On The Job (Part 4)

Chapter Forty Eight: On The Job (Part 4)

Christine looked up at Hilda and said through clenched teeth, “God damn it Hilda, get out of here and you had better keep your mouth shut!”

“I’m afraid that isn’t part of my plan Miss Christine. I believe young Mr. Bradley was just getting ready to fuck you in the ass and I want to watch. I think I might even help. Yes, I would definitely prefer that.”

Christine said, “You sneaking bitch, I’ll have you fired!”

“Oh I don’t think so. If I tell your mother what was going on in here, Mr. Bradley will be the one who’s fired. Your mother will be less than satisfied with him wasting that nice big hard on screwing you. That was supposed to be for her personal enjoyment. Now I suggest you two get on with what you were doing. After all Miss Christine, you’ve been entertained by watching me being fucked in the ass on several occasions. You’re not as sly as you think. I know you’ve been watching your father and I. I’m only asking you to return the favor. It’s only fair.”

I thought Hilda was right. If Emily Steele found out I was fucking her daughter, I’d be in one hell of a fix. The least of my worries would be losing this job. Hilda had me up against the wall and it would be up to Christine to get me out of this mess. I said, “She’s right Christine.”

Christine said, “OK Hilda, you can have your fun, but don’t think I’ll forget this. I’ll make sure that you regret it one day.”

“I’ll worry about it, when that day comes.” Now Hilda looked down at my tool, which had become somewhat deflated. She said, “It looks like my interruption has caused you a little problem Mr. Bradley. Since it was my fault, I’ll have to make amends.”

Hilda bent down and in a moment, the head of my tool was sliding into her mouth. She was an expert. I’ve never known any woman before or since who could suck cock like her. In barely a couple of minutes, she had my tool at full attention again and ready for action. Hilda stood up and said, “There, that’s better. I compliment you Mr. Bradley. The size of your member is impressive. I’m sure you’ve been giving Mrs. Steele her money’s worth.” Hilda patted Christine’s butt and said, “Well Miss Christine you have quite a challenge ahead of you, especially for the first time. Our Mr. Bradley certainly has the equipment to cork your ass very well.”

Christine moaned, “No, I don’t want to do this. It’s too big.”

Hilda said, “Don’t worry. You’ll be able to handle this easily and I see Mr. Bradley has been thoughtful enough to bring along some very good lubricant. I didn’t have that luxury the first time your father decided he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Now Mr. Bradley if you’ll be so kind as to give me that container and assist me by bringing our target into better view.”

I handed Hilda the Astroglide. Then I reached down and parted Christine’s butt cheeks. Hilda squirted a generous amount of the Astroglide onto Christine’s puckered anus and began to massage it in. When the tip of her finger penetrated the tight elastic opening, Christine cried out and I felt her butt cheeks tensing, as she strained to keep the finger out. The effort was to no avail. Hilda’s finger continued it’s descent into Christine’s asshole. She said, “Miss Christine you have to relax. This simply won’t do. You’re tight as it is and you’re just making things more difficult.” Soon, Hilda had her finger fully inserted and she began to rotate it. She pulled the finger almost fully out and thrust it back in a couple of times. Christine began to kick her legs crying out, “No! No!”

Hilda removed her finger and said, “Mr. Bradley please remove your hands for a moment.” I didn’t know what Hilda had in mind, but I wasn’t long in finding out. Her palm came crashing down onto Christine’s bare ass several times in rapid succession. Christine cried, “Ouch” and began to bounce on the bed as Hilda continued to give her a very hard spanking. When she finished, Hilda said, “You’ve needed that for a very long while young lady! Now do as I say and lay still or I’ll use Mr. Bradley’s belt the next time.”

Christine was sobbing now and she moaned, “Bill please make her stop!”

I suppose that if I were a better person, I would have done something, but watching Hilda work over Christine’s tight asshole and seeing her spank Christine’s bare ass had gotten me more turned on than ever. I knew if I put a stop to things now, I’d probably never get another chance to fuck Christine in the ass. If Hilda made good on her threat, I’d lose the job, get in big trouble and my dad would be pissed. There was just no up side in any of this for me. I brought my hands down and began to massage Christine’s reddened butt cheeks. I said in a pleading tone, “Look baby, we were going to do this anyway and it’s going to be good, I promise. So what’s the problem?”

“I don’t want that bitch watching, that’s all.”

