Master PC- Omega Version Chapter V

Master PC- Omega Version
Chapter V

It didn’t take long before the three of us were well rested and I was ready to restart time. I pulled out the master PC and clicked on the Normal option. I then sped up time until the next person on our bus got on. It was Adam. He’s pretty cool, but not really someone that I hang out with, so I put him in the back and had him go to sleep before speeding time up again. The next person on was Tammy, so I stopped time. Tammy was a senior. She had long brown hair, down to her mid-back, and a nice c-cup. She was tall for a girl, 5’8″, and was on our volleyball team, so her body was nice and toned.
I walked up to her and ran my hands over her stomach before sliding them up and grabbing her breasts through her shirt. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra was painfully obvious as I felt her nipples poking through the thin fabric. I should mention at this point, I suppose, that I am the only one not frozen.
I thought for a few moments about what I wanted to do with her when I got an idea. I first input a command for Tammy that she would not be able to move unless I told her that she could. I then unfroze her and Ashley. Then, I sent us all back to my house. Once there, I clicked on the help icon to call Lindsey. She arrived the instant I clicked the button. I then walked over to her and asked her if there was a way to add an attachment to a building with the master PC program. She sad yes and gestured to an option under the Tools menu, labeled Building.
The screen quickly shifted to a sort of “The Sims” imitation. In the middle was a basic model for a house and at the top was a button labeled Choose.
Lindsey told me to “think of the building that you want to edit and just click choose. It will find it for you.”
With that, I thought of my house and clicked choose. The picture instantly shifted to a 3D image of the first story of my house, with the walls shortened so that you could see everything inside. At the bottom was a Wallet sign, a Hand sign, and a Hammer sign. Lindsey said, “The wallet is to buy things, the hand is to move things, and the hammer is to build things.”
As I wanted to add a room to my house, I clicked on the build icon. Up popped another group of options. I first selected walls and surrounded an area of about the size that I wanted. I then added a door connecting it to my room. After that, I clicked on flooring and walls and made then both completely white. Next, I clicked on the wallet icon and typed, “sex toys” into the text box that popped up. Up popped a huge list of toys with their pictures next to them. I spent the next few minutes customizing this room before typing my house in as me, Tammy, and Ashley’s locations. We arrived in front of my house, so I walked the girls into my new room. When we got there, I was shown my first sight of my new room.
The room was large, with seamless white walls and floor. It was lit by a series of tiny, white lights, so that the room was filled with a sort of glow. Along the walls were pegs with various sex toys laying on them. In one corner was a small medical cart with gloves, lubricant, handcuffs, needles, itching lotion, restraints, and other tools and in the other corner next to my wall of toys was a harness, attached to the ceiling. In the center of the room, though, was my real pride and joy. I created it with the master pc.
The machine was mostly black metal and reached to the ceiling. At the bottom were two restraints meant to hold a persons calves that were each connected to an arc at the bottom of the machine that could lock in place, putting their legs as spread out as you wanted. To the side of these were two moveable arms. Each had a machine at the end with a small metal bar protruding from it. These were meant to have different sized dildos attached to them and then locked in front of one of a person’s orifices, pumping it in and out and, if programmed to, vibrating. Above that were two restraints to hold a person’s arms that were also adjustable.
I looked over to Tammy and led her to the apparatus, clicking her arms and legs into the restraints. I then gave her free control of her motor functions. Her eyes instantly got wide and she screamed at the top of her lungs. What she didn’t realize was that this room was soundproof. However, her scream was high-pitched and painful, so I quickly went over to the wall to retrieve a cock-gag. It had the same general purpose as a ball gag, but was shaped like a cock and was meant to be shoved down someone’s throat. I then walked over to her and held her nose until she opened her mouth. When she did, I shoved the head in, but it took some effort to get it the rest of the way down her squeezing throat with her head thrashing from side to side. When I had it all of the way in, I attached it around the back of her neck and walked over to my cart in the corner.
I rolled it over to the middle of the room and picked up an X-acto-knife. She got a look of panic on her face as I walked over to her, but this was just meant for her clothes. I quickly ahold of the bottom of her shirt and sliced my blade all of the way up it, and then along the short sleeves and sides, so that I could get it all of the way off. This provided me with a very nice view of her milky-white breasts and her perky little brown nipples. I then reached down and cut off her skirt and panties. She, of course, couldn’t stop me because she was stretched taut.
Once she was naked, I decided to have a little fun. I first reached up to her mouth and set the gag to vibrate. I then grabbed the remote control for the machine and clicked on a button that said Kneeling. This caused the apparatus to move around until her legs were bent and spread apart, and her arms were stretched out in front of her as she was bent over. I then got behind her and ran a small amount of the itching lotion over my cock (I had made myself immune to its effects when I got it). I then started to slide my cock over her pussy-lips. When I did this, she started to shake, and it got worse when I moved it up to her anus and started to push it in slightly. At this point, she was trying to move as much as possible, but to no avail as the head of my cock slowly popped into her ass. After that, sliding the rest in wasn’t all that difficult.
I’ve gotta tell you, her ass was amazing. It was tight, and soft, and wet, and the muscles inside it were giving my cock this wonderful massage as I started to pump in and out.
Tammy’s Perspective

