Fun on the job after hours Part 2

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My friend Dick and I had our first session
after work about a week prior and had agreed
to meet in the ladies john to continue our
foray into this new venture. We were
getting undressed and he was really getting
me hot, kissing me and feeling my cock and he was as hard as a rock, and then
the door opened and the security guard came
in and with his eyes ablaze with desire looking at Dick’s huge eight inch cock and
said, “do you mind me joining in with you ?” We both were a bit shocked to see
him, but Dick looked at me and I just stared
as he was unbuttoning his pants and so, Dick
said, “sure the more the merrier, but how
come you’re here”? Tom said this
room has a security camera and I watched you
two last week, and I was so aroused from that
scene, I thought I would join you. Dick, as
usual undaunted, said what did you do with the tape? Tom, said that scene has been erased and you guys are safe, and I turned off the camera before I came here tonight.
Dick and I had that ‘deer in the headlight look’, and I said, as far as I am concerned,
I am here to learn and if you want to join
in I am agreeable. So, Tom continued undressing and then I could see his 7 inch
cock was about half staff, and oh how was my
mouth watering at the sight. He came over to
the couch and the three of us sat down side
beside each other, and began fondling each
others cocks. Dick ask Tom what were his fantasies, and Tom, said he was game for just about anything Dick could think of. Dick ask Tom to come over and give me head
and he wanted to check out his nice looking
ass. Tom, said he hadn’t any cock up there
in over a month and he was ready for some
action. Tom took my 6 inch cock in his eager
mouth and began mouthing it around and I was
really getting hot now. Dick moved around to Tom’s rear and started putting KY on his brown hole and sticking in a finger and slowly lubing it with two fingers and then
put on some salvia as well. In a few minutes
Tom’s head began bogging up and down, Dick was really putting the old meat to his ass. Dick didn’t last too long and was moaning and
groaning, “Oh Tom, Oh Tom
it feels so good, I think i am about to cum”
then I hear a loud groan and then “AAAAAHHHH”
I knew that Dick had gotten his rocks off.
I was getting fairly close myself, but I held
it a little longer, as Dick came around to my
side and put his half engorged cock in my face. It was oozing cum, and I thought I
would shoot my wad right there, as He put it
in my wide open mouth and I sucked all the left over nice hot cum out of the head. It began to slowly seep out of my mouth and the drool was oozing down the side of my mouth. I swallowed hard it slid down my hungry mouth and then I show my load of jism
into Tom’s waiting mouth. Tom moaned just then and then I knew he had shot off his load as well. We all collapsed back on the couch and let out a great big sigh.
Dick said, “now that was a trip, how are you two guys doing?” With that we bogh let out
a “MANNN O’ MANNNN !!” After that night this
story really gets interesting, so stay around for the rest of my fantasy. JJD

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  1. JayBird

    Nice hot story, let us hear more

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