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Continuing Ruth’s Education
After yesterday’s session when I gave Ruth the good fucking she needed, having had no sex since her husband died five years ago, she invited me over for another torrid night of fucking.
I warned her that although I would not use violence she had to accept the activities that I initiated and so broaden her sexual horizons. When I arrived she poured us both generous portions of Glen Fiddich whiskey on the rocks. We sipped and savoured the drinks while we discussed the previous night’s momentous fuck. I had promised her then, that I would initiate her into a much varied range of sexual activity as she had told me that her late husband lacked any will or knowledge regarding varying their fucking. She surprised me with the very graphic language she used to describe the activities and our intimate parts. She never pronounced her late husband’s name and only referred to him as Ba’ali (Hebrew for My husband). She also surprised me with her boldness in taking the initiative. As we sipped our drinks she put her foot between my legs and began to stroke my prick , using her toes hrough my pants.
My prick didn’t remain indifferent and quickly arose to the occasion. I unbuttoned her dress and slipped it off. She was naked beneath it and her large tits which only drooped slightly were very inviting. I started to remove my shirt but she took over and rapidly completed the job of stripping me. She grasped my prick and sucked the crown into her mouth. She slid her hands up and down my fat 10″ cock which by now was fully erect and as stiff as a steel rod. I tried to penetrate her throat but she gagged on it so I aligned it and told her to persevere, which she did and succeeded in swallowing about half of my length. Ruth then withdrew her head but retained the crown in her mouth. She then bravely repeated the swallowing of my prick and gradually we settled into a rhythmic throat fuck. I was strongly aroused and told her I was cumming and began to withdraw but she threw her arms round me and gripped my bum cheeks firmly letting me know that she wanted to drink my cum. I told her not to swallow my cum but to hold it in her mouth as I had other plans. She did this and I pulled her mouth down to mine and we engaged in an old fetish of mine which is swapping my own cum back and forth, savouring the pungent taste of my own seed. Eventually, I swallowed half of the sticky goo and let Ruth have the rest. We both flopped down onto our pillows and dozed off for an hour or so to regain our strength. I remind you that we are both well into our seventies.
I awoke to a tentative stroking of my prick and then a kiss and a gentle tongue stabbing at the small eye slit in the bulb. I reciprocated by turning her onto her back, parting her thighs and penetrating her wet cunt with my tongue. This, she told me was the first time that anyone had licked her cunt and she shuddered in ecstasy. I concentrated on her clit and after a few moments she started to moan. Her moans got louder and louder and became screams. All this time she was shuddering and I had to hold her thighs firmly. With one culminating scream she clamped her limbs round my neck and climaxed, soaking my whole face with her female juices. She grabbed a towel from her bedside table and dried my face apologizing profusely for cumming over me. It took me a little while to convince her that I loved what had happened to us and that it was going to happen again and again.
We cuddled up to each other and I slipped a finger into her cunt. This was followed by another and then a third one. I reached for her tiny puckered up virgin arsehole and began to gently massage it gradually pushing one finger inside. (Now I know why they call it the Ring finger). She told me that it hurt but to continue. I followed this with my forefinger, well lubricated with her own juices and reached quite deep into Ruth’s bum hole. When I felt that I had succeeded in widening her back entrance. I rolled her onto her belly and raised her into a kneeling position. I lubricated my by now raging stiff prick with her fluids and my own spit and pushed it into her bum, stretching and passing her sphincter. Inch by inch I squeezed my rampant prick up her rear passage until I had about 6 inches inside her which I deemed to be enough for a first time bum fuck. Continuing to lubricate my shaft with our juices, I began to piston into her, slowly at first but gradually increasing speed as I felt my balls expanding and my seed preparing to shoot out of me. Finally my cum got the better of the situation and shot itself deep inside her stretched arse hole. As I withdrew, she French kissed me and hugged me thanking me for showing her what she had missed for the last fifty years or so.
Our affair continued for several months but ended when she left for the United States to join her daughter and family in Los Angeles. By now I was really into the swing of “widow fucking” and it didn’t take me long to find another willing partner but that will have to wait for my next story.

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