"I'll never forget this!" part one

I love sex, but I hate men. I hate the way they use you for their pleasure and then they get off on trying to hurt you as much as they can. But I found a way to get out all of my frustration with men in a very, very fun way.
I found him in a bar, His name is Ethane, and he was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know why he would want me, but he sure did.
“Hey, my name is Karri,” I said, while approaching him, “I kind of noticed that you were watching me.”
“Wow, I didn’t think you saw me. I’m sorry I’m not trying to be a weirdo, I just… I mean.. Uh… I wasn’t looking..”
“Wouldn’t ‘Hi, my name is…’ be a little more simple than ‘uh…Uh…Duh, duh, duh..?’ is?”
“my name is Ethane.”
“Had to think about it huh?” I said with a cocky tone, “I’m not trying to be bitch, I’m just tyring to make you more nervous.”
“Mission accomplished.” He said raising his glass to his mouth and drinking his whole shot.
“I’m sorry, let me try this again, my name is Karri, do you wanna fuck?”
His jaw dropped to the floor. He gluped hard trying to catch up with himself, “What? I mean… Are you serious?!”
“Well, surprisingly, I am serious. I guess that that is what I was going to try to accomplish in the end just without all of the small talk and liquor.”
He laughed a little, drinking some more, “trying to get a rise out of me again aren’t you?”
I grabbed his arm and continued, “Now, I hope your place is close, I’m a little to drunk to drive all the way home.” He didn’t speak a word, he just walked with me mindlessly leading me out of the bar, and across the street. How convinient? Now, to do the deed and get a quick escape.
We walked in his building, and his apartment was right near the door. Ethane unlokced the door, stumbling a little as he fondled with his keys. As soon as we entered his place, he shut the door and stood there like ‘what now?’.
I turned to him and walked right in front of his face, “So,” I said grabbing at his collar a bit, “have you ever been tied up?” I could see his cock now buldging in his pants.
“Um, no… but I would like to be.”
“Alright, lead me to the bedroom and maybe a few pieces of rope or something of the sort.” He walked mindlessly into the room ajacent from us, taking off his jacket and loosening his collar nervously He walked to his closet and pulled out a handfull of ties and handed then to me, “Will this do?”
I nodded my head agreeingly, and pushed him closer to the bed. I shoved him one good time and he was down. “Now, turn lengthwise.” I commanded. I crawled up the bed, and on top of him. It took a minute for me to get his arms tied right, but his legs were positioned just perfect. “Now I want to ask you something important… Are you willing to do anything I desire?”
“yeah… of course!”
“Ok, you better be sure, because I wanna have some fun with you.” He nodded accordingly and that there gave me free reign of him. I unbuttoned his shirt and pants and pulled them off as much as I could. “Now, I’m going to tell you that I am going to make you explore the pleasures that most men do not even dare to try. I’m going to hurt you and make you feel like a little bitch, and I think you’re going to like it… no, you will like it.”
His eyes grew wide, but his cock buldged more in his boxers. I reached into purse and pulled out my KSK (Kinky Shit Kit) that I always have with me. Especially when I go out to bars. I opened it up and revieled my toys. “Now, looky here, I have some toys to use on you… Here I have a small anal probe, a vibrator, a few clothespins, some lube, some string and dildo.” His eyes grew wide but he still didn’t say no…
“Um… OK….Uhh….” he studdered as pulled out the clothes pins and anal probe.
“Oh, so now you are going to be a bad bitch and protest… Well, I’m going to have to shut you up.” I pulled out another tie and gagged him tightly. “Now, I’m going to use ALL of these toys on you, and you’re going to like it.” His moans of protest now muffled I Placed clothes pins on the skin of his balls and a few on his nipples. He moaned some more, and the intensity made me soak my panties all the way through, I had to release it soon.
“I’m going to show you how men use me all of the time… I’m going to use you to make me cum, and then I’m going to fuck your ass just for the fun of it.” I grabbed his cock and made slid it deep inside of me. I started to ride him like a pony. I couldn’t resist it. His cock was a decent 9″ and a good 2 inches wide, it made me quivrr inside. I could see that he was enjoying it… just a little too much so I stopped.
I then, crawled to his face, and laid my pussy on his mouth and said, “Now, you’re going to eat me and if you don’t do it good I’m not going to let you go.”
He started to eat my pussy, and he was good. I watched his struggle to get breath and I couldn’t resist anymore, I was going to cum. I could feel him moan again as my pussy juices splattered on his face. Now for the fun….

To be continued….

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"I'll never forget this!" part one, 6.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. serina69

    It made me hot, I loved it

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  2. dungeonmaster

    I hope this is continued

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