Hang out for coffee

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Some times I sit back and wonder what I could have done differently that night. I had been walking home from work when I decided to stop in at my favorite bar. Eric the bartender had known me for a while. “Hey Jennifer how are you tonight?” “Fine Eric how are you.” He muttered a fine to me and got back to work.

He was kind of handsome. He was six foot four and weighed about 160. From what I had heard he was pretty well hung too. I had been interested in him for a while now. I think he knows that I like him cause he keeps flirting with me everytime I go in there. Only this time was a little different.

I was in there until close this time just talking to Eric. Our topic of course was sex. I hadn’t slept with anyone in a year and I was in dire need of it. He thought I looked hot in my short mini skirt and my low cut top exposing the tops of my 38C breasts. I got up to walk to the door when he stoped me. “Jen, would you like to come back to my place to have some coffee?” he asked. “Sure,” I said knowing where this was going to lead.

He walked home with me infront of him. I swayed my ass so I would turn him on. When we got to his apartment, I sat on his couch with my legs spread so he could see that I was not wearing any underwear. That turned him on greatly cause he ripped his shirt off and came toward me. He picked me up and kissed me running his hand down to my skirt.

There he inserted 2 fingers and started fucking me with them. Damn that feels so good. He stopped and took off my shirt. He found that I was wearing no bra also. He picked up one of my tits and started sucking and biting them at the same time. This really turned me on. He removed his fingers from my pussy. He took of my skirt and yanked off his pants.

He licked me all the way down to my pussy. There he ate me out. Damn that feels so good. I was moaning up a storm and about ready to cum when he stopped. He picked me up and sit me down on his 10″ dick. He slowly let it enter me. Then he started moving faster and faster. This time all of him was in me. He got me to the point where I was going to cum again. He pulled out and turned me over. He entered my pussy from behind, ramming into me as hard and fast as he can. The whole time I am moaning and groaning, from the pain and pleasure. He let me cum this time, it was long and hard me cumming to. He wanted to cum badly to, but wanted to fuck me in the ass. Since I had never had it in the ass I let him do it. It hurt at first but after he started rocking back and forth a couple of times it felt pretty damn good. He thrusted in four or five times and then shot his load up my ass. It felt kind of funny, But I enjoyed it.

Now everytime we see each other we make it a point to “Hang out for Coffee.” We Both get the fucks of our lives.

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