What the Fuck!!
I had gotten on the bus as usual, this morning, but as soon as I did, I found myself frozen with Alex Blaze, a sophomore, rubbing his hands all over my breasts. To make matters worse, when I tried to slap him, I discovered that I couldn’t move. I screamed on the inside as his hands fondled my breasts, and then suddenly, me, Alex, and this naked girl that I had never seen before were in front of a house that I did not recognize, although I assume that it was Alex’s because he led us through it and into this completely white room. This was one of those rooms that made you think of, like, the military experimenting on people. When you walk into the room, you sort of imagine waking up on a metal slab and looking up at a bunch of weird doctors.
However, there were other things in the room as well. The far wall was covered with sex toys, which left very little doubt in my mind about what was about to happen to me, but that didn’t make me any less panicked as he led me to a large machine in the middle of the room. After securing me into it, he typed something into his computer, and I felt myself able to move again. Instantly, I screamed, hoping that someone, anyone, would hear me. Unfortunately, after a few seconds, I saw Alex, who I now noticed was naked, walking over to me with what looked like a large dildo with a strap attached to it.
Afraid of what it was for, I stopped screaming and closed my mouth. Apparently amused b
y this, he walked up to me and held my nose
until I had to open my mouth to breath, but the moment I did, he shoved the head of the dildo into my mouth. Only now did I comprehend what it was for, as he jammed it down my throat, making me gag. By the time he had it all the way in, I was crying my ass off. I didn’t understand. What had I done to deserve this?! When he finished shoving it in, he secured it around the back of my head.
My heart sank even lower when I saw him walk over to his cart and return with an X-acto knife. When he brought it up to my chest, I thought it was over for me, but he slid it down and used it to cut off my shirt, letting my breasts fall free. I held completely still while he continued to cut off my clothes for fear that he would slip and miss. In a matter of seconds, I was hanging there, spread-eagle and naked, in front of him. He then reached up to my mouth and turned a knob on the back of my gag, making it start to vibrate. Then, he pulled out a small remote-control and clicked a button, making the machine that was holding me move around until I found myself in a kneeling position with my legs spread out a little bit.
I knew what was next, but I couldn’t have anticipated how he would fuck me. I saw him get some lotion from his cart, but noticed the word “itching” on the bottle. After rubbing it on his cock, he got behind me and started to tub his cock against my pussy-lips. The effect was immediate. The itching lotion from his cock was being spread all over my pussy and my body began to shake with pain and discomfort, which only increased when he spread my ass-cheeks and slowly pressed into my virgin ass. That’s not to say that nothing had ever been up there, just not a dick. I enjoyed having things up my ass, actually, but had never had anything bigger than a carrot up there. Now Alex was shoving his huge cock in. When he got the head in, I was surprised by its immense size, but distracted by the shock of the itching lotion touching the inside of my ass. The pain got worse and worse as I felt him work its entire length into me.
I cannot describe how horrible I felt as he started pumping in and out of my ass. I could hardly breath from the pain, but his fucking my ass was starting to feel good, as my anal muscles started to clutch to his cock. Then, just as, against my will, I was about to cum, he pulled all of the way out and slammed into my cunt, shooting his load into me. The mixture between pleasure and pain was so intense as I came that I passed out.

Alex’s Perspective

Before long I started to feel her ass-muscles clutch my cock as I slammed it in and out of her, so I decided to keep going until she reached climax. However, when I felt her about to cum, I pulled out quickly, slamming myself all of the way into her warm, inviting cunt and shooting my load. As I did, I felt her cunt-muscles spasm as she came, and then her body went limp. I pulled out of her then, and cleaned up. When she woke up, I had already put the apparatus back into its straight up and down spread-eagle setting and was standing in front of her with the remote. In front of and behind her, were the two dildo machines. The one in front of her had a large black dildo and the one behind her had a variation on anal beads. It effectively, a long dildo with large balls up and down it. Each machine was locked directly in front of its corresponding hole and, when she woke up, I activated them, setting them to medium speed.
I then collected Ashley and transported back to the bus, leaving her here for the rest of the day. When we got back on the bus, I unfroze time, got Ashley, Jan, and myself dressed, and went to sleep for the remainder of the bus ride, as no one else interesting was going to get on.

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