Bigger is Better

For over six months now Jeff and I have been hanging out, he plays guitar while I play the keyboard and sing, then three weeks before the move to my new apartment Freddy appeared on the scene, it been just after the time Jeff and I had sex for the first time. The apartment I lived at the time was small, and the only furnishings I had was a bed, a dressing table and two side tables. We used the bed as a place to sit when we played guitar, drank or smoking weed. Looking back all seemed innocent enough that evening, I was at the head of the bed and Jeff sat at the foot as we passed the joint back and forth we were joking about something that had happened at my work and I not thinking pulled my feet up under me like I do in yoga, then I leaned over and picked up my guitar and started to strum a melody we had been working on, looking up I noticed Jeff stare at me, it looked like he was watching me playing the guitar then I realized that was not what he was looking at it was that he could see right up my skirt it wasn’t my playing he was looking at, it was my panties.

I never really thought about him in this way but it excited me that he could see my thong covered cunt, and that he was paying me attention looking at me in this way got me horny. I don’t know if it was the weed or what but I just kept strumming the guitar and I slowly spread my knees as wide as they would go and I continued showing him my panties as I played it feel so good. Jeff suggested we have another beer and I put the guitar down and jumped up to go to the fridge and as I passed by him he grabbed me and started messing around, pushing me back onto the bed. The next thing I knew we were making out, and I felt his hand slip between my legs God, I was so relaxed and horny from the weed and of course the lack of sex for over a month did not help, so I slowly open my legs wider for him and before I knew it I could feel his hand slipping into my panties, he moved them aside and slip a finger into my sopping cunt and I slid my hand down and unzipped his jeans sliding my fingers inside to feel his hard cock, we were soon in bed with him sliding his dick deep inside me, it had all happened so fast then I felt him cum and then it was over.

As I said, it was about two months ago when Freddy first showed up. I had a few friends over for a small party when Jeff dropped by with Freddy he was nothing to talk about really, he was a big guy 6’2 overweight, and rather nondescript, in fact he’s a bit on the slow side and he would just sat in the corner drinking beer not talking to anyone. I asked Jeff about him and he said he was a high school buddy and was really a quiet guy and that he was going through a break up with his wife and was a bit down. Over the next few weeks Jeff and Freddy would drop by regularly and just sit there watching me and listen as Jeff and I played our music. When I found my new apartment Freddy was a great help he showed up early with his van and lifted all the heavy stuff, and between Jeff and Freddy we were done moving by lunchtime. In fact it was Freddy who let me use his 40 inch flat screen TV and a reclining chair he said, “I need somewhere to store them, so you can use then if you want Sandy.”

Well, Jeff and I have become a bit of a ‘thing’ as of late and he tends to drop by my place spending the evening jamming, drinking beer, and tokeing, watching movies and sometimes he stays over. It was on one of our movie nights that Jeff suggested we try some acid he had bought he suggested we drop a tab and watch a movie. I didn’t want Jeff thinking I was not cool so I said “sure, let’s do it” and he put the move on that he had brought over for us to watch, pulled two small white tablets out handing me one I popped it in my mouth. When the movie started I almost died it was a porno flick I I had never watch one of these before and the guy on the screen had a massive dick, and as I watched I could feel myself getting wet between the legs, I was so into this movie the acid made me think the actors were in the room with us, and I could smell myself and could even feel this guys dick inside me as it was sliding in and out of this blond female on the screen. This was a first in more ways than one I was sure it was me being fucked by this massive cock and it felt so good. The next day I kept having flashbacks and I could feel myself coming over and over again.

Two nights later Jeff suggested we have a toke and watch another movie and I said “sure, that would be cool.” I was hopping it would be the one we watched the other night but this time it was 2 guys and there was a part in it when they both took this one girl. I could not help myself I slipped my hand down into my pants and started rubbing my cunt God what a slut I was doing this right in front of Jeff and he said “like your into this Sandy, aren’t you” Jeff then got up and went to the kitchen and I heard him open the fridge door, and then he came back into the room with some crackers, cheese and a glass of red wine which he placed on the table beside me then he moved over to the table buy the window and rolled another joint.

