gladys and me 5

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Gladys and I sat on the sofa and watched charlene as she eased herself up to her feet. She was such a hot little babe and my cock was stirring again. Gladys saw immediately and wrapped her fingers around it. She turned to charlene and spoke. “this is your lucky day little girl. we are going to make you into a woman today and fuck you all day”
charlene asked why. Gladys replied “because you are a horny little bitch with the sweetest ass and because I want to”
She ordered cherlene to kneel at my feet and suck me, she hesitated but gladys threatened to tell her mummy again and charlene did as she was told. Her lips slid over the head and sucked the head right into her hot mouth. gladys gave her instructions which she obediently followed. She bobbed her head up and down on the tip and wanked the shaft with one hand while squeezing the balls with the other. she sank deeper down and half of my length was now in her mouth.She had been told to keep in her mouth my load when it came and that gladys would then share it with her through a kiss. a few minutes of this and I unloaded a huge wad into her gagging face, gladys was quick to get to her face and she latched her lips onto charlenes and licked the inside of her mouth taking every drop she could. Gladys then shoved charlene down to her pussy and lay back as the girl licked at her old hole. the sounds and the sight of this had my cock straining again and I enjoyed the show immensely.
While still being licked, gladys ordered me to get behind the girl and take her up the ass, how could I refuse. I knelt behind her and rubbed lube into her ass hole with a finger and then smeared my cock with it. skowly I entered her inch by inch until I was fully inside, she moaned and cried, but gladys tightened the grip on her face with her cunt and thighs and I continued to ride her. i got faster and faster and was close to cumming when gladys began to shudder her climax out and I lost control and humped as hard as I could until I blew right up her ass and fell back exhausted. Gladys bent the girl over and stuck her tongue right up her ass hole licking and drinking my cum from her ass hole.
Gladys threw her to the floor next to me and said simple.
“bedroom now my little darlings”

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