucking pricks, but that now she loved it, and asked her if she would reconsider – pointing out that I would be both gentle and patient, and would only do so if she fully agreed. She reluctantly agreed, so over the next few weeks I would spend time licking her crinkled arsehole whilst performing cunnilingus on her, probing her rear hole with my tongue prior to fucking her properly, or I would tickle her anus with my fingertip whilst fucking her, sometimes penetrating her arse with a finger whilst shagging her on all fours.

Next I introduced a small vibrator into our loveplay, teasing her brown ring with it, inserting it into her bottom and fucking her gently with it, getting her used to the feel of anal penetration. I began using two, or sometimes three, fingers in her arsehole, and switching the small vibrator for a larger one, until finally she was able to accept a dildo which was only slightly smaller than my erect cock.

Finally the day arrived. I was fingering Marie’s arse as she knelt on all-fours, my cock plunging in and out of her soaking cunt as I did so, two fingers buried up to the knuckle in her tight back passage. I reached across and took the larger of the two vibrators and removed my fingers to lubricate it with KY jelly before easing it into her anus. Marie was going crazy with lust as she felt both her holes being filled, and she suddenly gasped out ‘Fuck my arse Phil – let me feel your cock up my arse!’

I couldn’t believe my luck – at long last she was going to let me butt-fuck her! I withdrew my prick from her cunt, which slurped noisily as I pulled out, and quickly lubed my erect shaft with the KY Jelly. I probed her arse again with a finger, then placed the head of my cock against her sphincter, and pressed it home.

After a moment or two of resistance, her anus suddenly opened, and my cock-head slid inside her. I couldn’t believe how tight her arse was – it was a much tighter fit than her well-fucked pussy, and I held my position for a few minutes to enable her to get used to the feeling of my cock in her virgin bottom. Slowly I began to move inside her, easing my prick in and out of her grasping anus, whilst Marie groaned in pleasurable pain.

My thrusts became gradually faster and harder, and Marie was shouting obscenities, urging me to fuck her arse harder, and to spunk in her shit-locker, and I could feel the tell-tale tingle in my balls which warned of my oncoming orgasm. I rammed myself into her anus, my balls bouncing against her pussy, her cunt fluids soaking them, as my peak approached, then I slammed myself in fully and held myself in place as my sperm erupted and flooded her bottom…

After I withdrew, Marie pulled her legs back and bent herself double, revealing her open arse, which gaped slightly and oozed sperm, which trickled from her and ran down her back to pool below her. I dipped my head to lick her cunt, the smell of her freshly-fucked arsehole filling my nostrils as I tongued her clit.

Marie writhed beneath me as my tongue pleasured her, and the combination of the smell of her cunt, arse, and my spunk quickly had my prick hardening again. I raised myself over her,and slid my cock into her cunt this time, feeling her vagina closing around my erection like a silken glove. I fucked her slowly, my balls becoming coated in the spunk which oozed from her arse, our lips mashing together as we made love, our tongues enmeshed as we kissed deeply.

Suddenly Marie gasped ‘Fuck my arse in this position – let me see you face-to-face whilst you’re fucking my backside!’ So I withdrew reluctantly from her cunt and eased my prick back up her arse. We kissed eagerly as I fucked her anus, loving each other’s mouths as I slammed into her butt, my thrusts rapidly growing faster and harder as a second orgasm rushed through me and I flooded her arse with spunk for a second time……

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