My first time this way anyhow

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I had an infatuation I guess with graveyards when I was younger. Not disrespectful or vandalism. I just like to hang out there at nights, drinking beer and spending time with a girlfriend out and away from everyone else. Privacy I guess.
I had a white white cougar that I kept squeaky clean all the time, this night while bending my girlfriend over on the hood getting ready to slip my cock into her sweet pussy, I accidentally nudged her asshole with my cock head. She said ” whoa, wait a minute and spun around and dropped to her knees slipping my cock into her mouth, got me a slobbered up and stood back up bending herself back onto the hood. She said “if your going to fuck me in the ass it better be wet, no?” Now I had not thought of that yet, after all it was dark. And the poke was unintential.
At that time of my life a good fuck or a blowjob was just fine, but if she wanted to try it so did I. I proceeded the push away at her asshole, the whole time her wiggling side-to-side helping loosen her up. She was saying easy, slower, harder more etc; she was working her comfort level I guess.
I finally was all the way in, holding onto her shapely hips. Finally it was time to pull out and push back in, she just kept wiggling as I pushed in to her and pulled back out, I reached around her hip toe play with her clit and that sent her over the edge, either she came from my cock in her ass of the clit manipulation I don’t know but she had my car rocking when she came, I wasn’t about to hold on much longer, with about 3 more pushes I pumped what felt like a weeks worth of hot cum into her ass.
We then proceeded to sit on the hood of the car until both of use had calmed down, stood up got dressed and went to the Dairy Queen for a shake.
When I got to work the following morning, a few minutes later a couple of fellow employees ran over to me and asked me if I hit a deer on the way to work, “no I said why?”
Upon inspection of my beautiful white car, there had been a puddle of blood on the hood that in the wind hooked around and blew down the passenger side of the car, looking like painted flames, replying to everyone checking it out ” I don’t think I hit anything.”

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