Eating Out

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Eating Out

We walked into the almost empty restaurant, and sat down in the farthest booth, which was behind a half wall with plants on the top. Perfect for what I had planned for my boyfriend. He slid in first so I could be on the outside. I always had to be on the outside.

The waiter walked towards us, took our drink order, and walked away. My boyfriend was reading over the menu, so I inched my hand toward his cock, and started to stroke it through his pants. He had loose dockers on. We had just visited his parents, so he wanted to look nice. Worked for me, it alowed me to freely move my hand up and down that thick ten inch dick.

“What are you doing Sarah?” He asked a little shocked.
“Trying to get you off baby”
“We are in public…” He turned a little red.
“I don’t care…why do you think I picked this back booth?”

I unzipped his pants, and stuck my hand in, pulling out his stiff cock.
“Ummm…” I moaned. “I want to taste it…”
I bent down and started going to town.
“Sarah, stop! The waiter is coming back!” He hissed out in a whisper.
I pulled up off of his cock, “Tell him I lost my napkin.” And I went back to business. I didn’t move my head up and down, but my tounge was all over the place, and it must have been doing the trick because he was as hard as a rock.

The waiter placed the drinks on the table.
“Can I help you with something ma’am?” He asked.
My boyfriend said, “No man, she just dropped her napkin.”
“Oh allright. Are you all ready to order?”
I started to move my head up and down slightly, and the waiter thought I was shaking my head yes. My boy friend quickly said, “We will both have the daily special.”
“Allright, be right back out with that…”

After the waiter walked away, my boyfriend tried to push me off of him. But I pulled back and said…”Let me have my fun, and then you can have yours.” And before he could answer, I put my lips back around his cock. He moaned, and said…”Fuck it. Alright. Ooooh yeah Baby.”

When he was on the brink of cumming, I pulled back and said, “Our food will be here in just a minute.”
I straightened my hair, and took a sip of my drink. And looked over at him with my “Evil sexy look” and said, “Aren’t you going to put that big mother fucker away?”
I glanced towards the waiter that was coming our way, he quickly put his dripping cock back into his pants, and zipped them back up.
The waiter brought us our food, and I told him, “Thank you. But we won’t need you to come back, and we will come and get the check when we are ready to go. We have alot of important things to talk about. And I will give you a big tip if you do what I ask.” And I handed him a fifty.
“His eyes got really big, and he said, “Yes ma’am!” He turned and walked away.

I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I want you to fuck me right now. I want you to put that big cock in my ass, and fuck me until I can’t stand it any more… But before you do that, I want you to lay me out on this table, and eat my pussy until I can’t see straight.”

I had never ever talked dirty to him before, because I wanted it to knock his fucking socks off when I did. And it had the desired effect. He just sat there with his mouth open. So I took matters into my own hands.

I hiked up my dress, and got up on the table, moved the food to the other side, and layed down flat on my back. Then I grabbed his head, and shoved it into my dripping wet pussy. “Now eat all your dinner Baby.”

He began eating me. His tongue running over my clit, making me tremble.
“Oh yeah. Suck that clit baby. That’s the way. Fuck me with your tongue. Ummmm… Oh…Suck it.”
He knew exactly how to make me cum, and he was doing. Within two minutes I was cumming.
“I’m cumming, sweety”
I grabbed the back of his head, and shoved him deeper into my dripping wet pussy. When I had stopped trembling, he pulled back and started to move away. I grabbed his head and pushed it back into me.
“Oh no baby. This is not a snack. This is a full course meal. Now eat.”

For the first time EVER, he did what I said. I was usually very submissive, so to be in control was new and exciting for me. I was going to play this role to the fullest extent possible.

He sucked that clit, until I came about six more times. I was so fucking horny, that wasn’t enough for me. So I got on the table on my hands and knees and said, “Fuck my in my ass.”

This was another thing we had never done. And once again, I shocked him.

I turned around and looked at him. “I mean it. Fuck my ass…”
He unzipped his pants, and stroked his rock hard cock a few times, and then tried to slowly put it in. I was WAY past slow, so I slammed back against it, ramming his cock deep into my ass.

He finally got the message, and started pounding me. “Fuck me harder. Harder! Oh yes! Fuck yeah! That’s it baby! Fuck it as hard as you can! Hurt me baby! Oh yeah!” I started to get a little to loud for his comfort, so he put his hand over my mouth. “We…are…still…” He said, between pounding my ass and breathing so heavily, he was finding it hard to speak. “In…public…” He managed to get the rest of the sentence out.

He pounded me for about ten more minutes before he said, “Oh I’m gonna cum!”
“Oh yes baby! Fill my ass up with your cum. Make it a huge nut baby! I want it to run down my led when we walk out of here…”
He tensed, groaned, and shot a huge nut into my ass.

After he came, he leaned down on top of me, and rested for a few seconds. He got up, sat down and zipped up his pants. I pulled down my skirt, climbed off of the table and sat down beside him. I looked at him, smiled, and said, “We should eat out more often baby…”
He laughed and said, “I agree…”

We decided not to eat our food, because I looked at him and flashed him that evil sexy smile I mentioned earlier, and told him. “Let’s go back home and eat in.”

As we walked out the door, his cum dripped out of my now very open ass, and dribbled down my leg. All the way down my leg…….

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