I said a little sternly, “Grow up Christine, there’s nothing we can do about that now. She has the upper hand, that’s reality so just get over it!”

Hilda said, “Shall we continue.”

I parted Christine’s big butt cheeks again and very shortly, she was gripping the bed coverings and moaning, as her little puckered opening expanded to accommodate two of Hilda’s fingers. Within the next few minutes, Hilda was working three fingers into Christine’s asshole. She said, “It’s going to be a very tight fit Mr. Bradley, but I believe Miss Christine is as ready as she’ll ever be, aren’t you dear?”

Christine said, “Fuck you Hilda! Go to hell!”

Hilda didn’t bother to reply. She squirted some of the Astroglide into the palm of her hand and then began running it up and down the length of my throbbing tool. She commented, “It seems as if Mr. Bradley is more than ready Miss Christine. You really should see just how ready he is.” Christine raised her head and looked back over her shoulder. When her gaze fell on my tool, she cried out, “No!” and started to get up. Hilda quickly placed both hands in the center of her back and pushed her down roughly saying, “My patience is at an end young lady!” She gave Christine’s big butt a couple of more good hard swats and continued. “You’re getting fucked in the ass and I’m going to watch, it’s just as Mr. Bradley said, get over it! OK Mr. Bradley let’s see you put that thing to some good use. Get your big ass cheeks spread now Miss Christine.”

Christine brought her hands around and grasped her butt cheeks. As she spread them, I got on my knees straddling her plump shapely thighs and guided to head of my tool to its nicely displayed target. When the head of my tool contacted her tight asshole and I began to apply some pressure, Christine tensed up and cried, “Oh God!”

I said, “Take it easy baby. Just relax. It’s going to be OK.”

I applied some more pressure and Christine’s little elastic rim began to expand and yield to the head of my tool. Hilda was watching closely and she said, “Beautiful Mr. Bradley. I can see you’re going to give Miss Christine’s little asshole a real workout. In fact, I’m finding it to be rather exciting.”

The head of my tool was almost fully into Christine’s ass. As I thrust forward again, Christine cried, “No! Take it out! It’s hurting!” She started bouncing up and moving her butt around trying to eject my tool.

Hilda said, “Lay still. If I have to beat that big ass of yours again young lady, you’re going to regret it.” Now Hilda looked at me and said, “Quit babying her! She’s spoiled enough as it is! Shove that thing in her ass and get it over!”

Hilda was right again. I thrust forward and the head of my tool sank fully into Christine’s asshole. Hilda said, “It’s in. Don’t stop now God damn it! Keep going.”

As drove my shaft fully into her tight ass, Christine moaned and began kicking her legs frantically. Then she lay still crying, “Oh God, you’re killing me.”

Hilda said disgustedly, “Jesus Ch
rist, don’t be such a baby. Your asshole took that without any problem at all.”

Seeing my shaft nested betw
een Christine’s plump buns had me so hot, I was trembling in excitement. Hilda said, “Calm yourself Mr. Bradley. I don’t want this to end too soon. I want to see her asshole get a good workout. Don’t disappoint me. I’m anticipating finding it very exciting.”

What Hilda did then surprised me. She unfastened her short black skirt and removed it. Damn, Hilda was sexy. Her legs were encased in sheer black stockings and she was wearing black satin panties. If she was going to put on a show like this, how in the hell did she expect me to calm down? She slipped her panties down and stepped out of them. Then she brought a couple of fingers down to her pussy and began massaging her clit. She said, “Well Mr. Bradley let the show begin.”

I began to slowly withdraw and thrust my tool back into Christine’s ass. I watched Christine’s tight elastic rim pulling out and dimpling in as the length of my shaft slid in and out of it. Soon I had significantly increased the length and force of my strokes and as I pounded my tool into her ass, Christine kept crying out, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” I glanced over to Hilda. She seemed almost mesmerized by watching my tool driving into Christine’s ass. Her breath was coming in short gasps and her fingers were rapidly playing over her clit. Hilda screamed, “Yes, that’s it. Do it, fuck her good and hard! Fuck her! Ram it into her tight little asshole!”

This was the first time I had a cheering section to urge me on and it definitely added to my excitement. I was banging into Christine’s big butt at the end of each inward stroke and the force was nearly knocking her off the pillows. Suddenly I shot my load and Christine screamed as my hot cum filled her asshole to overflowing. At nearly the same instant, Hilda cried out and came too.

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