In The Animal House

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As this story begins you can only imagine what goes on in a college animal house. There were seven guys who all lived in this house, and nothing really happening during most of my stay. None of us ever having any money, so normally we had to wait on this one guy who seemed like he always bought our beer, so with this guy going to get some beer,as he returned of course on this day he was our favorite person, so with only three of us in the house at this time, that meant we each had more beer to drink. So as we finished off this case of beer, we decided to head to one of our favorite joints to watch a little football. After drinking even more beer and now feeling quiet drunk at this time, we all decided to head back to the house so we could probably pass out and wake up with a hangover the next day. Feeling a little horny, we made it back to the house, and as we went to our different rooms and completely falling and laying out on the bed, just as I was about to pass out I felt something tugging on my pants and then my shorts were off, looking up to see James standing over me with his cock in his hand starting to jack himself off, right in front of me. Looking up at his 8-inch cock which was at full attention by now.He kneels down to start sucking and licking my now hard nipples, and as he sucked and pinched my nipples his hands made their way to the base of my cock, with him now playing with my balls and working his way up my shaft, I now a had a real hardon just watching him suck on me. He then works his mouth down to my balls and starts to lick his way up, sliding his tongue over and around my now hard shaft, then working onto my head, while still jacking himself off, he takes my cock down and up, starting off slow, and then working up his speed.As he continues to suck me off, I move his hands and grab his cock stroking it hard and long trying to excite him, and as my cock grew even bigger I felt like I was going to cum at any minute, and as he felt my cock getting hotter in his mouth and was about to explode, he pulls off and as we walk down the hall to the bathroom he pushes me down to where my face was staring at his hard cock, and as he took my head and forced me onto him, as this was the first time I had ever had a cock in my mouth I could taste and smell his hot liquid already beginning to cum out and down my throat, as I bigan to suck even harder and deeper, feeling his cock get bigger and bigger with each suck when all of a sudden he stops me and turns me around with my ass facing him, and as I feel some type of liquid on my back and ass, now with him starting to insert his finger and now two fingers planted in my ass. With him stroking my ass, I guess he figured that it was time. Taking his hard cock and slowly putting it in my ass, slowly then picking up speed until I could feel the hair around his cock rubbing my ass and then I heard a slapping noise as he entered me going to town on me as he groaned saying what a tight ass, and that he wanted to cum in me. As he grabbed my waist to thrust even more cock in me, and at first it really did hurt, but I guess after several minutes of this pounding in my ass relaxed even more. So as I was on the floor on all fours I noticed a figure comming around my side, just then I saw Rick, the other roommate grab his now hard on and begin to stroke himself, as he watched me get this pounding in my ass, and as both James and I moan and groan even more, I hear Rick say that he wanted me to suck him off, so as he grabbed my head my mouth opens and he thrusts his cock down my throat, and as I take his cock in my mouth sucking him hard and deep, feeling him all the way to the back of my throat, and with James pounding me even harder, I hear nothing but slapping and slurping comming from both ends. So as the room gets even hotter I hear James start to explode in my ass, and as starts to slow up I continue to suck this huge cock all in my mouth and throat. He begins to quiver and shake until he finally explodes his cum down my throat, as he continues to pump my mouth, he finshes and as I lick and suck up all of his cum that was left, and as we all fall to the floor, I hear Rick and James tell me that its not over yet, as they both grab my cock, balls, and shaft, with one licking my balls and the other begins to go down on my hard on needing some relief. Only after a few minutes of this suckfest they both are sucking on me, with me saying that I was ready to cum, but before I could finish I released my hot cum all over both of them and I think they licked me clean and dry, and after that we all fell in the floor exhausted until the next morning where we found ourselves with one heck of a hangover, and also being a little sore. More of the story to follow, and if you would like to know more let me know.

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