It All Started With A Kiss

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One night my band had a show to do at The Pensacola Civic Center In Florida . It was a rock metal show. After the show we went to a back stage party and there were people who had bought back stage passes and little did I know one of my “biggest fans” was there. He came up to me asking for an autograph so I gave him one . Then he started talking to me as if he knew me and it seem so as if he did for a very long time , he knew everything about me .I was wondering how he knew so much and then he laid a soft smooth long kiss on me and then it hit me .In high school ,from when I had lived in Florida, he had been one of my tormentors making every waking day miserable for me until the last day of my school career I had to drop out because I couldn’t take the way people tormented me for the way I was ,an outcast like all of my friends . He was just a clean cut kid at the time he used to look like this: (Short brown hair with bleach blonde streaks , One ear piercing in his left lobe ,it was a studded diamond .He wore the Polo shirts and jeans so he matched . He had brown eyes. He was about 6’5 and must of weighed 165 lbs ,he was a football player very muscular very strong. But now he had hair down to his chin it was cut at an angle and cut chopped up in the back so he could spike it ,it was jet black with neon blue streaks in it like mine was . He had his lip and labret pierced along with probably 12 piercing’s on his left ear and 13 on the right the lobes were gauged to at least a 00 gauge , His eyebrow was pierced two times on the left and once on the right. He had tattoos filling up each one of his arms going down his chest and back . It was beautiful art work for his body it really defined him .He was Still the same height of 6’5 . He must of lost weight or something because he looked so frail and skinny , so breakable. He was also very pale not like he used to look at all .He looked so good now I couldn’t believe my eyes .He had changed so much in the past Three years it was amazing .Maybe I should describe myself huh? Well here it goes , I have short chin length hair its jet black and neon blue streaked . I am 5’3 I have hazel eyes with pale skin 38c tits 130lbs . I have my labret and a vertical lip ring right above the labret ring my septum is pierced . I had at the time of this event 20 surface piercing’s going up my back. My ears are pierced and gauged to a 00g on both sides my eyebrow is done once on one side and twice on the other . I have a tattoo of a butterfly wrapped in barbed wire right above my ass . And a black rose wrapped in barbed wire on the back if my neck. I have barely no fat on my body than a little bit on my tummy.

But back on to the story.. I pulled my self away from him and said,” Now I know why you know everything about me you were an old tormentor of my fiends and I . I can’t believe you would come here and play it so smoothly and not be afraid of what might happen to you!” he stopped me by putting his finger tips on my mouth and said,” Finally you remember . I never got a chance to tell you before you moved …that the only reason why I did all of that stuff to you is… well ….is because I liked you a lot back then ,but I didn’t know what others would think of me for liking an outcast like you were . But now look at me you can’t say that you don’t find me one bit attractive.” I said ,” Don’t even play me like that Adam . Do not even pull your bullshit here. I’ll have your ass thrown out, and yes I do find you attractive now but you put me through so much back then how could I ever like you?” “Well can you give me another chance? Just one try to make things right between us I ask you this one thing. Please?” I thought about it for a while after four beers I walked back over to him and said,” I’ll give you another chance Adam, but your going to have to get the same response from Jake the way you beat the shit out of him everyday in high school . He probably wont even talk to you maybe beat the shit out of you in return for doing it to him everyday in high school making him regret that he was even born.” “Okay thank you so much Jessica thank you … I’m going to go talk to him right now okay I’ll be back weather or not if he beats the shit out of me it wont matter I want a chance with you even if its brief . By the way where can I find Jake?” “He’s our drummer .He’s over there on the couch I’m going to go with you so he doesn’t try and beat the shit out of you . He wont touch you if I’m there beside you.” “Thank you Jessica I didn’t really feel like getting pounded the hell out of today.” “No problem Adam but if he doesn’t want to even thing about giving you another chance then your shit out of luck.” “okay .”

