Light of the Evenstar

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There was not a sound, not a light flickering in this shadowy night. But all the same, it seemed not peceful, as normal silence would seem, but pressing, and tense; perhaps because the Fellowship of the Ring was leaving for their quest to Mordor the following morning.

This night was uneasy for many, but especially for Arwen Undomiel, since she was haunted by the thought that Aragorn would die at war. Though she knew and was told by him many a time, that there was always hope, her light of hope was dimming. She wanted Aragorn. If not for her own forever, one last time.

She got up from the bed, lit a torch, and walked down the hallway to Aragorn’s chamber. Sighing, she made sure that her revealing, sparkling white mini-dress was smooth and free of wrinkles before knocking on the door.

A rugged-looking, very manly ranger answered her. She smiled, this was, and always would be, the man she loved.

“Arwen,” he said, greeting her with a kiss. “It is very late. What is it?”

Arwen looked down, a blush creeping up on her fair, elven complexion. “Tomorrow you are to leave. I know you told me not to give up hope, but if…if you do not return….I just want to love you, and if we are to be parted, bear the memory forever with me.”

Aragorn seemed startled, but smiled down at her. Not saying anything, he wrapped one arm around her and led her to his bed. His hand crept up her dress, and Arwen shivered; his very presence got her wet.

He pushed her down onto the bed. He slipped the dress off her body, and Arwen lost no time undressing her lover. The two locked their mouthes together, their tongues parting each other’s lips and soughting the other tongue. Arwen released herself of the kiss, panting.

“Please,” she gasped. “I need to feel you in me…please…I cannot wait…”

With that, Aragorn positioned himself on his knees, and showed Arwen his fully erect cock. Arwen’s eyes widened; it was never this big before. She got on all fours, and Aragorn traced his shaft along the line of her ass. Arwen groaned. “Please..don’t play…”

He wasn’t in the mood to wait much longer either. His dick found her already-soaking pussy and he plunged into her. “Oh…yes…yes…more!!” Arwen moaned, and Aragorn continued to thrust himself into her, over and over again.

“Ah, yesss!! Oh, oh, faster, harder!!” Arwen screamed. It was fortunate that these elven walls blocked sound.
Aragorn quicked his pace, and buried his cock even deeper into Arwen’s depths. “Oh, ungh, I’m going to cum….”
She shuddered, and liquid dribbled out of her cunt, staining the sheets. Aragorn thrust into her a few more times, and came into her.

Pulling his cock out, Aragorn started sucking on her pussy. Arwen found this delighting, and arched her back, moaning for more. While he nibbled her clitoris and licked at Arwen’s juices, he asked her, “Arwen, you like learning new things, don’t you?” To which she replied, “Yes….”

Aragorn smiled like a cat who finished the last of it’s milk. “Then, do you want to learn some new pleasure?”
Arwen did not answer, but grinned.

Aragorn licked his lips. His cock became rock-hard again, and stuck in front of him as he traced his cock along the crack of her ass again. But, instead of sliding into her pussy, he plunged into her asshole.

Arwen’s mouth curved into a ‘o’. “Ah-ah-ohhh!” She groaned as she rubbed her clit on her own. Arwen turned onto her back, so her stomach was up. Aragorn kept on thrusting into her ass, and he started licking one of her tits while massaging the other.

Arwen closed her eyes. “Oohhh, yes, yes! YES, HARDER!” Aragorn let go of one of Arwen’s tits and put three fingers in her pussy instead. She was feeling her climax build. Arwen sighed, Aragorn grunted, and their juices flowed out of Arwen’s cunt.

“I’ll remember this night for my entire life,” Arwen promised as she got up to leave the room. “And my love for you will never die.”

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