Phone Friends Become More

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I’ll start off by telling you some about me. I’m 5’11”, around 200lbs but slender. I enjoy quite a bit being on the internet and finding people to talk to. One day a girl in my area began talking to me. Her name was Chantelle. She seemed pretty interesting so i decided to keep talking to her. She was very sweet and we began to get to know eachother better and better. In both the unsexual way and the sexual way. She was quite kinky I found and that was something that intrigued me greatly. I had never really done anything kinky and had not even had sex that many times. Our conversations changed over to the phone. It was lovely to hear her beautiful voice everynight. We would have fun turning eachother on by telling of our secret fantasies and things we’d like to try when we met. We had problems meeting as she got into quite a bit of trouble with her family. Our meeting kept getting delayed. The longer we had to wait though the more we burned to feel eachother’s touch. We talked about things we would try sexualy when we met. Masturbation in front of eachother was a fond one of mine. Then one night she brought up that she wanted to try having my dick in her ass. She was nervous about how much it would hurt but she was the type to enjoy pain. She had seen my dick before on cam and was afraid still because of how big it was. Still she wanted to try it and we kept talking of our desires and different positions we wanted to explore. Then, the day finally came. I got a call early in the morning from her. She was completely excited and i could hear the mild tone of sexual tension in her soft voice. She told me to get over to her house right away. I got up showered, dressed and drove over. I got to the door and rang the bell. I could already feel my dick starting to grow little by little as i waited for her to show up at the door. She finally opened the door but only enough for me to slide in as to not show what she was wearing yet (or not wearing). I came in and first noticed her beautiful face as she was near my height at 5’9″. Then as i looked down I noticed she had nothing on but a tiny black thong. Her tits were slightly on the small side but made me wild. Her smooth skin was slightly tanned. Her nipples were already hardening. The bulge in my pants grew larger and larger and i wanted so bad just to take her right there She knew what she was doing though and knew the ways to turn me on the most. She turned showing her luscious ass. I could imagine shoving my dick in there over and over. She took me to her bedroom and we began kissing. Chantelle removed my shirt amd pressed our naked chests against eachother as we kissed passionately. I could see she was getting very horny as she started rubbing her thighs together. I encouraged her with my hand to open them up though and slid my hand up her inner thigh. I could feel the heat of her pussy as I neared. She stopped my hand and gave me a sly look and pushed me back on her bed. She started undoing my belt and as she did i couldn’t help but get harder. She undid the button and the zipper came right down as my huge cock pushed out of my pants. She didn’t waste much time and began licking the tip. She lowered her mouth down and began sliding her lips up and down with her tongue playing with my cock. I moaned louder and louder as i neared cumming. She started sucking harder and I shot a huge load of cum down her throat. She sucked up every bit of it and licked the tip over and over sending shivers througout my body. At that moment I remembered she had never been ate out and wasn’t too sure about getting ate out by I had to taste her pussy. I wanted to feel her cum shoot across my tongue as she orgasmed in my mouth. I pulled her back and started biting her nipples. I pulled on the other. I slowly slid my tongue down her stomach and ripped off her thong. Before she could say anything I shoved my tongue in her wet pussy. Her head was thrown back by the unexpected pleasure and she humped my tongue as i fucked her with it. I flicked her clit hard with my tongue and right before she cummed I shoved my tongue back in and made sure to get it all. She tasted sooo sweet. I could tell she wanted more. My dick had gotten extremely hard again and she rolled over on her stomach hinting to me that she wanted my dick in her ass. I shoved it in her pussy a few times and felt her juices cover my cock. I pulled it out and slid it up and down her crack and the stuck the tip of my cock in. She grabbed the sheets tightly and tightened up. I wanted so bad just to ram it in her but knowing neither one of us had done this before I needed to be gentle.
“Do you want more of my dick in your ass?” I asked.
She looked back and bit her lip and gave a little nod. She relaxed a bit and I shoved a little more of my cock in her ass. Once I got a little less than half of my cock in, my cock was almost taken the rest of the way in. She screamed and I could see a tear drop from her cheek. I decded to keep going until she told me to stop. I pulled it back and pushed it in slowly. She began to really taken enjoyment in my hard cock fucking her ass and I began to go faster and faster. She started rubbing her clit and I could tell she was nearing orgasm as was I. I finally grabbed her waist and cummed hard in her asshole. Right as I did she cummed on her fingers and collapsed into the bed. The entire experience was more than a success and we couldn’t wait to try some more of the things we talked about.

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