One Evening whilst watching Football

I open the door for you at my house, I am still in my work clothes I have discarded my Jacket but I’m still wearing my suit trousers, shirt and tie. It has been raining so you take your shoes off as you enter the house. As you are doing this I walk into the lounge informing you that I’m drinking beer and watching the football. You follow me and take off you raincoat to reveal that you are only wearing a pair of briefs. You sit down opposite me. You have not travelled all this way to watch the football. You start playing with your tits, you lick your fingers and start pinching your nipples. This turns you on more than before and you put one hand down your knickers whilst the other hand cares on playing with your tits. At first your fingers stroke your clit and you start to moan then you push your finger up your pussy. However you find your only item of clothes is getting in the way, you take your hand out and move your knickers to the side. This gives you more room to pound your pussy, but you are still not happy. Eventually you pull your underwear off and fling them to the ground. That’s better now you can open your legs wide and stuff two fingers up your pussy. You are so engrossed with your enjoyment that you have forgotten where you are as you climax for the first time.

You look up and can see a tent in my pants.
You crawl over and undo my belt, undo the fly button and pull down the zip. I’m not wearing any underwear so my big 7″ cock pops out and almost hits you in the eye. Your hungry mouth attacks straight away, first you suck the end of my knob and then you try and get as much down you throat as possible. As you carry on sucking your hands try and undo my shirt buttons, but after taking an age to undo the bottom one you just grab each half of the shirt and pull away so that all the buttons go flying. You then start to lick and kiss my belly slowing moving up until you are sucking my nipples like a baby. After a while you start moving down, as you get close to my rampant cock you go wide and start kissing my right hip. You then move down my inner thigh slowly peeling my trousers off as your tongue moves down the inside of my right leg. When you get to the bottom of my leg you discard the trousers and suck my toes. You then switch over to my left leg and your tongue makes an advance up the inside of this leg.
When you get to the top you lick my balls and then suddenly unexpected with no warning you lick my around my arse and then you start fucking my hole with you tongue.
After a very short time, this is too much for me and I pick you up and lie you flat on my small oak coffee table.

I place your legs either side of the table with you feet meeting underneath. Your arms go over the side and grab hold on to the opposite table legs. In this position your pussy is exposed to me on the edge of the table. I give your clit a quick lick before moving up your body where I suck, lick and bit your right nipple. My tongue moves over to repeat this on your left nipple. Meanwhile my hand has replaced my mouth on your right nipple and is pinching and pulling your erect nipple. My mouth moves down you body leaving both my hands to play with your tits. When my mouth gets lower I again just give your clit a quick lick before I start fucking your open cunt with my tongue. After a while I move up and again attack your clit this time I suck it so it is all in my mouth and then my tongue licks it hard to make you moan in delight. This is too much for you and you pled and beg for me to fuck you hard now. I balance myself on my toes and my prick dives into your wet opening, you are so ready that it is only a few thrust before I am all the way in up to my balls. You tighten your grip on the table legs and I hold tight on to the table by your hips this gives momemtum so my balls slam hard against your backside. You cum again leaving me on the verge of cuming deep inside you. I look up to see your face in ecstasy and over you shoulder I notice that in all the excitement I have missed an important play in the football.

Annoyed I stop screwing and turn you over onto your stomach. Again you legs are either side of the table with your feet meeting underneath through the table legs. On the opposite side of the coffee table your hands are also either side of the table and meet up together through the table legs where I bind them using my tie. I find my discarded trousers and take off the leather belt which I use to whack your left buttock. Surprised you move forward to escape the punishment but because the way you are tied up all you succeed in doing is forcing you erect nipples into the hard table. You move back into your original position just as the belt hits you on your right buttock this increases the power of the blow as you have moved into the hit. You cry out. I find your damp knickers on the floor and shove them in your mouth. I hear your muffled protest and I whack your left cheek again. By the time you are hit for the 4th time you are getting accustomed to the pain and it is igniting your whole body so that you are almost displeased that there is no 5th whack. Instead I drop the belt and position my wet cock at the entrance to your exposed virgin arsehole. I push the head in a little and hear your muffle cries I pull out to your relieve. However, it is only so that I can get more momentum to ram my cock in. I leave it in and you squirm around in protest, but that just heightens the pleasure for me. I push you in the back further into the table so your tits feel the hard wood. Once your passage has got use to the foreign object I start to thrust in and out. It is not long until my balls start hitting the bottom of your pussy and the sound of your moaning has changed from anguish to please. I remove your knickers from you mouth and speak to you for the the first time since you came into the room.
“How does it feel slut?”
“Fuck my arse harder cum deep in my colon you bastard” you reply.
With one hand I reach behind my balls and thrust two fingers into your now very wet pussy. I can feel my cock through the thin membrane as my fingers and cock start to thrust in union.
“God! that’s good” you cry ” finish me now”
With that I increase the tempo until I flood you arse with my cream.

I get up leaving you there, where you are unable to move because of the tie, with cum oozing out of your bum.
I go back to my chair, finish my beer and carry on watching the football, whilst deciding what I am going to do with my sex slave after the football has finished.

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  1. TheOther Woman

    I like your stories, they turn me on big time. Please write of more of what you would do with your sex slave if you were to meet with her x

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