I could hear him light it and take a deep drag he then passed it to me and I took a drag and held my breath feeling the high. He was standing behind the chair and I felt his hands rub my shoulders then they slipped down the front of my top then into the cups of my bra where he started massaging my small tits. It felt like electric sparks were touching my nipples then I felt him pull my top off and remove my bra leaving me completely exposed. I’d have never sat like this before but boy it felt so good. I was transfixed on this movie, I loved watching these guys fuck the girl, their dicks were so big, and I was getting wetter and wetter as I watched them. Jeff stopped rubbing my tits and moved his hands down my tummy undoing my belt and jeans sliding his hand down further until he meet my fingers as it was rubbing my clit he then moving around to the front of the chair slid my jeans and panties off and sat there watching me get off.

There I was, sitting naked in the chair watching a movie of two big guys fucking a girl one in her cunt and the other in her ass, fingering my cunt and I was wishing it was me. Just then I felt something between my legs and looking down I could see Jeff on the floor about to slide a long thick cucumber into my wet cunt I lifted my legs onto the arms of the chair to give him full access and then I felt him slowly push this cool hard object into me. God, this was heaven I could feel the ridges as he pushed it in I had never felt anything as good, I could feel myself climax as Jeff moved the cucumber in and out of me, I must have come at least 3 times then as I slowly came down Jeff suggested we go to bed. As we fucked, and then he asked me if I would like to try a really big cock someday, taking me by surprise and still stoned I said “If, it felt as good as that cucumber, and you wanted me to then sure I would.” We rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

On Sunday Jeff sent me a text at work asking if it would be ok for him and Freddy to drop over around 8:00 he said he had scored some weed and it would be “cool to just like hang”. He said, he would get Freddy to buy some wine and we could jam. I said “sure, can you buy me some coolers and I will give you the money later” I am only 18 and can’t buy alcohol, Jeff is 22 and Freddy is two years older than him so they often buy me my booze from the liquor store. I got home at 6:45 and made some dinner then cleaned up and at about 7:45 I heard the doorbell buzzer Jeff and Freddy were early. I let them in and I got some glasses out while the guys played Dead Space on the PS2 they had brought some Rye for themselves and 4 Vodka coolers for me. I asked if they wanted wine or drinks they decided to keep the wine for later so I played the game with Freddy as Jeff rolled a few joints, lit a toke, and passed it around. We all sat at the table listing to music and played a game of cards called Shithead it’s a beating game in which the players are dealt ten cards and try to avoid being the last to get rid of all their cards the way we plait the loser has to chug a drink and by about 10:30 I was feeling no pain.

I had downed 3 of my coolers and we had smoked 4 of the joints between us. I hadn’t noticed but at some point during the game Jeff had put on the porno movie from the other evening with the sound turned off so between playing cards and catching glimpse of the guys sliding their cocks in and out of that girl and I was beginning to get turned-on I could feel my cunt leaking and I could see Freddy look at the movie then over at me. Jeff opened the wine an poured us all a glass and by the second glass all I could do was to bite my lip and squirm around in the chair as I sat there watching bits of the movie. I was sure Freddy could not see me slide my hand down below the table and rub myself then Jeff got up and went into the kitchen and Freddy just sat there watching me, I’m sure he knew what I was doing because he just sat there and said nothing but he had a smile on his face like he knew. Jeff returned and stood behind me then he began to rub my neck and move my top and my bra straps off my shoulders sliding them down my arms, and before not to long I was sitting there topless with Freddy looking at my small boobs as Jeff was telling him how I loved watching this movie and having my tits massaged. Then he asked Freddy if he would like to feel my them and Freddy said he would, and Jeff told me to go over and stand by Freddy so he could feel how soft and firm my boobs were. I did as he told me and got up and moved over standing in front of Freddy it was then that I noticed a large bulge in his joggers. Freddy just reached out and pinched my nipples making the stand way out, then Freddy moved his head forward and started sucking on the nipple of my left tit. I let out a sigh and held on to his head letting him suckle from me. The next thing I felt was Jeff coming up behind me and slide my leggings and panties to the floor, stepping out of them I opened my legs and I felt Freddy’s hand slide between them and then one of his thick fingers slide up into my wet cunt lips and up into me it felt like a small dick I sighed and let out a shudder as Freddy now slid a second finger into me.

