Final Fantasy Vll

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“H-Hello?” muttered a sleepy Cloud.
“Wake up sleepy head,” said his girlfriend, the beautiful Tifa Lockheart.
“Oh, he-he-heey,” Cloud said as he stifled a yawn.
“I decided to wake you up, the midnight special over in wonder and speed square are open!” said a hyper Tifa.
“Ok, i’ll go with you, might as well get a game off G-Bike or something to start off right, just lemme get changed first.”
Cloud started to change, but realized that Tifa wasn’t leaving.
“Get outta here!,” Cloud said playfully.
“Ok…” said a disheartened Tifa. Cloud started to change and get naked. Tifa was spying on him, and “accidentally” came into Cloud’s hotel room. “He is so sexy” she thought to herself. Cloud turned around and saw Tifa, un-doing her bra and taking off her clothes.
“W-What in the hell are you doing!?” Cloud said confused, not that he really minded her stripping.
“Well, we’ve been going out for a while and it’s time we have some sex.” Cloud opened his mouth to protest but she started kissing him and he didn’t really refuse.
Cloud realized that they were both naked and just sat for a moment admiring her awesome body.
“You’re body is awe-awesome!”
“Well, I try Cloud, so what do you wanna do first?”
“You’re asking me?”
“What does it look like stupid?”
“You pick, this was all your idea.”
“Ok, let me suck your cock!”
“Umm…ok.” Cloud pulled out his 7 inch cock and showed it to Tifa.
“That’s very nice…” Tifa got down on her knees and slid her mouth onto the plug. She moved her mouth up and down and up and down until she thought she would faint from the dizziness.
“Oooh, Tifa, I’m about to cuuuuuum!” said Cloud and he blew his load into her mouth and all over her face and hair.
“I’m a mess, but that tasted really good honey.” She liked it all off her face and sucked Cloud off to get him hard again.
“Let’s fuck now, I’ve been masterbating ever since we started dating thinking about you. I want to feel you inside me!”
Cloud just nodded and shoved his throbbing log into Tifa’s tight pussy. He started thrusting while her juices basted his cock. Cloud started thrusting faster and faster.
“I’m about to cum Cloud!”
“Me too!” They both cummed in unison and they both almost fainted in ecstacy.
“That felt so good Tifa”
“I know what you mean..ugh.” muttered Tifa sleepily.
“How about we go do this midnight thing tommorow, ok?”
“Ok” yawned Tifa. Cloud went to tuck Tifa in his bed, so they could sleep together. All he could think about is what was going to happen tommorow. He kissed Tifa goodnight and kept thinking about those nice, firm breasts and that tight clit.

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