Fun on the job after hours

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My working fried, Dick and I work together at
a warehouse billing with 7 other women on the
swing shift from 4 to 12 midnight. He is always telling me about going to gay porno flicks and it usually arouses me, and I think
he knows it. He is always asking me to go with him but I don’t have the courage. He knows that I was recently divorced and have
never had sex with another man, but he has an eye for me, and wants to make out with me
so bad. Then one day
he brings a poloroid to work that he took
of his cock. He has a huge erection and I
get pretty excited looking at it. He senses
that I am excited looking at it and asks me to meet him after the
shift in the ladies restroom, since they will
be gone and it will be deserted. I go into
to restroom about 12:15 and he is there already and only has his shorts on. I can see he has a large bulge in his silk briefs.
He says “sit down awhile and ask me anything
that is on your mind”. I sit and then it occurs to me that I have never done this, but have thought about it a lot. I say “what
do I do first, please be gentle with me”.
He says “just relax and I will show you all
you will need to know”. He takes my hand and
puts it on his hard cock and it feels so good. I rub it gently and he moans some, and
then he takes my pants off, and pulls down
my boxers. It is so exciting, I can hardly
stand it. I get this huge erection and he
slowly pulls up and down on my tool, and I
start moaning as well. After a little time
he puts his head near my ear and blows warm
air into it, I just about scream. I feel
as if I could cum rite there. Later he leans
over and takes my cock in his mouth, it feels
so good, I am beginning to think I want be
able to take much of this. He asks me if he
could put his dick in my mouth, and I said,
“Oh Yes !!”. It felt so hot and was throbbing
like nothing I had ever felt before. He is
groaning and groaning,then he yells, “I’M COMING’, and
then he let loose a stream into my mouth that
was so warm and salty, yet sweet at the same
time. He said now Jay, it is your turn, just
let her go when you feel it. It was building
in my balls and then it came like I had never
had an ejaculation before. We were both
spent and then, I said, “I would like to try
more of this”. He said, “We can meet maybe
a couple times a week and explore this new
world”. After that we would meet about once
or twice a week for our little sexual tryst.
Stay tuned for part II as it gets better and
better as we we go.

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  1. JayBird

    This is a hot story, do you have any more?
    Would like to read more if you have any.

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