Slowly Freddy fingered me while Jeff watched and filled my pipe with weed, then lighting the pipe he handed it to me. I took a deep drag and bent over putting my lips over Freddy’s mouth and let him draw the smoke from me as I slid my tong deep into his throat. As Freddy stood he towered over me he is at least 12″ taller than me and must weigh at least 210lbs, I’m 5’2 and weigh 98lbs. He then pulled his shirt over his head exposing a hairy chest and a fat belly which hung over the elastic of his joggers, looking down I watched as he slid them off his hips letting them drop to the floor exposing a big semi-limp cock of at least 8″ I gasped and took fold of it with my left hand, then with my right hand I cupped the biggest set of balls ever. Slowly as I began moving the sheaf of his cock back and forth as it began to grow even more until it was fully erect, he said was 11″ but I’m sure it was bigger I could not even wrap my fingers around this monster, it was about the same size around as a slim hairspray can, about 7″. Looking over to Jeff who was sitting there smiling at me with a look of ‘I dare you,’ on his face I got down on my knees and started to lick the base of Freddy’s shaft cupping and squeezing his balls. I could see some clear fluid coming the slit on his dick and moving up to the head I began licking it off his pre-cum tasted so sweet and creamy I swallowed it all and then I opened my mouth as wide as I could, placed my lips over the head of his cock and began sucking. There was no way I could take it all into my mouth so I just kept sucking and sucking Freddy then pulled my hair back removing my head from his dick and said “I need to fuck you Sandy” I said “you’re kidding there’s no way, it’s to big Freddy, it will never fit.” Then Jeff said “Let’s try this” and went to my bedroom returning with a jar of my cold cream from my dressing table. He told me to rub it on his Freddy’s cock but, before I could move Freddy reached over and said “give it here Jeff” then sticking three fingers into the jar he drew out a handful of the white cream and started stroking himself covering his cock with it making it slippery and glistening.

Jeff then went into the bathroom a brought a bath towel out and laid it on the recliner and told me to, “sit there and put your legs over the arms like you did the other night” Freddy then getting in front of me placed the head of this massive cock at my cunt while Jeff moving behind took out his phone and began taking photos of Freddy’s attempts to get his massive cock inside me. It took about 3 long slow minutes until Freddy got his cockhead to open me up enough to enter then the head slipped in. “Oh! my god” it was so fucking painful but so fucking good as he pushed the head in, then I felt my cunt lips contract and grab his dick the sweat was rolling from my body, and the next thing I felt was Freddy shove roughly forward and about 3/4 of his dick was in me, stretching me wider, pushing me deep into the seat back, then as he withdrew it felt like he was sucking my insides out, he pushed forward again with more weight this time, god he’s so big I could feel all of him inside me, I could feel the head of his cock inside, it was so big, then I could feel myself cuming. He kept this up for what must have been ten minutes in and out, in and out, I felt his balls slap against my bum and the next thing I feet was him tense up, and I could hear him say “fuck you Sandy, your cunt is so fucking tight I’m cuming” then I felt what seemed like a pint of warm liquid pumping deep into me and I climaxed for a second time.

Freddy pulled out of me, and I felt a rush of cold air deep inside my gaping cunt as Jeff took another photo of me laying there, my face covered in sweat and my cunt gaping then I watched as Freddy began stroking himself until he was hard again laying on his back on the floor he looked at me and said ‘get over here and mount me girl, it’s your turn to fuck me now.” As I posed over his big fat body I closed my eyes and placing the head of his dick between my cunt lips then putting both of my hands on his fat fleshy stomach I let myself slide down on top of him. Opening my eyes I saw Jeff standing over us both with his cock in his hand was his dick pointing directly at my face I greedily reach forward opened my mouth, and he began driving his cock deep in to me. He pulled out, and getting behind me and grabbing some of the cold cream with his fingers he shoved one right in my bum he then pushing me down on top of Freddy fat belly and shoved his cock up my virgin asshole. There I was, sandwiched between them with both my holes well and truly filled, I could feel the walls of my ass and womb being stretched to their fullest.

After the guys had come inside me and they had satisfied themselves they got up made me lick them clean and dressed, saying they had to go. Next morning as I showered to go to school I could still feel my holes gaping and dripping of cum. I dressed, and slowly walked to the bus stop wondering when we would have a repeat performance then I got a text from Jeff with a photo of me on the chair and Freddy’s dick head half in and half out of my cunt. It read “Hi Sandy, Freddy, Bob and I can’t wait till we come over tonight!” I texted back saying “who the fuck is Bob?” he replied “He’s an old guy we met in the pub after we left your place last night. We showed him the photos and he said he’d pay us $50.00 bucks if we let him fuck you. Oh! and by the way he is hung like a fucking horse.”

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