We walked over to Jake and started talking then after and hour he said ,”Okay I’ll give him another chance , but he better not hurt you in anyway or ill break him in half.” Adam understood that very well .”Jake might be my ex-boyfriend Adam ,but he still loves me.” “When did ya’ll go out ?” “Over a year ago.” “Why did you guys break up?” “Not Sure why we did . Probably felt like the right thing to do I guess.” That conversation went long on into the night and after a couple of mouths Adam and I were having sex as wild as ever but one night he pulled something different he told me that he wanted me in every way possible . I said ,”Okay Adam you can have me in every way possible. Just don’t hurt me.” “Okay I’ll be as gentle as possible on you .” He started off by kissing me passionately and touching me all over my body making me get wet with every one of his touches , they were so soft so gentle so loving , as I was thinking this he started kissing down my body and stopped on my breasts and started to suck and nibble on my already hard nipples making me moan a little bit here and there especially when he ran his tongue ring a crossed my nipple rings making me get even wetter . Then he ran his hands as well as his tongue down my stomach and began to spread my legs . He looked up at me as he kissed the top of my freshly shaven pussy. Then he softly spread my pussy lips and kissed my clit sending shivers up my spine .Then he ran his tongue up and down my slit right above my pussy hole making me want his tongue in my pussy. He then licked a bit deeper sticking his tongue deep inside of my cunt just licking and twirling his tongue in and out of me making me moan and grab the bed sheets and pull them up a bit. Then he started to lick my asshole rimming me ,making it wet enough to slide a finger in my ass he did just that . He slid one finger in my ass and started to finger fuck my ass while licking my pussy giving me an orgasm as well as making me cum all over his face. He looked up at me and smiled licking his lips .Then he climbed on top of me starting to kiss me again passionately as he went down to grab his hard 12 inch cock and rubbed it on my slit up and down along it sending more shivers up my spine , he then rubbed the head of his cock on my clit making me get very ,very wet making me want him to slide his fat cock in me hard. He started to push himself in me slowly but like always my pussy was to tight and kept pushing him back out but then he slid it all the way in making me go breath less for a couple of seconds and grasp him to me. As he started to thrust in and out of me making me moan and scream his name over and over again he went down on my tits and grabbed one and started to bite and lick on it . Making me orgasm and gush my fluids all over his cock , making him moan as he felt my pussy tighten around his cock .He pulled out of me and said for me to turn over in doggy style position .He then started to kiss up and down my back and then he kissed my ass and rubbed my ass cheeks while he rimmed me again then he kneeled behind me and grabbed one side of my hips and told me “This might hurt because you have never done anal before.” I turned my head and nodded at him and said ,
” Okay baby just remember what I said before we started be gentle on me .” he said as he started to push the head of his cock in
me ,”Okay Ba
by I will just tell me if I’m being to rough. Okay?” I said this in a quivering shaky voice, “Okay I Will.” He kept pushing his huge cock in me inch by inch making me moan and grab the bed sheets and ripping them off of the bed. As he pushed all the way in me he let out a low moan of passion and he came a bit in me making me shudder . As he started to slowly pull his hard cock out of me he grabbed both sides of my hips and slowly pushed himself back into me in and out in and out he gradually gained speed and he was eventually pumping my ass as hard as he pumped my pussy this lasted for another 15 to 20 mins. He pulled his cock out of me and pushed it deep into my pussy and started to pump again and the he pushed all the way to my g-spot and cummed deep in me making me have multiple orgasms .He then pulled out of me and laid himself down and pulled me on top of him and I started to ride his cock slowly and started Kissing him then I leaned up and grabbed my hair and started to go faster he grabbed my hips and started thrusting meeting my thrusts making both of us moan he then let my hips go and grabbed my tits and started to squeeze and rub them as I came all over his cock again. I then climbed off his cock and went down on him sucking all 12 inches down my throat making him cum in the back of my throat I swallowed all of it then I went up and laid next to him smiled and wrapped my arms around him still breathing heavily as was he .He did the same but only wrapped one arm around my back holding me close to him as I said,” Baby why didn’t we do that earlier ? I loved it!” he looked at me and smiled while saying,” I didn’t think that you’d be up for it .” he just chuckled as well as I did. We laid there an hour smiling and kissing each other and we fell asleep like that holding each other in our arms smiling.

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