Jennifer continues to learn

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After a short sleep Jennifer woke up in her cell. She found a note next to her bed that said “Congratulations you did well at your first task. You will watch the tapes we left you. You will be tested so don’t miss anything. This is a slut whose cum you had in your mouth before. ” A plate with some bread and ham was left next to the note. Jennifer was a vegetarian so she just ate the bread. She turned the TV on and put the first tape in. It was a tape of a teenage girl getting raped by a fifty -year old man while another woman was holding her. After the man finished fucking a crying teenager he ordered a woman to sit on her face and told the girl to eat her pussy. The girl was pleading to be let go when the man slapped her several times. She ate the woman after that. Jennifer was crying from shame since she realized she was getting wet while watching it. She turned it off and put the next tape in. In this tape the woman who was raping he girl in the other tape was saying she would never help him (the man) make another woman a slut. He laughed at her and tied her up on the metal bed stripped of a mattress, After that, he started whipping her with a short crop. She was screaming and begging him to stop. He just laughed and kept going on until her back and ass and legs were red. Then he untied her and pushed his cock into her mouth. She sucked hungrily until he came into her mouth. He petted her head and she seemed pleased. He laughed again and slapped her face. That was the end of that tape. Other tapes were similar. In one of them, a woman was fucked by a dog while many were watching. Another one showed a young girl who was probably 13 gang raped by a group of older men. At one point Jennifer started shaking and realized she was having an orgasm. She was playing with her pussy without realizing it. She was repulsed by herself and started crying when the door to her cell opened. It was Lord. “I see you like the tapes we left for you. These are many women we thought how to behave here. You should be proud to join them. You didn’t like your food?” he pushed the plate. “I don’t eat meat.” A hard slap made her face burn. Ham was shoved into her mouth. “Eat and don’t ever tell me what you do because you DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO!!!” She swallowed. “Which tape did you like the best?” “I didn’t like them.” She got another slap. “DON’T EVER LIE TO ME WHORE! Wipe your cunt off.” He threw a towel at her. She wiped herself off and could not tell if her face was burning from shame or from the slaps. “You are so stupid I can’t even get hard looking at you. You have five minutes to get me hard or I will get the dog to fuck you. Do you understand slut?” Jennifer was panicked. She didn’t want to be fucked by that dog she saw in the video. She started to unbutton Lord’s pants when he slapped her again. “I didn’t say you can use hands slut.” Jennifer started opening his pants with her mouth and licking his dick. She could feel it getting harder and was happy. She couldn’t believe she is feeling happy sucking this man’s dick but the idea of the dog scared her so much she put all her skills into this sucking. Lord’s dick was large. Probably 9-10″ long and she couldn’t get it all into her mouth. She tried but it just wouldn’t come so she kept licking around it and as he was getting harder and bigger she was getting almost proud of herself. Lord grabbed her hair and pulled her head away. “Good start slut. I will give you toys to practice deep throating without breaking you jaw. Now turn around and bend over I want to fuck you.” Jennifer obeyed but her legs were shaking. She never had a big dick inside of her and was very tight for a non virgin. Lord wiped her pussy with the towel. “You are getting too wet slut, I like it dry.” He pushed his dick inside of her and started pumping. Her tight and dry pussy was in so much pain she was screaming and pleading for him to stop. Finally it got wet again and she was starting to enjoy it when he pulled his dick out and wiped her pussy dry. He did this a few times and she was begging him to stop, promising to be good anything that came into her mind. He was fucking her for probably 20 minutes like that when he said “stupid bitch I told you not to get wet” and shoved his dick into her never before used ass. Jennifer didn’t expect this and after the pussy torture she didn’t think anything could hurt more, but this did. As he pushed harder and harder she could feel her ass cracking. When he finally came she was feeling dizzy from pain. He flipped her over and said “Clean it up slut.” She started licking her own shit and his cum off his dick without even thinking. When she was done he slapped her again and walked out of the room.

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